1966 World Orienteering Championships

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1966 World Orienteering Championships
Host city Fiskars
CountryFlag of Finland.svg  Finland
Nations participating11
Teams participating10 (men)
9 (women)
Athletes participating58 (men)
35 (women)
Opening ceremony1 October 1966 (1966-10-01)
Closing ceremony2 October 1966 (1966-10-02)

The 1st World Orienteering Championships were held in the village of Fiskars, Finland, 12 October 1966. [1]


Participants from eleven nations competed in the championships: Austria, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, East Germany, Finland, Great Britain, Hungary, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland. The medals were distributed between Sweden (3 gold, 1 bronze), Finland (3 silver, 1 bronze), Norway (1 gold, 2 bronze) and Switzerland (1 silver medal).

The men's individual course had 11 controls over 14.1 kilometres, while the women's individual course had 10 controls over 8.1 kilometres. [2]

The first individual world champions in orienteering came from Norway and Sweden. Winner of the men's competition was Åge Hadler from Norway. Hadler regarded the eighth control, which was located in thick forest, as the most difficult, where the last part of the leg required meticulous map reading and frequent checking of the compass. [3] Ulla Lindkvist from Sweden won the women's competition. Sweden won the men's relay, which had four legs, with a margin of nearly eight minutes. Sweden also won the women's relay, which had three legs, with a margin of 21 seconds to silver medalist Finland. [1]

The championships were attended by President of Finland, Urho Kekkonen, who was present at the finishing area. [4]


Men's individual [1] Flag of Norway.svg  Åge Hadler  (NOR)1:36:05Flag of Finland.svg  Aimo Tepsell  (FIN)1:38:47Flag of Sweden.svg  Anders Morelius  (SWE)1:40:05
Women's individual [1] Flag of Sweden.svg  Ulla Lindkvist  (SWE)52:45Flag of Switzerland.svg  Katharina Perch-Nielsen  (SUI)1:00:30Flag of Finland.svg  Raila Hovi  (FIN)1:00:51
Men's relay [1] 3.51.423.59.344.26.35
Women's relay [1] 2.42.582.


Men's individual

WOC 1966 – Individual – Men (14.1 km) [1]
Gold medal icon.svg Åge Hadler Flag of Norway.svg Norway1:36:05
Silver medal icon.svg Aimo Tepsell Flag of Finland.svg Finland1:38:47
Bronze medal icon.svg Anders Morelius Flag of Sweden.svg Sweden1:40:05
4 Dagfinn Olsen Flag of Norway.svg Norway1:40:37
5 Juhani Salmenkylä Flag of Finland.svg Finland1:40:38
6 Göran Öhlund Flag of Sweden.svg Sweden1:41:05
7 Rolf Koskinen Flag of Finland.svg Finland1:41:11
8 Stig Berge Flag of Norway.svg Norway1:42:23
9 Karl Johansson Flag of Sweden.svg Sweden1:42:48
10 Heino Avikainen Flag of Finland.svg Finland1:45:38
11 Erkki Kohvakka Flag of Finland.svg Finland1:45:52
12 Ola Skarholt Flag of Norway.svg Norway1:45:57
13 Hans Ekberg Flag of Sweden.svg Sweden1:48:10
14 Jostein Nilsen Flag of Norway.svg Norway1:48:26
15 Hannu Haarma Flag of Finland.svg Finland1:49:10
16 Alex Schwager Flag of Switzerland.svg Switzerland1:50:08
17 Bertil Norman Flag of Sweden.svg Sweden1:50:26
18 Erik Engebråten Flag of Norway.svg Norway1:50:30
19 Sven-Ola Darell Flag of Sweden.svg Sweden1:51:19
20 Keld Olsen Flag of Denmark.svg Denmark1:54:41
21 Leif Nörgård Flag of Denmark.svg Denmark1:55:16
22 Flemming Nörgård Flag of Denmark.svg Denmark2:00:16
23 Svatoslav Galík Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Czechoslovakia2:03:41
24 Max Jüni Flag of Switzerland.svg Switzerland2:06:06
25 Finn Faxner Flag of Denmark.svg Denmark2:07:20
26 Christian Jaggi Flag of Switzerland.svg Switzerland2:08:57
27 Fritz Maurer Flag of Switzerland.svg Switzerland2:12:02
28 Helmut Conrad Flag of East Germany.svg East Germany2:12:26
29 Roland Hirter Flag of Switzerland.svg Switzerland2:12:27
30 Peter Nilsen Flag of Denmark.svg Denmark2:13:17
31 Jindrich Novotny Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Czechoslovakia2:13:25
32 Jörn Esbensen Flag of Denmark.svg Denmark2:16:21
33 Harald Grosse Flag of East Germany.svg East Germany2:16:45
34 Andreas Örsi Flag of Hungary.svg Hungary2:17:42
35 Antonin Urbanec Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Czechoslovakia2:17:47
36 Gustav Bartak Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Czechoslovakia2:20:03
37 Iwan Skerletz Flag of Hungary.svg Hungary2:20:34
38 Alois Lasnicka Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Czechoslovakia2:27:27
39 Georg Schönviszky Flag of Bulgaria.svg Bulgaria2:30:05
40 Franz Trampusch Flag of Austria.svg Austria2:32:08
41 Ernst Saxer Flag of Switzerland.svg Switzerland2:32:27
42 Alistair Patten Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Great Britain2:33:09
43 Ladislaus Deseö Flag of Hungary.svg Hungary2:33:27
44 Rolf Heinemann Flag of East Germany.svg East Germany2:33:37
45 Michail Galov Flag of Bulgaria.svg Bulgaria2:36:06
46 Gordon Pirie Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Great Britain2:43:48
47 Thomas Balogh Flag of Hungary.svg Hungary2:45:48
48 David Griffiths Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Great Britain2:47:07
49 John Disley Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Great Britain2:48:56
50 Georgi Gealtov Flag of Bulgaria.svg Bulgaria2:51:24
51 Achim Zemanek Flag of East Germany.svg East Germany3:01:56
52 Haralan Haralanoff Flag of Austria.svg Austria3:05:55
53 Michael Murray Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Great Britain3:16:52
54 Raimund Sobotka Flag of Austria.svg Austria3:23:57
55 Tony Walker Flag of the United Kingdom.svg Great Britain3:29:12
56 Grigor Kaloianov Flag of Bulgaria.svg Bulgaria3:55:30
DSQ Nikola Bedelev Flag of Bulgaria.svg Bulgaria
DSQ Sepp Michael Pacher Flag of Austria.svg Austria

