1891–92 Football League

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The Football League
Champions Sunderland
(1st English title)
New Club in League Darwen,
FA Cup winners West Bromwich Albion
(2nd FA Cup title)
Matches played182
Goals scored777 (4.27 per match)
Top goalscorer John Campbell (Sunderland), 32 [1]
Biggest home win West Bromwich AlbionDarwen 12–0 (4 April 1892)
Biggest away win DarwenSunderland 1–7 (23 April 1892)
Highest scoring Aston VillaAccrington 12–2 (12 March 1892)
Average attendance6,193

The Football League 189192 was the fourth season of English league football, and the last season of the football league running in a single division. Sunderland were the winners of the league which was their first ever league success. At the beginning of the season Stoke had left the Football Alliance and rejoined the Football League. Darwen also joined from the Alliance but they conceded 112 goals and finished bottom. [2]


Final league table

The table below is reproduced here in the exact form that it can be found at the Rec.Sport.Soccer Statistics Foundation website [3] and in Rothmans Book of Football League Records 1888–89 to 1978–79, [4] with home and away statistics separated.

Beginning with the season 1894–95, clubs finishing level on points were separated according to goal average (goals scored divided by goals conceded). In case one or more teams had the same goal difference, this system favoured those teams who had scored fewer goals. The goal average system was eventually scrapped beginning with the 1976–77 season.

During the first five seasons of the league, that is until the season 1893–94 re-election process concerned the clubs which finished in the bottom four of the league. [4]

1 Sunderland 261300551180538252.58342League Champions
2 Preston North End 26120142861619231.96837
3 Bolton Wanderers 26922291480522231.37836
4 Aston Villa 261003632350826331.58930
5 Everton 26823322242717271.00028
6 Wolverhampton Wanderers 26823341532825311.28326
7 Burnley 26913341423815311.08926
8 Notts County 269314112211014391.07826
9 Blackburn Rovers 26832392623819390.89226
10 Derby County 26634281841818340.88524
11 Accrington 267332420111116580.51320Re-elected
12 West Bromwich Albion 266343724031014340.87918FA Cup Winners [lower-alpha 1]
13 Stoke [lower-alpha 2] 26508191904919420.62314Re-elected
14 Darwen [lower-alpha 2] 26418314302117690.33911Failed re-election [lower-alpha 3]
Source: [ citation needed ]
  1. FA Cup winners — no re-election required
  2. 1 2 New club in the league
  3. Not re-elected, invited to join Second Division.


Accrington 3–21–00–31–01–11–11–12–01–33–03–54–23–2
Aston Villa 12–25–11–26–17–06–03–45–13–12–15–3 5–1 3–6
Blackburn Rovers 2–24–3 4–0 3–3 4–00–22–25–4 2–4 5–33–13–22–0
Bolton Wanderers 3–41–2 4–2 2–0 1–03–11–02–0 3–0 1–14–31–13–0
Burnley 2–14–1 3–0 1–2 9–02–41–01–0 2–0 4–11–23–21–1
Darwen 5–21–53–51–22–62–03–12–30–49–31–71–11–4
Derby County 3–14–21–13–20–17–00–33–01–23–30–11–12–1
Everton 3–05–13–12–51–15–31–24–01–11–00–44–32–1
Notts County 9–05–22–22–05–15–02–11–32–01–11–04–02–2
Preston North End 4–10–1 3–2 4–0 5–1 4–03–04–06–03–23–11–02–0
Stoke 3–12–30–10–13–05–12–10–11–30–11–3 1–0 1–3
Sunderland 4–12–16–14–12–17–07–12–14–04–14–14–05–2
West Bromwich Albion 3–1 0–3 2–20–21–012–04–24–02–21–2 2–2 2–5 4–3
Wolverhampton Wanderers 5–0 2–0 6–11–20–02–21–35–12–13–0 4–1 1–3 2–1
Updated to match(es) played on unknown. Source: The Rec.Sport.Soccer Statistics Foundation website [3] and from Rothmans Book of Football League Records 1888–89 to 1978–79. [4]
Legend: Blue = home team win; Yellow = draw; Red = away team win.


Re-election process

Two new clubs were elected to the League in the re-election process. West Bromwich Albion, although finishing in the bottom four teams, were not required to seek re-election as they were the FA Cup holders. Two of the other three teams were duly re-elected. As a result, three new teams were elected to the League. The voting went as follows: [5]

The Wednesday 10Elected to the League
Nottingham Forest 9Elected to the League
Accrington 7Re-elected to the League
Stoke 6Re-elected to the League
Newton Heath 6Elected to the League
Sheffield United 5Not elected to the League
Darwen 4Not re-elected to the League
Burton Swifts 1Not elected to the League
Newcastle East End 1Not elected to the League
Middlesbrough / Middlesbrough Ironopolis (combined)1Not elected to the League
Liverpool Caledonian 0Not elected to the League
Re-elected to the League
Elected to the League
Not (re-)elected to the League; later invited to participate in the Second Division
Not elected to the League

When the Second Division was added to the league the following year, Darwen were elected to participate, effectively becoming the first club to be relegated from the First Division to the Second Division. The other teams to participate in the Second Division were drawn from the Football Alliance except for Birmingham St. George's, who left and was replaced with Sheffield United of the Northern League.

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The 1889–90 Football League was the second season of English league football, with Preston North End being crowned as the champions for the second successive season. The clubs competing were the 12 original clubs which were the founders of the league the previous year. Unlike the modern system, two points were awarded for a win, with one for a draw and no points for a loss; this system was carried on until the 1980s when teams were awarded three points for a win.

The Football League 1890–91 was the third Football league season, after dominating and being crowned champions for the first two football league seasons Preston North End slipped to second and Everton won the league with a two-point gap. Meanwhile, there had been changes in the league since the last football league season, Stoke had not been re-elected to the football league, so joined the rival Football Alliance. They were replaced with Sunderland, who were nicknamed "the team of all talents" at the time.

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