1977 NFL Draft

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1977 NFL Draft
General information
Date(s)May 3–4, 1977
Location Roosevelt Hotel
in New York City, NY
335 total selections in 12 rounds
League NFL
First selection Ricky Bell, RB
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Mr. Irrelevant Jim Kelleher, RB
Minnesota Vikings
Most selections (18) Cincinnati Bengals
Pittsburgh Steelers
Fewest selections (6) Washington Redskins
Hall of Famers

The 1977 NFL Draft was the procedure by which National Football League teams selected amateur college football players. It is officially known as the NFL Annual Player Selection Meeting. The draft was held May 3–4, 1977, at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York City, New York. [1] [2] The league also held its first supplemental draft, which took place after the regular draft and before the regular season.


This was the first draft in the common draft era (since 1967) to be 12 rounds, five rounds fewer than drafts of 1967–1976. The draft remained at 12 rounds through 1992 before being reduced to seven, where it has remained through 2022.

The draft began with commissioner Pete Rozelle dedicating a moment of silence to California Golden Bears quarterback Joe Roth, one of the most electric passers in college football who was eligible for the 1977 draft. He died in February from skin cancer at the age of 21.

With the first overall pick of the draft, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers selected running back Ricky Bell.

Player selections

= Pro Bowler [3] = Hall of Famer
*= compensatory selection
= Pro Bowler [3]
= Hall of Famer [4]
Positions key
C Center CB Cornerback DB Defensive back EDGE Edge
DL Defensive lineman DT Defensive tackle FB Fullback FS Free safety
G Guard K Kicker [lower-alpha 1] KR Kickoff returner LB Linebacker
LS Long snapper OT Offensive tackle OL Offensive lineman NT Nose tackle
P Punter PR Punt returner QB Quarterback RB Running back
S Safety SS Strong safety TE Tight end WR Wide receiver
  1. Also known as placekicker (PK)

