1979–80 Alliance Premier League

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Alliance Premier League
Season1979–80 [1]
Champions Altrincham
Promoted to the Football League None
Runners-up Weymouth
Relegated to
Level 6
Redditch United
Promoted for next season Frickley Athletic
Matches played380
Goals scored972 (2.56 per match)
Top goalscorerG. J. Smith Northwich Victoria (29 goals) [notes2 1]
Biggest home win Maidstone United 6–0 Bath City
Biggest away win Redditch United 1–5 Bangor City
Stafford Rangers 1–5 Weymouth
Highest scoring Northwich Victoria 6–3 Barrow
Kettering Town 3–6 Stafford Rangers

The 1979–80 Alliance Premier League was the inaugural season of the Alliance Premier League – the first league outside the Football League to cover the whole of England.



Between 1979 and 2004 the single-division Alliance Premier League formed Level 5 of the English football league system. Since 2004 two regional divisions were added at Level 6.

The founder members of the Alliance Premier League were drawn from the Southern League and Northern Premier League, covering the country from Yeovil Town in the South West to Barrow in the far North. One club from WalesBangor City – also participated.


From the Northern Premier League
From the Southern League

League table

PosTeamPldHWHDHLHGFHGAAWADALAGFAGAGDPtsQualification or relegation
1 Altrincham 3816304598563426+4456 Alliance Premier League champions, no promotion
2 Weymouth 38133340149733323+3654
3 Worcester City 38126129157572421+1749
4 Boston United 38117140205681223+945
5 Gravesend & Northfleet 38124336185681326+544
6 Maidstone United 38114438155771622+1743
7 Kettering Town 3895529266852624+543
8 Northwich Victoria 38115331145591924+1242Alliance Premier League Cup winners
9 Bangor City 3896421185862028542
10 Nuneaton Borough 381252411618101728+1439
11 Scarborough 3888332144781524+939
12 Yeovil Town 38865261754102032336
13 Telford United 38937312745102133834
14 Barrow 381036271843122037834
15 Wealdstone 38595262546916291233
16 Bath City 387932621331317482632
17 Barnet 387661818341214301630
18 AP Leamington 385591627261116363125
19 Stafford Rangers 384782021231421361622
20 Redditch United 384510182913158404318Relegated to the Southern League Midland Division
Source: [1]

Note: FA Trophy winners (Dagenham, Isthmian League Premier Division)


Altrincham 3–05–01–03–14–03–04–10–01–00–03–12–02–03–12–02–13–23–11–1
AP Leamington 1–41–12–10–11–22–00–11–30–22–20–00–21–12–02–10–00–21–00–4
Bangor City 1–13–21–11–12–12–01–21–11–00–31–01–01–01–11–11–01–20–21–0
Barnet 2–01–01–11–11–00–03–00–20–10–22–10–00–02–14–11–30–20–00–3
Barrow 1–36–21–13–12–10–11–11–20–21–01–02–00–02–12–01–00–11–22–0
Bath City 1–10–02–11–21–00–12–03–01–10–01–11–11–02–11–14–44–20–41–1
Boston United 2–52–03–11–13–03–24–01–01–12–02–22–02–23–23–10–02–21–13–0
Gravesend & Northfleet 0–23–21–11–05–12–00–02–21–02–12–21–03–02–01–23–02–33–22–0
Kettering Town 1–21–10–11–00–41–23–10–01–11–01–12–11–03–63–22–03–10–05–3
Maidstone United 2–20–00–12–02–06–01–03–01–33–41–14–12–02–03–03–01–12–10–1
Northwich Victoria 1–02–14–02–06–36–10–10–02–20–22–11–01–11–02–10–00–01–00–1
Nuneaton Borough 2–01–12–22–13–01–12–03–12–24–02–15–13–13–11–10–11–21–03–0
Redditch United 0–13–11–51–01–31–10–20–20–10–00–11–01–20–22–24–10–21–12–2
Scarborough 1–15–00–00–02–06–12–41–12–01–22–12–13–00–01–20–00–04–10–0
Stafford Rangers 1–21–10–11–21–14–00–00–10–01–14–10–11–13–10–10–11–50–02–1
Telford United 3–20–12–01–23–23–14–11–21–03–10–02–12–10–12–21–33–30–10–3
Wealdstone 1–41–20–02–12–11–11–10–02–20–00–12–22–02–42–10–01–12–45–0
Weymouth 0–02–14–21–11–01–23–01–03–11–12–02–06–00–12–13–24–01–23–0
Worcester City 3–21–10–02–12–02–10–01–01–43–12–11–13–00–01–02–12–11–12–0
Yeovil Town 3–21–01–25–00–11–00–01–11–13–01–12–12–01–13–10–21–10–10–2
Updated to match(es) played on unknown. Source: Rothmans Football Yearbook 1980–81. Queen Anne Press, Macdonald Futura Publishers, London & Sydney, 1981. [1]
Legend: Blue = home team win; Yellow = draw; Red = away team win.
Greater London UK location map 2.svg
Red pog.svg
Red pog.svg
Locations of the 1979–80 Alliance Premier League London clubs

Promotion and relegation


Top scorers

RankPlayerClubLeague FA Cup FA Trophy League CupTotal [1] [notes2 2]
1 G. J. Smith Northwich Victoria 29
2 Tommy Paterson Weymouth 28
3 John Rogers Altrincham 24
4Aniello Iannone Weymouth 22
5 J. P. Daubney Maidstone United 21
6 Barry Whitbread Altrincham 20
7 Bobby Brown Boston United 19
8 R. O. Gauden Scarborough 16
=David Mather Telford United 16
10 Roy Clayton Kettering Town 14
11 M. J. Neale Nuneaton Borough 13
= M. C. Wheeler Bath City 13
13 Colin Cowperthwaite Barrow 12
= J. N. Evans Kettering Town 12
= D. Gardner AP Leamington 12
= Gerry O'Hara Worcester City 12
17 Neil Cordice Wealdstone 11
= Barry Howard Altrincham 11
= N. B. Johnson Wealdstone 11
= M. D. Phelps Worcester City 11
= P. Phipps Kettering Town 11
= P. T. Wilkey Telford United 11
  1. G. J. Smith's goals include also goals scored in the League Cup.
  2. The number of goals is the sum of league and league cup goals.

Election to the Football League

As winners of the Alliance Premier League, Altrincham won the right to apply for election to the Football League to replace one of the four bottom teams in the 1979–80 Football League Fourth Division. The vote went as follows:

ClubFinal PositionVotes
Darlington 22nd (Fourth Division)49
Crewe Alexandra 23rd (Fourth Division)48
Hereford United 21st (Fourth Division)48
Rochdale 24th (Fourth Division)26
Altrincham 1st (Alliance Premier League)25

As a result of this, Altrincham failed to be elected to membership of the Football League, falling just one point behind Fourth Division's bottom club Rochdale.

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