1939–40 in English football

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The 1939–1940 season was the 65th season of competitive football in England. It was suspended in September after the outbreak of World War II.



World War II broke out early into this season. Shortly after war was declared, most competitions, including the Football League, were abandoned as the country's attention turned to the war effort. A few leagues, such as the Northern League, did manage to complete a season, but more than half of the teams were unable to fulfil all their fixtures and resigned.[ citation needed ]

Blackpool sat at the top the First Division table at the time the abandonment occurred. [1] The FA Cup Extra-Preliminary Round was played, but with hostilities declared before replays took place, that competition too was abandoned. Entry fees received for the 1939–40 Cup were honoured for the next Cup in 1945–46.[ citation needed ]

Many footballers signed up to fight in the war and as a result many teams were depleted, and fielded guest players instead. Regional league competitions were set up. Appearances in these tournaments do not count in players' official records. The FA Cup was resumed for the 1945–46 season and The Football League for the 1946–47 season.[ citation needed ]



After the abandonment of the football programme, the league was split into ten mini regional leagues. A national cup competition was also held.

Midland League Wolverhampton Wanderers
West League Stoke City
North-East League Huddersfield Town
North-West League Bury
South League 'A' Arsenal
South League 'B' Queens Park Rangers
South League 'C' Tottenham Hotspur
South League 'D' Crystal Palace
South-West League Plymouth Argyle
East Midland League Chesterfield
Football League War Cup West Ham United

League tables

League West

1 Stoke City 22135457411.39031
2 Liverpool 22125566401.65029
3 Everton 22124664331.93928
4 Manchester United 22140874411.80528
5 Manchester City 22124673411.78028
6 Wrexham 22105745500.90025
7 New Brighton 22103955521.05823
8 Port Vale 221021052560.92922
9 Chester 22751040510.78419
10 Crewe Alexandra 22611544790.55713
11 Stockport County 22431545790.57011
12 Tranmere Rovers 22231741930.4417
Source: [ citation needed ]

League South A

1 Arsenal 18134162222.81830
2 West Ham United 18121557331.72725
3 Millwall 1885546381.21121
4 Watford 1893644381.15821
5 Norwich City 1876541361.13920
6 Charlton Athletic 1881961581.05217
7 Crystal Palace 18531039560.69613
8 Clapton Orient 18531028600.46713
9 Tottenham Hotspur 18521137430.86012
10 Southend United 18401430610.4928
Source: [ citation needed ]

League South B

1 Queens Park Rangers 18122449261.88526
2 Bournemouth & Boscombe Athletic 18112552371.40524
3 Chelsea 1895444371.18923
4 Reading 18102647421.11922
5 Brentford 1882842411.02418
6 Fulham 1874750510.98018
7 Portsmouth 1872937420.88116
8 Aldershot 1854938490.77614
9 Brighton & Hove Albion 18511242530.79211
10 Southampton 18401441640.6418
Source: [ citation needed ]

League South C

1 Tottenham Hotspur 18114343301.43326
2 West Ham United 18104453281.89324
3 Arsenal 1895441261.57723
4 Brentford 1884642341.23520
5 Millwall 1875636301.20019
6 Charlton Athletic 1874739361.08318
7 Fulham 1881938420.90517
8 Southampton 18531028550.50913
9 Chelsea 18431133530.62311
10 Portsmouth 18331226450.5789

League South D

1 Crystal Palace 18131464302.13327
2 Queens Park Rangers 18103538281.35723
3 Watford 1877441291.41421
4 Southend United 1883741371.10819
5 Bournemouth & Boscombe Athletic 1882840410.97618
6 Aldershot 1873838361.05617
7 Clapton Orient 1873833450.73317
8 Norwich City 1864833360.91716
9 Reading 18621031420.73814
10 Brighton & Hove Albion 18241230650.4628
Source: [ citation needed ]

League South-West

1 Plymouth Argyle 28164872411.75636
2 Torquay United 28146873621.17734
3 Bristol Rovers 28910962551.12728
4 Newport County 281241270631.11128
5 Swindon Town 281081066631.04828
6 Swansea Town 281061254600.90026
7 Cardiff City 28613945630.71425
8 Bristol City 28751657920.62019
Source: [ citation needed ]

League East Midlands

1 Chesterfield 20142469233.00030
2 Barnsley 20105543291.48325
3 Sheffield United 20121746341.35325
4 Grimsby Town 20102840440.90922
5 Mansfield Town 2093849481.02121
6 Doncaster Rovers 2074937450.82218
7 Lincoln City 20901142530.79218
8 Rotherham United 2074924420.57118
9 Sheffield Wednesday 20551033420.78615
10 Nottingham Forest 20541137430.86014
11 Notts County 20621240570.70214
Source: [ citation needed ]

League Midlands

1 Wolverhampton Wanderers 28193676441.72741
2 West Bromwich Albion 28184687511.70640
3 Coventry City 281331268571.19329
4 Birmingham 281251156600.93329
5 Luton Town 281041476880.86424
6 Northampton Town 28781348590.81422
7 Leicester City 28761551710.71820
8 Walsall 28751651830.61419
Source: [ citation needed ]

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The 1939–40 was the 67th season of competitive football in Scotland. It would have been the 50th season of Scottish Football League, but the outbreak of the Second World War on 3 September 1939 caused the suspension of the league after five rounds of games played in Division One, and four rounds in Division Two. The league was not officially competed for until the 1946–47 season but there were regional leagues played during these years.

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The 1945–46 season was Birmingham City Football Club's first season played under that name in nationally-organised football. The club had been called Birmingham F.C. since 1905, and the City suffix was added in 1943. Although the Football League did not resume until the 1946–47 season, the FA Cup restarted in 1945. Birmingham reached the semi-final, in which they lost to Derby County after extra time in a replay, played at Maine Road, Manchester, in front of 80,407 spectators. In league competition, Birmingham were champions of the first and only edition of the Football League South, taking the title on goal average from local rivals Aston Villa.