Round One-Nine

Rnd.Pick No.NFL teamPlayerPos.CollegeConf.Notes
1 1 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Ricky Bell   RB USC Pac-8
1 2 Dallas Cowboys Tony Dorsett RB Pittsburgh Ind.
from Seattle
13 Cincinnati Bengals Eddie Edwards   DE Miami (FL) Ind.
from Buffalo
14 New York Jets Marvin Powell   OT USC Pac-8
15 New York Giants Gary Jeter   DT USC Pac-8
16 Atlanta Falcons Warren Bryant   OT Kentucky SEC
17 New Orleans Saints Joe Campbell   DE Maryland ACC
18 Cincinnati Bengals Wilson Whitley   DT Houston SWC
19 Green Bay Packers Mike Butler   DE Kansas Big Eight
110 Kansas City Chiefs Gary Green   CB Baylor SWC
111 Houston Oilers Morris Towns   OT Missouri Big Eight
112 Buffalo Bills Phil Dokes   DT Oklahoma State Big Eight
from Detroit
113 Miami Dolphins A. J. Duhe   DE LSU SEC
114 Seattle Seahawks Steve August   OT Tulsa MVC
from San Diego through Dallas
115 Chicago Bears Ted Albrecht   OT California Pac-8
116 New England Patriots Raymond Clayborn   CB Texas SWC
117 Cleveland Browns Robert Jackson   LB Texas A&M SWC
118 Denver Broncos Steve Schindler   OG Boston College Ind.
119 St. Louis Cardinals Steve Pisarkiewicz   QB Missouri Big Eight
120 Atlanta Falcons Wilson Faumuina   DT San Jose State PCAA
from St. Louis
121 Pittsburgh Steelers Robin Cole   LB New Mexico WAC
122 Cincinnati Bengals Mike Cobb   TE Michigan State Big Ten
123 Los Angeles Rams Bob Brudzinski   LB Ohio State Big Ten
124 San Diego Chargers Bob Rush   C Memphis State Ind.
from Dallas
125 New England Patriots Stanley Morgan   WR Tennessee SEC
126 Baltimore Colts Randy Burke   WR Kentucky SEC
127 Minnesota Vikings Tommy Kramer   QB Rice SWC
128 Green Bay Packers Ezra Johnson   DE Morris Brown SIAC
from Oakland
229 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Dave Lewis   LB USC Pac-8
230 Seattle Seahawks Tom Lynch   OT Boston College Ind.
231 Los Angeles Rams Nolan Cromwell   S Kansas Big Eight
from Buffalo through Seattle via Dallas
232 New York Giants Johnny Perkins   WR Abilene Christian LSC
233 New York Jets Wesley Walker   WR California Pac-8
234 New Orleans Saints Mike Fultz   DT Nebraska Big Eight
235 Oakland Raiders Mike Davis   S Colorado Big Eight
236 Atlanta Falcons R. C. Thielemann   OG Arkansas SWC
237 Kansas City Chiefs Tony Reed   RB Colorado Big Eight
238 Houston Oilers George Reihner   OG Penn State Ind.
239 Green Bay Packers Greg Koch   OT Arkansas SWC
240 Miami Dolphins Bob Baumhower   DT Alabama SEC
241 Seattle Seahawks Terry Beeson   LB Kansas Big Eight
from San Diego via Dallas
242 Detroit Lions Walt Williams   CB New Mexico State MVC
243 Chicago Bears Mike Spivey   DB Colorado Big Eight
244 New England Patriots Horace Ivory   RB Oklahoma Big Eight
from San Francisco
245 Denver Broncos Rob Lytle   RB Michigan Big Ten
246 Cleveland Browns Tom Skladany   P Ohio State Big Ten
247 St. Louis Cardinals George Franklin   RB Texas A&I LSC
248 Pittsburgh Steelers Sidney Thornton   RB Northwestern State Ind.
249 Cincinnati Bengals Pete Johnson   RB Ohio State Big Ten
250 Los Angeles Rams Billy Waddy   RB Colorado Big Eight
251 Seattle Seahawks Peter Cronan   LB Boston College Ind.
from Los Angeles
252 New England Patriots Don Hasselbeck   TE Colorado Big Eight
253 Baltimore Colts Mike Ozdowski   DE Virginia ACC
254 Dallas Cowboys Glenn Carano   QB UNLV Ind. (Coll.)
255 Minnesota Vikings Dennis Swilley   OG Texas A&M SWC
256 Oakland Raiders Ted McKnight   RB Minnesota-Duluth NIC
357 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Charles Hannah   DE Alabama SEC
358 Seattle Seahawks Dennis Boyd   DE Oregon State Pac-8
359 Buffalo Bills Curtis Brown   RB Missouri Big Eight
360 Pittsburgh Steelers Tom Beasley   DT Virginia Tech Ind.
from N. J. Jets
361 Chicago Bears Robin Earl   TE Washington Pac-8
from N. Y. Giants
362 Dallas Cowboys Tony Hill   WR Stanford Pac-8
from Philadelphia
363 St. Louis Cardinals Edgar Fields   DT Texas A&M SWC
364 New Orleans Saints Watts, RobertRobert Watts  LB Boston College Ind.
365 San Francisco 49ers Elmo Boyd   WR Eastern Kentucky OVC
from Houston
366 Houston Oilers Tim Wilson   RB Maryland ACC
