1955 Ottawa Rough Riders season

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1955 Ottawa Rough Riders season
Head coach Chan Caldwell
Home field Lansdowne Park
Division place4th, IRFU
Playoff finishDid not qualify

The 1955 Ottawa Rough Riders finished in 4th place in the IRFU with a 3–9 record and failed to qualify for the playoffs for the fourth consecutive season.



AAug 6vs. Calgary Stampeders12–11Loss0–1
BAug 12vs. Saskatchewan Roughriders24–17Win1–1

Regular season


Interprovincial Rugby Football Union
Montreal Alouettes 1293038821418
Hamilton Tiger-Cats 1284027119316
Toronto Argonauts 124802393288
Ottawa Rough Riders 123901743376


1Sept 3at Montreal Alouettes34–22Loss0–1
1Sept 5vs. Montreal Alouettes19–18Win1–1
2Sept 10at Hamilton Tiger-Cats23–12Loss1–2
3Sept 17at Toronto Argonauts27–12Win2–2
4Sept 24vs. Toronto Argonauts30–19Loss2–3
5Oct 1vs. Hamilton Tiger-Cats40–0Loss2–4
6Oct 8vs. Montreal Alouettes35–7Loss2–5
6Oct 10at Montreal Alouettes43–6Loss2–6
7Oct 15at Hamilton Tiger-Cats28–1Loss2–7
8Oct 22vs. Hamilton Tiger-Cats21–12Loss2–8
9Oct 29at Toronto Argonauts29–13Loss2–9
10Nov 5vs. Toronto Argonauts36–24Win3–9


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