Women's individual

WOC 1966 – Individual – Women [1]
Gold medal icon.svg Ulla Lindkvist Flag of Sweden.svg Sweden52:45
Silver medal icon.svg Katherina Perch-Nielsen Flag of Switzerland.svg Switzerland1:00:30
Bronze medal icon.svg Raila Hovi Flag of Finland.svg Finland1:00:51
4 Kerstin Granstedt Flag of Sweden.svg Sweden1:01:30
5 Eivor Steen-Olsson Flag of Sweden.svg Sweden1:02:54
6 Ingrid Thoresen Flag of Norway.svg Norway1:03:29
7 Annakäthi Grieder Flag of Switzerland.svg Switzerland1:04:58
8 Anja Meldo Flag of Finland.svg Finland1:05:06
9 Sarolta Monspart Flag of Hungary.svg Hungary1:05:25
10 Gunborg Åhling Flag of Sweden.svg Sweden1:05:33
11 Ragnhild Kristensen Flag of Norway.svg Norway1:09:36
12 Vibeke Såbye Christensen Flag of Denmark.svg Denmark1:11:44
13 Barbara Cser Flag of Hungary.svg Hungary1:12:18
14 Astrid Hansen Flag of Norway.svg Norway1:13:07
15 Erika Wauer Flag of East Germany.svg East Germany1:14:05
16 Marianne Selbo Flag of Denmark.svg Denmark1:16:20
17 Nadezda Linhartova Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Czechoslovakia1:16:59
18 Pirjo Ruotsalainen Flag of Finland.svg Finland1:17:38
19 Anna-Liisa Nissi Flag of Finland.svg Finland1:17:50
20 Ulrike Heinemann Flag of East Germany.svg East Germany1:18:08
21 Dobruse Novotna Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Czechoslovakia1:19:40
22 Karin Ågesen Flag of Denmark.svg Denmark1:23:10
23 Ria Meyer Flag of East Germany.svg East Germany1:24:29
24 Ludmila Kumbarova Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Czechoslovakia1:28:23
25 Delia Stoeva Flag of Bulgaria.svg Bulgaria1:28:44
26 Irene Köhli Flag of Switzerland.svg Switzerland1:29:15
27 Bjørg Knudsen Flag of Norway.svg Norway1:38:05
28 Eliza Stoianova Flag of Bulgaria.svg Bulgaria1:39:35
29 Olga Tascheva Flag of Bulgaria.svg Bulgaria1:40:52
30 Eva Hohausova Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Czechoslovakia1:44:52
31 Christine Lüdin Flag of Switzerland.svg Switzerland1:49:34
32 Bodil Jakobsen Flag of Denmark.svg Denmark1:51:43
33 Margarete Babay Flag of Hungary.svg Hungary2:10:58
34 Gisela Haralanoff Flag of Austria.svg Austria2:25:14
35 Magdalene Molnar Flag of Hungary.svg Hungary2:25:59

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