367 Kansas City Chiefs Thomas Howard   LB Texas Tech SWC
368 Los Angeles Rams Ed Fulton   OG Maryland ACC
from San Diego
369 Detroit Lions Rick Kane   RB San Jose State PCAA
370 Houston Oilers Jimmie Giles   TE Alcorn State SWAC
from Miami
371 Miami Dolphins Watson, MikeMike Watson  OT Miami (OH) MAC
from Chicago
372 New York Jets Tank Marshall   DE Texas A&M SWC
from San Francisco
373 Buffalo Bills John Kimbrough   WR St. Cloud State NIC
from Cleveland
374 Green Bay Packers Scribner, RickRick Scribner  OG Idaho State Big Sky
from Denver
375 Pittsburgh Steelers Jim Smith   WR Michigan Big Ten
376 Cincinnati Bengals Mike Voight   RB North Carolina ACC
377 San Diego Chargers Keith King   DB Colorado State WAC
from Washington
378 St. Louis Cardinals Kurt Allerman   LB Penn State Ind.
379 Los Angeles Rams Wendell Tyler   RB UCLA Pac-8
380 St. Louis Cardinals Terdell Middleton   RB Memphis State Ind.
from Baltimore
381 Dallas Cowboys Val Belcher   OG Houston SWC
382 New England Patriots Brown, SidneySidney Brown  DB Oklahoma Big Eight
383 Minnesota Vikings Tom Hannon   S Michigan State Big Ten
384 Houston Oilers Rob Carpenter   RB Miami (OH) MAC
from Oakland via Buffalo
485 Cincinnati Bengals Rick Walker   TE UCLA Pac-8
from Tampa Bay
486 Buffalo Bills Dean, JimmyJimmy Dean  DT Texas A&M SWC
487 Seattle Seahawks John Yarno   C Idaho Big Sky
488 New York Giants Mike Vaughan   OT Oklahoma Big Eight
489 New York Jets Scott Dierking   RB Purdue Big Ten
490 Atlanta Falcons Allan Leavitt   K Georgia SEC
491 Los Angeles Rams Vince Ferragamo   QB Nebraska Big Eight
from New Orleans
492 Kansas City Chiefs Bailey, MarkMark Bailey  RB Long Beach State PCAA
from Philadelphia
493 Pittsburgh Steelers Ted Petersen   C Eastern Illinois Ind. (Coll.)
from Green Bay
494 Kansas City Chiefs Andre Samuels   TE Bethune–Cookman SIAC
495 Kansas City Chiefs Darius Helton   OG North Carolina Central MEAC
from Houston
496 Detroit Lions Luther Blue   WR Iowa State Big Eight
497 Washington Redskins Duncan McColl   DE Stanford Pac-8
from Miami
498 Houston Oilers Warren Anderson   WR West Virginia State N/A
from Miami via San Diego
499 Pittsburgh Steelers Laverne Smith   RB Kansas Big Eight
4100 San Francisco 49ers Stan Black   DB Mississippi State SEC
4101 Denver Broncos Billy Bryan   C Duke ACC
4102 Cleveland Browns Oliver Davis   CB Tennessee State Ind. (Coll.)
4103 Cincinnati Bengals Mike Wilson   OT Georgia SEC
4104 Kansas City Chiefs Eric Harris   CB Memphis State Ind.
4105 Cincinnati Bengals Jerry Anderson   S Oklahoma Big Eight
4106 Pittsburgh Steelers Dan Audick   OG Hawaii Ind.
4107 Los Angeles Rams Jones, EarlEarl Jones  DE Memphis State Ind.
4108 Dallas Cowboys Guy Brown   LB Houston SWC
4109 New England Patriots Gerald Skinner   OT Arkansas SWC
4110 Cleveland Browns Robert Sims   DT South Carolina State MEAC
from Chicago
4111 Seattle Seahawks Larry Seivers   WR Tennessee SEC
from Minnesota
4112 Oakland Raiders Mickey Marvin   OG Tennessee SEC
5113 Miami Dolphins Mike Michel   K Stanford Pac-8
from Tampa Bay
5114 Detroit Lions Ron Crosby   LB Penn State Ind.
from Seattle
5115 Buffalo Bills Fred Besana   QB California Pac-8
5116 New York Jets Perry Griggs   WR Troy State Gulf South
5117 New York Giants Randy Dean   QB Northwestern Big Ten
5118 New Orleans Saints Dave LaFary   OT Purdue Big Ten
5119 Philadelphia Eagles Sharp, SkipSkip Sharp  DB Kansas Big Eight
5120 Atlanta Falcons Shelton Diggs   WR USC Pac-8
5121 Pittsburgh Steelers Cliff Stoudt   QB Youngstown State Ind. (Coll.)
from Kansas City
5122 Green Bay Packers Nate Simpson   RB Tennessee State Ind. (Coll.)
5123 Miami Dolphins Leroy Harris   RB Arkansas State Southland
5124 San Diego Chargers Clarence Williams   RB South Carolina Ind.
5125 Pittsburgh Steelers Steve Courson   OG South Carolina Ind.
from Detroit
5126 Oakland Raiders Lester Hayes   CB Texas A&M SWC
from Chicago
5127 Buffalo Bills Neil O'Donoghue   K Auburn SEC
from San Francisco
5128 San Diego Chargers Cliff Olander   QB New Mexico State MVC
from Cleveland
5129 New York Jets Gregory, GaryGary Gregory  OT Baylor SWC
from Denver
5130 Los Angeles Rams Donnie Hickman   OG USC Pac-8
