1973 European Cup Winners' Cup Final

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1973 European Cup Winners' Cup Final
1973 European Cup Winners' Cup Final match programme.jpg
Match programme cover
Event 1972–73 European Cup Winners' Cup
Date16 May 1973
Venue Kaftanzoglio Stadium, Thessaloniki
Referee Christos Michas (Greece)

The 1973 European Cup Winners' Cup Final was the final football match of the 1972–73 European Cup Winners' Cup and the 13th European Cup Winners' Cup final. It was contested between Milan of Italy and Leeds United of England, and was held at Kaftanzoglio Stadium in Thessaloniki, Greece. Milan won the match 1–0 thanks to a goal by Luciano Chiarugi.


The Greek crowd at the final reacted to perceived bias towards Milan by referee Christos Michas by throwing missiles during the victors' lap of honour, but despite protests, the result was not overturned. [1] UEFA later banned Michas for life due to match fixing, although his role in this match was not investigated. [2]

Leeds, who perceived referee Christos Michas to have made a number of unfair decisions, attempted to gain a replay but UEFA denied the request. [3] In recent times Richard Corbett, an MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber, petitioned UEFA for a revocation of the Milan title.

Route to the final

Flag of Italy.svg Milan Flag of England.svg Leeds United
OpponentAgg.1st leg2nd legOpponentAgg.1st leg2nd leg
Flag of Luxembourg.svg Red Boys Differdange 7–14–1 (A)3–0 (H) First round Flag of Turkey.svg Ankaragücü 2–11–1 (A)1–0 (H)
Flag of Poland (1928-1980).svg Legia Warsaw 3–21–1 (A)2–1 (a.e.t.) (H) Second round Flag of East Germany.svg Carl Zeiss Jena 2–00–0 (A)2–0 (H)
Flag of the Soviet Union.svg Spartak Moscow 2–11–0 (A)1–1 (H) Quarter-finals Flag of Romania (1965-1989).svg Rapid București 8–15–0 (H)3–1 (A)
Flag of the Czech Republic.svg Sparta Prague 2–01–0 (H)1–0 (A) Semi-finals Flag of Yugoslavia (1946-1992).svg Hajduk Split 1–01–0 (H)0–0 (A)

Match details

Milan Flag of Italy.svg 1–0 Flag of England.svg Leeds United
Chiarugi Soccerball shade.svg 5' Report
Kit left arm black stripes thin1.png
Kit left arm.svg
Kit body blackstripes3.png
Kit body.svg
Kit right arm black stripes thin1.png
Kit right arm.svg
Kit shorts.svg
Kit socks redtop.png
Kit socks long.svg
Kit left arm.svg
Kit body.svg
Kit right arm.svg
Kit shorts.svg
Kit socks long.svg
Leeds United
GK1 Flag of Italy.svg Villiam Vecchi
SW5 Flag of Italy.svg Maurizio Turone
RB2 Flag of Italy.svg Giuseppe Sabadini
CB4 Flag of Italy.svg Angelo Anquilletti
CB6 Flag of Italy.svg Roberto Rosato Sub off.svg 59'
LB3 Flag of Italy.svg Giulio Zignoli
RM7 Flag of Italy.svg Riccardo Sogliano Red card.svg 90'
Mediano8 Flag of Italy.svg Romeo Benetti
Regista10 Flag of Italy.svg Gianni Rivera (c)
CF9 Flag of Italy.svg Alberto Bigon
SS11 Flag of Italy.svg Luciano Chiarugi
CB14 Flag of Italy.svg Dario Dolci Sub on.svg 59'
Flag of Italy.svg Nereo Rocco
GK1 Flag of Scotland.svg David Harvey
RB2 Flag of England.svg Paul Reaney (c)
CB11 Flag of Wales (1959-present).svg Terry Yorath
CB6 Flag of England.svg Norman Hunter Red card.svg 90'
LB3 Flag of England.svg Trevor Cherry
RM7 Flag of Scotland.svg Peter Lorimer
CM4 Flag of England.svg Mick Bates
CM5 Flag of England.svg Paul Madeley
LM10 Flag of Scotland.svg Frank Gray Sub off.svg 54'
CF8 Flag of Scotland.svg Joe Jordan
CF9 Flag of England.svg Mick Jones
CB12 Flag of Scotland.svg Gordon McQueen Sub on.svg 54'
FW14 Flag of England.svg Chris Galvin
Flag of England.svg Don Revie

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