École des mines de Nantes

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École nationale supérieure des mines de Nantes (Mines Nantes)
Type Grandes Ecoles
Campus Nantes
Affiliations Institut Mines-Télécom (Mines Télécom Institut of Technology), Groupe des écoles des Mines,Conférence des Grandes Ecoles
Website www.mines-nantes.fr

The École des Mines de Nantes, or École nationale supérieure des mines de Nantes (Mines Nantes) is a French high-level engineering school (grande école), part of the Institut Mines-Télécom. The school is based in Nantes, in the west of France. It was merged with Télécom Bretagne in 1 January 2017, the new school's name is IMT Atlantique .


The school offers 10 majors:

The EMN has also signed agreements with Audencia Business School to offer a joint degree in management of information technologies. The school depend on the French minister of industry.

Teaching philosophy

Although it offers a fairly typical education for an engineering school, the EMN strives to give its graduate a practical, pragmatic approach to the technical and business skills it teaches. Manifestations of this philosophy include programs such as the Apprentissage Par l'Action ("Learning through interaction"), a case-based approach to sciences that places students in front of industry-inspired puzzles and develops students' analytic skills and intellectual curiosity. The EMN is also a partner of "La main à la pâte" ("hands in the dough"), an innovative initiative to teach sciences in primary courses supported by Georges Charpak, who won the Nobel Prize in physics in 1992.

Programs taught in English

EMN offers 4 Master of Science programs fully taught in English. The programs are:

Other schools of Mines in France

Coordinates: 47°16′56″N1°31′15″W / 47.28222°N 1.52083°W / 47.28222; -1.52083

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IMT Atlantique Bretagne Pays de la Loire is a leading french engineering school which was created on January 1, 2017 through the merger of the École nationale supérieure des mines de Nantes and Telecom Bretagne. The engineering school is part of the Grandes Écoles, a prestigious group of French institutions dedicated to engineering, scientific research, and business education. It consists of three campuses and one site: Brest, Nantes, Rennes and Toulouse. IMT Atlantique is a school of the Institut Mines-Telecom and a member of the Université Bretagne Loire.

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