from Washington
5131 St. Louis Cardinals Lee, ErnestErnest Lee  DT Texas SWC
5132 Pittsburgh Steelers Dennis Winston   LB Arkansas SWC
5133 Cincinnati Bengals Ray Phillips   LB Nebraska Big Eight
5134 Los Angeles Rams Jeff Williams   OG Rhode Island Yankee
5135 St. Louis Cardinals Andy Spiva   LB Tennessee SEC
from New England
5136 New Orleans Saints Dave Hubbard   OT BYU WAC
from Baltimore
5137 Dallas Cowboys Andy Frederick   OT New Mexico WAC
5138 Minnesota Vikings Moore, KenKen Moore  TE Northern Illinois MAC
5139 Oakland Raiders Jeff Barnes   LB California Pac-8
6140 Chicago Bears Vince Evans   QB USC Pac-8
from Tampa Bay
6141 San Francisco 49ers Mike Burns   S USC Pac-8
from Buffalo
6142 Seattle Seahawks Tony Benjamin   RB Duke ACC
6143 New York Giants Jordan, BobBob Jordan  OT Memphis State Ind.
6144 New York Jets Joe Klecko DT Temple Ind.
6145 Philadelphia Eagles Russell, KevinKevin Russell  DB Tennessee State Ind. (Coll.)
6146 San Diego Chargers Dave Lindstrom   DE Boston University Yankee
6147 New Orleans Saints Cliff Parsley   P Oklahoma State Big Eight
6148 Houston Oilers Gary Woolford   CB Florida State Ind.
6149 Green Bay Packers Tim Moresco   DB Syracuse Ind.
6150 Kansas City Chiefs Burleson, RickRick Burleson  DE Texas SWC
6151 San Diego Chargers Larry Barnes   RB Tennessee State Ind. (Coll.)
6152 San Diego Chargers Pete Shaw   S Northwestern Big Ten
from Detroit
6153 New York Giants Emery Moorehead   WR Colorado Big Eight
from Miami
6154 Philadelphia Eagles Wilbert Montgomery   RB Abilene Christian LSC
from Chicago
6155 San Francisco 49ers Jim Harlan   C Howard Payne LSC
6156 Los Angeles Rams Art Best   RB Kent State MAC
from Denver
6157 Buffalo Bills Pruitt, RonRon Pruitt  DE Nebraska Big Eight
from Cleveland
6158 Philadelphia Eagles Mitchell, MarkMark Mitchell  DB Tulane Ind.
from St. Louis via Washington
6159 Pittsburgh Steelers Paul Harris   LB Alabama SEC
6160 Cincinnati Bengals Tommy Duniven   QB Texas Tech SWC
6161 Atlanta Falcons Jenkins, KeithKeith Jenkins  DB Cincinnati Ind.
from Washington
6162 New Orleans Saints Schick, TomTom Schick  OG Maryland ACC
from Los Angeles
6163 Baltimore Colts Calvin O'Neal   LB Michigan Big Ten
6164 Dallas Cowboys Jim Cooper   OT Temple Ind.
6165 Houston Oilers David Carter   C Western Kentucky OVC
from New England
6166 Detroit Lions Reggie Pinkney   DB East Carolina SoCon
from Minnesota via New England
6167 Kansas City Chiefs Herrera, AndreAndre Herrera  RB Southern Illinois Ind.
from Oakland via Tampa Bay thorough Chicago
7168 New York Jets Charles White   RB Bethune-Cookman SIAC
from Tampa Bay
7169 Seattle Seahawks David Sims   RB Georgia Tech Ind.
7170 Buffalo Bills Mike Nelms   DB Baylor SWC
7171 New York Jets Bob Grupp   DB Duke ACC
7172 Green Bay Packers Derrel Gofourth   C Oklahoma State Big Eight
from N. Y. Giants
7173 Cleveland Browns Randle, KenKen Randle  WR USC Pac-8
from Atlanta
7174 New Orleans Saints Greg Boykin   RB Northwestern Big Ten
7175 Philadelphia Eagles Charlie Johnson   DT Colorado Big Eight
7176 Green Bay Packers Tipton, RellRell Tipton  OG Baylor SWC
7177 Kansas City Chiefs Chris Golub   DB Kansas Big Eight
7178 New York Giants Al Dixon   TE Iowa State Big Eight
from Houston
7179 Detroit Lions Black, TimTim Black  LB Baylor SWC
7180 Miami Dolphins Bruce Herron   LB New Mexico WAC
7181 San Diego Chargers Bush, RonRon Bush  DB USC Pac-8
7182 Chicago Bears Gerald Butler   WR Nicholls State Gulf South
7183 San Francisco 49ers Jim Van Wagner   RB Michigan Tech NIC
7184 Cleveland Browns Blane Smith   TE Purdue Big Ten
7185 Denver Broncos Larry Swider   P Pittsburgh Ind.
7186 Pittsburgh Steelers Frisch, RandyRandy Frisch  DT Missouri Big Eight
7187 Cincinnati Bengals Louis Breeden   CB North Carolina Central MEAC
7188 Cleveland Browns Bob Lingenfelter   OT Nebraska Big Eight
from St. Louis
7189 Washington Redskins Reggie Haynes   TE UNLV Ind. (Coll.)
7190 Oakland Raiders Rich Martini   WR UC Davis FWC
from Washington via Houston thorough N. Y. Giants
7191 Dallas Cowboys Dave Stalls   DT Northern Colorado Ind. (Div. II)
7192 New England Patriots Smith, KenKen Smith  WR Arkansas–Pine Bluff Ind. (Div. II)
