1927 Macdonald Brier

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1927 Macdonald Brier Tankard
Host city Toronto, Ontario
Arena Granite Club, Toronto
DatesMarch 1–3, 1927
Winner Flag of Nova Scotia.svg Halifax (Nova Scotia)
Curling club Halifax CC, Halifax
Skip Murray MacNeill
Third Al MacInnes
Second Cliff Torey
Lead Jim Donahoe
Finalist St. John (New Brunswick)
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The 1927 Macdonald Brier Tankard, the Canadian men's national curling championship, was held March 1–3 at the Granite Club in Toronto. This edition of the Brier would be the first, with it also being the first time it was hosted in Ontario, and the first time it was hosted in Toronto's Granite Club.


Skip Murray MacNeill, skip of the Nova Scotia champion Halifax rink would win the inaugural tournament, leading his rink of skips (his original team couldn't make the trip) to victory.

The event began with an opening banquet with Ontario Lieutenant Governor William Donald Ross and Ontario Premier Howard Ferguson welcoming players. [1]

Event summary

After successful trips by the winner of the Manitoba Bonspiel in 1925 and their participation in the Quebec Bonspiel being deemed popular enough to consider a national tournament in 1926, the Stewart brothers of Macdonald Tobacco would sponsor what would become the Brier in 1927. Played at the Granite Club in Toronto, the tournament would feature teams from four provinces, two cities, and a representative from Western Canada and Northern Ontario, the latter becoming a fixture at the Brier. It would be the only Brier that would have all games go 14 ends (with two games going to a 15th end to break ties) [2]


The teams are listed as follows: [3]

(Nova Scotia)
St. John
(New Brunswick)
Halifax CC, Halifax

Skip: Murray MacNeill
Third: Al MacInnes
Second: Cliff Torey
Lead: Jom Donahoe

Saint John Composite Rink [lower-alpha 1]

Skip: Johnny Malcolm
Third: Fred Beatteay
Second: Reg Shives
Lead: Elbridge MacKay

Quebec CC, Quebec City

Skip: Major Robert Whyte
Third: Robert Morton
Second: Malcolm Holliday
Lead: Joe Power

Granite CA, Montreal

Skip: Peter Lyall
Third: Willie Brown
Second: Howard Stewart
Lead: Bruce Stewart

(Northern Ontario)
Yellow Grass
(Western Canada/
High Park CC, Toronto

Skip: William Scott
Third: Ed Peaker
Second: Thomas Wright
Lead: Fred Lucas

Sarnia CC, Sarnia

Skip: Robert MacKenzie
Third: William Watson
Second: J. M. Hunt
Lead: Harry Watson

Haileybury CC, Haileybury

Skip: Emmett Smith
Third: Dunc Sutherland
Second: Dan Millar
Lead: Mel Hunt

Yellow Grass CC, Yellow Grass, SK

Skip: Oswald Barkwell
Third: Alf Hill
Second: Hector Hay
Lead: Pete Wilken


Halifax (Nova Scotia) Murray Macneill 61936653411
St. John (New Brunswick) Johnny Malcolm 52937453440
Toronto William Scott 43908151480
Yellow Grass (Western Canada [5] /Saskatchewan) Oswald Barkwell [lower-alpha 2] 34848247482
Sarnia (Ontario) Robert MacKenzie 34878846510
Haileybury (Northern Ontario) Emmett Smith 34628544531
Quebec Major Robert Whyte 25688446511
Montreal [6] Peter Lyall 25718845493


