1921–22 Hong Kong First Division League

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Hong Kong First Division
ChampionsHMS Curlew (1st title)

The 1921–22 Hong Kong First Division League season was the 14th since its establishment.


HMS Curlew and HKFC both finished level atop the table on 29 points resulting in a play-off to determine the league champions on 22 April 1922. HMS Curiew won the match 1–0. [1] [2]

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The Kreisliga Odenwald was the highest association football league in the northern part of the German state of Baden and the southern part of the state of Hesse from 1919 to 1923. The league was disbanded with the introduction of the Bezirksliga Rhein in 1923.

The 1922 Football Association Charity Shield was played on 10 May 1922. The game was played at Old Trafford, home of Manchester United, and was contested by the FA Cup holders Huddersfield Town and First Division champions Liverpool. The game ended in a 1–0 win for Huddersfield Town with the winning goal scored by Tom Wilson. This was the last Charity Shield game to take place in May.

The 1921–22 Football League season was Birmingham Football Club's 26th in the Football League and their 9th in the First Division, having been promoted as Second Division champions in 1920–21. They retained their First Division status, finishing in 18th position in the 22-team division.

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