7193 Baltimore Colts Blanchard Carter   OT UNLV Ind. (Coll.)
7194 Cincinnati Bengals Jim Corbett   TE Pittsburgh Ind.
from Minnesota
7195 New York Jets Kevin Long   RB South Carolina Ind.
from Oakland
8196 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Randy Hedberg   QB Minot State N/A
8197 Buffalo Bills Greg Morton   DT Michigan Big Ten
8198 Houston Oilers Davis, SteveSteve Davis  WR Georgia SEC
from Seattle
8199 New York Giants Rice, BillBill Rice  DT BYU WAC
8200 New York Jets Dan Alexander   DT LSU SEC
8201 New Orleans Saints Jimmy Stewart   DB Tulsa MVC
8202 Philadelphia Eagles Cleveland Franklin   RB Baylor SWC
8203 Atlanta Falcons Walter Packer   WR Mississippi State SEC
8204 Kansas City Chiefs Olsonoski, RonRon Olsonoski  LB St. Thomas (Minnesota) MIAC
8205 Houston Oilers Eddie Foster   WR Houston SWC
8206 Green Bay Packers David Whitehurst   QB Furman SoCon
8207 Miami Dolphins Horace Perkins   DB Colorado Big Eight
8208 Dallas Cowboys Cleveland, AlAl Cleveland  DE Pacific PCAA
from San Diego
8209 Detroit Lions Griffin, MarkMark Griffin  OT North Carolina ACC
8210 New York Jets Thompson, EdEd Thompson  LB Ohio State Big Ten
from Chicago
8211 New York Giants Rodgers, OtisOtis Rodgers  LB Iowa State Big Eight
from San Francisco
8212 Denver Broncos Culliver, CalvinCalvin Culliver  RB Alabama SEC
8213 Cleveland Browns Armstrong, BillBill Armstrong  DB Wake Forest ACC
8214 Cincinnati Bengals St. Victor, JoseJose St. Victor  OG Syracuse Ind.
8215 Kansas City Chiefs Waddell Smith   WR Kansas Big Eight
from Washington
8216 St. Louis Cardinals Eric Williams   LB USC Pac-8
8217 Pittsburgh Steelers August, PhilPhil August  WR Miami (FL) Ind.
8218 Los Angeles Rams Bockwoldt, RodRod Bockwoldt  DB Weber State Big Sky
8219 New England Patriots Brad Benson   OG Penn State Ind.
8220 Baltimore Colts Helms, KenKen Helms  OT Georgia SEC
8221 Dallas Cowboys Fred Williams   RB Arizona State WAC
8222 Minnesota Vikings Strozier, ClintClint Strozier  DB USC Pac-8
8223 Oakland Raiders Terry Robiskie   RB LSU SEC
9224 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Hemingway, BryonBryon Hemingway  LB Boston College Ind.
9225 Seattle Seahawks Adzick, GeorgeGeorge Adzick  DB Minnesota Big Ten
9226 Kansas City Chiefs Glanton, DerrickDerrick Glanton  DE Bishop Ind. (Div. III)
from Buffalo
9227 New York Jets Matt Robinson   QB Georgia SEC
9228 New York Giants Mullins, KenKen Mullins  DE Florida A&M SIAC
9229 Philadelphia Eagles Humphreys, T. J.T. J. Humphreys  OG Arkansas State Southland
9230 Atlanta Falcons Maxwell, JohnJohn Maxwell  OT Boston College Ind.
9231 New Orleans Saints Knowles, DaveDave Knowles  OT Indiana Big Ten
9232 Houston Oilers Bill Currier   S South Carolina Ind.
9233 Green Bay Packers Mullins, JoelJoel Mullins  OT Arkansas State Southland
9234 Kansas City Chiefs Green, DaveDave Green  OT New Mexico WAC
9235 San Diego Chargers Gene Washington   WR Georgia SEC
9236 Detroit Lions Mathieson, SteveSteve Mathieson  QB Florida State Ind.
9237 Miami Dolphins Robert Turner   RB Oklahoma State Big Eight
9238 Chicago Bears Buonamici, NickNick Buonamici  DT Ohio State Big Ten
9239 San Francisco 49ers David Posey   K Florida SEC
9240 Cleveland Browns Brown, DarylDaryl Brown  DB Tufts N/A
9241 Denver Broncos Charles Jackson   DT Washington Pac-8
9242 Atlanta Falcons Speer, RobertRobert Speer  DE Arkansas State Southland
from Washington
9243 St. Louis Cardinals Johnny Jackson   DT Southern SWAC
9244 Pittsburgh Steelers Kelly, RooseveltRoosevelt Kelly  TE Eastern Kentucky OVC
9245 Cincinnati Bengals Zachary, WillieWillie Zachary  WR Central State (OH) Ind. (NAIA)
9246 Washington Redskins Northington, MikeMike Northington  RB Purdue Big Ten
from Los Angeles
9247 Baltimore Colts Capriola, GlenGlen Capriola  RB Boston College Ind.
9248 Dallas Cowboys Cantrell, MarkMark Cantrell  C North Carolina ACC
9249 New England Patriots Vogele, JerryJerry Vogele  LB Michigan Big Ten
9250 Minnesota Vikings Scott Studwell   LB Illinois Big Ten
9251 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Larry Mucker   WR Arizona State WAC
from Oakland