March 1

Draw 1 (morning) [7] [8]
Sheet A1234567891011121314Final
Quebec (Whyte)1010020031000210
Halifax (Macneill)0101203200022013
Sheet B1234567891011121314Final
St. John (Malcolm)210100010010219
Toronto (Scott)0030212011010011
Sheet C1234567891011121314Final
Montreal (Lyall)3000302320110015
Haileybury (Smith)022101000100209
Sheet D1234567891011121314Final
Sarnia (MacKenzie)1030300010201213
Yellow Grass (Barkwell)0102021201030012
Draw 2 (afternoon) [9]
Sheet A1234567891011121314Final
Montreal (Lyall)010011010103008
Yellow Grass (Barkwell)4020001010104013
Sheet B1234567891011121314Final
Haileybury (Smith)2010200010201110
Sarnia (MacKenzie)020201110101009
Sheet C1234567891011121314Final
St. John (Malcolm)4001010021020415
Halifax (Macneill)0210101300402014
Sheet D1234567891011121314Final
Quebec (Whyte)010000020011005
Toronto (Scott)1013112012001215

March 2

Draw 3 (morning) [10] [11]
Sheet A1234567891011121314Final
Quebec (Whyte)0110100220211314
Montreal (Lyall)100102100300008
Sheet B1234567891011121314Final
St. John (Malcolm)1121033021200016
Sarnia (MacKenzie)0000300100023110
Sheet C1234567891011121314Final
Yellow Grass (Barkwell)1205011030040017
Toronto (Scott)0040400101102215
Sheet D1234567891011121314Final
Haileybury (Smith)000010110010XX4
Halifax (Macneill)111205002101XX14
Draw 4 (afternoon) [12]
Sheet A123456789101112131415Final
Haileybury (Smith)12110200011001111
Toronto (Scott)00002014100110010
Sheet B1234567891011121314Final
Yellow Grass (Barkwell)0000030120300X9
Halifax (Macneill)2112102001011X12
Sheet C1234567891011121314Final
Quebec (Whyte)0601011002101013
Sarnia (MacKenzie)1010400130020315
Sheet D1234567891011121314Final
St. John (Malcolm)0002103101100110
Montreal (Lyall)2130010020031013
Draw 5 (evening) [13]
Sheet A1234567891011121314Final
Halifax (Macneill)2000020303202014
Toronto (Scott)0211201010010110
Sheet B1234567891011121314Final
Quebec (Whyte)2010100100000X5
St. John (Malocolm)0201012022111X13
Sheet C1234567891011121314Final
Montreal (Lyall)1012000101020X8
Sarnia (MacKenzie)0300521020102X16
Sheet D1234567891011121314Final
Yellow Grass (Barkwell)0101120110121011
Haileybury (Smith)101000300100039

March 3

Draw 6 (morning)
Sheet A1234567891011121314Final
Yellow Grass (Barkwell)1011021103030013
St. John (Malcolm)0100200010503214
Sheet B1234567891011121314Final
Montreal (Lyall)311210000001009
Halifax (Macneill)0000021222201113
Sheet C1234567891011121314Final
Sarnia (MacKenzie)2200002004031115
Toronto (Scott)0051310220200016
Sheet D123456789101112131415Final
Quebec (Whyte)00012112110100010
Haileybury (Smith)22100000002021111
Draw 7 (afternoon) [14] [15]
Sheet A1234567891011121314Final
Quebec (Whyte)3210110100100111
Yellow Grass (Barkwell)000100103102109
Sheet B1234567891011121314Final
Sarnia (MacKenzie)000100100410119
Halifax (Macneill)2210120210020013
Sheet C1234567891011121314Final
Montreal (Lyall)2001020011011110
Toronto (Scott)0210401300200013
Sheet D1234567891011121314Final
St. John (Malcolm)0203001103102316
Haileybury (Smith)201021001001008

Team selection

Teams were chosen by invitation. Many provinces had yet to have provincial championships. [16]


  1. Malcolm curled out of the Thistle Curling Club in Saint John, Beatteay out of the St. Andrews Curling Club in Saint John, Shives out of the Campbellton Curling Club (Campbellton) and MacKay out of the Bathurst Curling Club (Bathurst) [4]
  2. The Oswald Barkwell rink represented all of Western Canada in this tournament, but were from Saskatchewan.

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