Round Ten

Pick #NFL teamPlayerPositionCollege
252Tampa Bay BuccaneersRobert MorganRunning backFlorida
253Pittsburgh SteelersAlvin CowansDefensive backFlorida
254Seattle Seahawks Sam Adkins QuarterbackWichita State
255New York GiantsMike JonesWide receiverMinnesota
256New York Jets John Hennessy Defensive endMichigan
257Atlanta Falcons Billy Ryckman Wide receiverLouisiana Tech
258New Orleans Saints Rafael Septién KickerSouthwestern Louisiana
259Philadelphia EaglesJohn MastronardoWide receiverVillanova
260Green Bay Packers Jim Culbreath Running backOklahoma
261Kansas City ChiefsMark VitaliQuarterbackPurdue
262Houston OilersHarvey HullLinebackerMississippi State
263Detroit Lions Gary Anderson GuardStanford
264Miami DolphinsMark CarterTight endEastern Michigan
265San Diego ChargersCurtis TownsendLinebackerArkansas
266Chicago BearsDennis BrecknerDefensive endMiami (FL)
267Tampa Bay BuccaneersAaron BallLinebackerFullerton State
268Denver Broncos Oren Middlebrook Wide receiverArkansas State
269Cleveland BrownsTom BurkettTackleNorth Carolina
270St. Louis CardinalsJim LeJayWide receiverSan Jose State
271Pittsburgh Steelers Dave LaCrosse LinebackerWake Forest
272Cincinnati BengalsBob BialikPunterHillsdale
273Washington Redskins James Sykes Running backRice
274Los Angeles RamsDon PetersenTight endBoston College
275Dallas Cowboys Steve DeBerg QuarterbackSan Jose State
276New England PatriotsJohn RasmussenTackleWisconsin
277Baltimore Colts Ron Baker GuardOklahoma State
278Minnesota VikingsDan BeaverKickerIllinois
279New England PatriotsGiles AlexanderDefensive endTulsa

Round Eleven

Pick #NFL teamPlayerPositionCollege
280Tampa Bay BuccaneersChuck RodgersDefensive backNorth Dakota State
281Seattle SeahawksBill WestbeldTackleDayton
282Buffalo BillsNate JacksonRunning backTennessee State
283Philadelphia EaglesRocco MooreTackleWestern Michigan
284New York GiantsBill HelmsTight endSan Diego State
285New Orleans Saints John Blain TackleSan Jose State
286Philadelphia EaglesMike CordovaQuarterbackStanford
287Atlanta FalconsDave FarmerRunning backUSC
288Kansas City ChiefsMaurice MitchellWide receiverNorthern Michigan
289Houston Oilers Al Romano LinebackerPittsburgh
290Green Bay Packers Terry Randolph Defensive backAmerican International
291Miami Dolphins John Alexander Defensive endRutgers
292Cincinnati Bengals Joel Parrish GuardGeorgia
293Detroit Lions Tony Daykin LinebackerGeorgia Tech
294Chicago Bears Connie Zelencik CenterPurdue
295San Francisco 49ers Brian Billick Tight endBrigham Young
296Cleveland BrownsCharles NashWide receiverArizona
297Denver BroncosPhil HeckLinebackerCalifornia
298Pittsburgh Steelers Lou West Defensive backCincinnati
299Cincinnati Bengals Carl Allen Defensive backSouthern Mississippi
300Washington Redskins Don Harris Defensive backRutgers
301St. Louis CardinalsGreg LeeDefensive backWestern Illinois
302Los Angeles Rams Carson Long KickerPittsburgh
303New England Patriots Ray Costict LinebackerMississippi State
304Baltimore ColtsBrian RuffLinebackerThe Citadel
305Dallas CowboysDon WardlowTight endWashington
306Minnesota Vikings Keith Hartwig Wide receiverArizona
307New York Jets Dave Butterfield Defensive backNebraska

Round Twelve

Pick #NFL teamPlayerPositionCollege
308Tampa Bay BuccaneersChip SheffieldWide receiverLenoir-Rhyne
309Buffalo Bills Charles Romes Defensive backNorth Carolina Central
310Pittsburgh SteelersJimmy StephensTight endFlorida
311New York GiantsElmo SimmonsRunning backTexas-Arlington
312New York JetsPhil GargisRunning backAuburn
313New York JetsDave ConradTackleMaryland
314St. Louis Cardinals Don Parrish Defensive endPittsburgh
315New Orleans SaintsOakley DaltonDefensive tackleJackson State
316Houston Oilers Ove Johansson KickerAbilene Christian
317Oakland Raiders Rod Martin LinebackerUSC
318Kansas City ChiefsRay BurksLinebackerUCLA
319San Diego ChargersJim StansikTight endEastern Michigan
320Detroit LionsDave GreenwoodGuardIowa State
321Miami Dolphins Terry Anderson Wide receiverBethune-Cookman
322Chicago Bears Terry Irvin Defensive backJackson State
323San Francisco 49ersScott MartinGuardNorth Dakota
324Denver BroncosScott LevenhagenTight endWestern Illinois
325Cleveland BrownsLeo TierneyCenterGeorgia Tech
326Cincinnati BengalsAlex PercivalWide receiverMorehouse (GA)
327Washington RedskinsCurtis KirklandDefensive endMissouri
328St. Louis CardinalsRick FenlawLinebackerTexas
329Seattle SeahawksI. V. WilsonDefensive tackleTulsa
330Los Angeles RamsBarry CaudillCenterSouthern Mississippi
331Baltimore ColtsBill DeutschRunning backNorth Dakota
332Dallas Cowboys Greg Peters GuardCalifornia
333New England Patriots Dave Preston Running backBowling Green
334Oakland Raiders Rolf Benirschke KickerCalifornia-Davis
335 [5] Minnesota VikingsJim KelleherRunning backColorado
= Pro Bowler [3] = Hall of Famer

Supplemental draft

Rnd.Pick No.NFL teamPlayerPos.CollegeConf.Notes
3 Seattle Seahawks Al Hunter   RB Notre Dame Ind.

Hall of Famers

Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 1994. [6]
Inducted: For his Head Coaching achievements Professional Football Hall of Fame class of 2016.
Inducted: Professional Football Hall of Fame Class of 2023.

Notable undrafted players

= Pro Bowler [3] = Hall of Famer [4]
Original NFL teamPlayerPos.CollegeConf.Notes
Atlanta Falcons June Jones   QB Portland State Ind. (Coll.)
Atlanta Falcons Secdrick McIntyre   RB Auburn SEC
Baltimore Colts Wade Griffin   OT Mississippi SEC
Buffalo Bills Shane Nelson   LB Baylor SWC
Chicago Bears Fred Dean   OG Texas Southern SWAC
Chicago Bears Len Walterscheid   S Southern Utah RMAC
Cleveland Browns Ricky Jones   LB Tuskegee SIAC
Dallas Cowboys Larry Brinson   RB Florida SEC
Dallas Cowboys Bruce Huther   LB New Hampshire Yankee
Dallas Cowboys Fred Rayhle   TE Chattanooga Ind. (Div. II)
Denver Broncos Ron Egloff   TE Wisconsin Big Ten
Denver Broncos Rob Nairne   LB Oregon State Pac-8
Houston Oilers Ken Kennard   DT Angelo State LSC
Houston Oilers Guido Merkens   QB Sam Houston State LSC
Kansas City Chiefs Ed Beckman   TE Florida State Ind.
Kansas City Chiefs Ricky Wesson   DB SMU SWC
Los Angeles Rams Glen Walker   P USC Pac-8
Miami Dolphins Charles Cornelius   DB Bethune–Cookman SIAC
Miami Dolphins Nick Giaquinto   RB UConn Yankee
New England Patriots Tim Mazzetti   K Penn Ivy
New Orleans Saints Rich Mauti   WR Penn State Ind.
New York Giants Frank Marion   LB Florida A&M SIAC
New York Giants J. T. Turner   OG Duke ACC
New York Jets Bruce Harper   RB Kutztown PSAC
Philadelphia Eagles Herm Edwards   CB San Diego State Ind.
Philadelphia Eagles Wally Henry   WR UCLA Pac-8
Pittsburgh Steelers Tony Dungy S Minnesota Big Ten
San Francisco 49ers Mike Baldassin   LB Washington Pac-8
Seattle Seahawks Doug Long   DB Whitworth NWC
Seattle Seahawks Cornell Webster   CB Tulsa MVC
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cecil Johnson   LB Pittsburgh Ind.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Dana Nafziger   LB Cal Poly CCAA
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jack Wender   RB Fresno State PCAA
Washington Redskins Mark Murphy   S Colgate Ind.

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The 1983 NFL Draft was the procedure by which National Football League teams selected amateur college football players. It is officially known as the NFL Annual Player Selection Meeting. The draft was held April 26–27, 1983, at the New York Sheraton Hotel in New York City, New York. No teams elected to claim any players in the supplemental draft that year.

The 1989 NFL Draft was the procedure by which National Football League teams selected amateur college football players. It is officially known as the NFL Annual Player Selection Meeting. The draft was held April 23–24, 1989, at the Marriott Marquis in New York City, New York. The league also held a supplemental draft after the regular draft and before the regular season.

The 1988 NFL Draft was the procedure by which National Football League teams selected amateur college football players. It is officially known as the NFL Annual Player Selection Meeting. The draft was held April 24–25, 1988, at the Marriot Marquis in New York City, New York. The league also held a supplemental draft after the regular draft and before the regular season.

The 1987 NFL Draft was the procedure by which National Football League teams selected amateur college football players. It is officially known as the NFL Annual Player Selection Meeting. The draft was held April 28–29, 1987, at the Marriot Marquis in New York City, New York. The league also held a supplemental draft after the regular draft and before the regular season.

The 1985 NFL Draft was the procedure by which National Football League teams selected amateur college football players. The draft was held April 30 and May 1, 1985, at the Omni Park Central Hotel in New York City, New York. The league also held a supplemental draft after the regular draft and before the regular season.

The 1981 NFL Draft was the procedure by which National Football League teams selected amateur college football players. It is officially known as the NFL Annual Player Selection Meeting. The draft was held April 28–29, 1981, at the New York Sheraton Hotel in New York City. The league also held a supplemental draft after the regular draft and before the regular season.

The 1979 NFL Draft was the procedure by which National Football League teams selected amateur college football players. It is officially known as the NFL Annual Player Selection Meeting. The draft was held May 3–4, 1979, at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City, New York. The league also held a supplemental draft after the regular draft and before the regular season.

The 1978 NFL Draft was the procedure by which National Football League teams selected amateur college football players. It is officially known as the NFL Annual Player Selection Meeting. The draft was held May 2–3, 1978, at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York City, New York. The league also held a supplemental draft after the regular draft and before the regular season.

The 1936 National Football League Draft was the first draft of National Football League (NFL). It took place on February 8, 1936, at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The draft was instituted in an effort to end bidding wars among the league's teams by the arbitrary assignment of negotiating rights to amateur players. It was haphazardly decided that the last place team from the previous season would get the first selection, and the process would continue in reverse order of the standings. Under this structure the Philadelphia Eagles, who finished 1935 at 2–9, would select first.

The 1961 National Football League Draft took place at the Warwick Hotel in Philadelphia on December 27–28, 1960. The league would later hold an expansion draft for the Minnesota Vikings expansion franchise. This draft was also the first regular draft for the Dallas Cowboys as they had only participated in the 1960 NFL expansion draft that year.

The 1976 National Football League Draft was an annual player selection meeting held April 8–9, 1976, at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York City, New York.

The 1974 NFL Draft took place at the Americana Hotel in New York City, New York, on January 29–30, 1974. Each of the 26 NFL teams were granted 17 selections for a total of 442 picks.

The 1965 National Football League Draft was held at the Summit Hotel in New York City on Saturday, November 28, 1964. The first player selected was Tucker Frederickson, back from Auburn, by the New York Giants.

The 1969 National Football League Draft was part of the common draft, the third and final year in which the NFL and American Football League (AFL) held a joint draft of college players. The draft took place January 28–29, 1969.

The 1948 National Football League Draft was held on December 19, 1947, at the Fort Pitt Hotel in Pittsburgh. This was the second year that the first overall pick was a bonus pick determined by lottery, with the previous year's winner Chicago Bears ineligible from the draw; it was won by the Washington Redskins, who selected halfback Harry Gilmer.

The 1953 National Football League Draft was held on January 22, 1953, at Bellevue-Stratford Hotel in Philadelphia. Selections made by the folded Dallas Texans were assigned to the Baltimore Colts, since the Dallas team had moved to Baltimore.

The 1956 National Football League Draft had its first three rounds held on November 28, 1955, at the Bellevue-Stratford Hotel in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and its final twenty-seven rounds on January 17–18, 1956, at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, California

The 1957 National Football League Draft had its first four rounds held on November 26, 1956, at the Warwick Hotel in Philadelphia and its final twenty-six rounds on January 31, 1957 at the Bellevue-Stratford Hotel also in Philadelphia.

The 1972 NFL Draft was held February 1–2, 1972, at the Essex House in New York City, New York. With the first overall pick of the draft, the Buffalo Bills selected defensive end Walt Patulski.

The 1942 National Football League Draft was held on December 22, 1941, at the Palmer House Hotel in Chicago. Two members of the draft class have been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Bill Dudley, the first overall selection by the Pittsburgh Steelers, and Mac Speedie, 135th overall selection by the Detroit Lions. Additionally, one member of the draft class became a Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame college basketball coach, Ralph Miller. Miller was selected 167th pick overall by the Brooklyn Dodgers after successful careers at Kansas on the school's football and basketball teams.


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