1981–82 Football League

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The Football League
Season 1981–82
Champions Liverpool

The 198182 season was the 83rd completed season (84th overall) of The Football League.



Three points for a win was introduced for the first time in England. Champions Aston Villa finished a disappointing 11th but made up for this by triumphing in the European Cup at the first attempt.

Liverpool made up for the previous season's slip in league form by winning the league championship for the 13th time in their history, fighting off competition from Ipswich Town, Manchester United and Spurs. Liverpool also won the Football League Cup for the second season in succession. The league triumph was made all the more significant by the fact that they had occupied 10th place on Christmas Day.

Their season of triumph was overshadowed, however, by the death of legendary former manager Bill Shankly, 68, following a heart attack in late September.

Middlesbrough and Wolves were relegated as financial problems at both clubs began to mount. They were joined by Leeds United, only seven years after playing in the European cup final.

West Bromwich Albion felt the loss of manager Ron Atkinson and key players Bryan Robson and Remi Moses as they slumped to 19th in the league and narrowly avoided relegation. This was just the beginning of a sharp decline for a club who three seasons earlier had reached the UEFA Cup quarter-finals and almost won the league title.

Swansea City were tipped for relegation by most observers as they reached the First Division for the first time in their history, having just completed their third promotion in four seasons. But John Toshack's men had a brilliant first game in the top flight, crushing Leeds United 5-1 and setting the tone for a season which would end with Leeds going down. Swansea, meanwhile, were the most unlikely title contenders, topping the league at several stages of the season before finishing sixth in the final table.

Manchester United paid a British record fee of £1.75million for West Bromwich Albion's 24-year-old England midfielder Bryan Robson. Robson's record-breaking move reflected on how the size of transfer fees had risen dramatically in a relatively short period of time. Less than four years earlier, the British record fee had been the £516,000 that West Bromwich Albion had paid for David Mills. In such a short amount of time, the British record had more than tripled.

Everton, who had struggled in the league for the past few seasons, turned to their former player Howard Kendall and appointed him as manager in hope of restoring the club to its former glory.

Final league tables and results

The tables and results below are reproduced here in the exact form that they can be found at The Rec.Sport.Soccer Statistics Foundation website, [1] with home and away statistics separated.

During the first five seasons of the league, that is, until the season 1893–94, re-election process concerned the clubs which finished in the bottom four of the league. From the 1894–95 season and until the 1920–21 season the re-election process was required of the clubs which finished in the bottom three of the league. From the 1922–23 season on it was required of the bottom two teams of both Third Division North and Third Division South. Since the Fourth Division was established in the 1958–59 season, the re-election process has concerned the bottom four clubs in that division. [2]

First Division

Football League
First Division
Champions Liverpool (13th English title)
Relegated Leeds United,
Wolverhampton Wanderers
1982–83 European Cup Liverpool,
Aston Villa
FA Cup winners
1982–83 European Cup Winners' Cup
Tottenham Hotspur (7th FA Cup title),
Swansea City (Welsh Cup winners)
1982–83 UEFA Cup Arsenal,
Ipswich Town,
Manchester United,
Matches played462
Goals scored1,173 (2.54 per match)
Top goalscorer Kevin Keegan (Southampton), 26 [3]
Biggest home win CoventrySunderland 6–1 (27 April 1982)
TottenhamWolverhampton 6–1 (6 February 1982)
Manchester UnitedWolverhampton 5–0 (3 October 1982)
Biggest away win Manchester CityLiverpool 0–5 (10 April 1982)
Highest scoring SouthamptonCoventry 5–5 (4 May 1982)
Longest winning run Liverpool (11 games)
Longest unbeaten run Liverpool (16 games)
Longest losing run Wolverhampton Wanderers (8 games)

The First Division title race saw many teams take the lead throughout the season, including traditional favourites like Manchester United, Manchester City, Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal, as well as thriving Ipswich Town and Southampton, and most incredibly a Swansea City side who had never been in the First Division before, and who had been in the Fourth Division just a few seasons previously. In the end, however, it was Liverpool who clinched the title after a surge in the second half of the campaign which took them from mid table at Christmas to clinching the title on the final day of the season. They also retained the League Cup. Defending champions Aston Villa only finished mid-table but finished the season as European Cup winners, three months after Ron Saunders stood down as manager and was succeeded by his assistant Tony Barton.

Wolves went down to the Second Division for the second time in seven seasons, while Middlesbrough went down after eight years in the First Division. Leeds United, who had gradually lost touch with the First Division's elite since Don Revie left in 1974, lost their top flight status after 18 years.

Other memorable events of the season included the early season transfer of Bryan Robson from West Bromwich Albion to Manchester United for a national record £1.5million, and the death of legendary former Liverpool manager Bill Shankly.

PosTeamPldHWHDHLHGFHGAAWADALAGFAGAGDPtsQualification or relegation
1 Liverpool 421434391412634118+4887 European Cup 1982–83 First round [lower-alpha 1]
2 Ipswich Town 42171347259482828+2283 UEFA Cup 1982–83 First round
3 Manchester United 42126327910653220+3078
4 Tottenham Hotspur 42124541268762622+1971 UEFA Cup Winners' Cup 1982–83 First round [lower-alpha 2]
5 Arsenal 42135327157682122+1171 UEFA Cup 1982–83 First round
6 Swansea City 421335341683102435+769 UEFA Cup Winners' Cup 1982–83 First round [lower-alpha 3]
7 Southampton 421524493047102337+566 UEFA Cup 1982–83 First round
8 Everton 42117333216692329+664
9 West Ham United 429102422956102428+958
10 Manchester City 4297532236691727158
11 Aston Villa 4296628246692729+257 European Cup 1982–83 First round [lower-alpha 4]
12 Nottingham Forest 4277719208582328657
13 Brighton & Hove Albion 42876302456101328952
14 Coventry City 42948312447102538650
15 Notts County 42858323353132936847
16 Birmingham City 42867292528112436844
17 West Bromwich Albion 426692425551122321144
18 Stoke City 4292102728361217351944
19 Sunderland 4265101926561019322044
20 Leeds United 4261142320411616412242Relegated
21 Wolverhampton Wanderers 428581920251413433140
22 Middlesbrough 425972024361214281839
Source: [ citation needed ]
  1. Liverpool were also this season's League Cup Winners.
  2. FA Cup winners
  3. Swansea City qualified for the European Cup Winners' Cup as 1982 Welsh Cup winners.
  4. Aston Villa won the European Cup this year, and thus qualified for the following season's competition as defending champions.


Arsenal 4–31–00–01–01–01–01–01–11–0 0–0 1–02–01–04–10–11–10–2 1–3 2–22–02–1
Aston Villa 0–2 0–0 3–0 2–1 1–20–11–40–30–01–11–03–10–11–12–21–03–01–1 2–1 3–2 3–1
Birmingham 0–1 0–1 1–0 3–3 0–21–10–10–13–00–10–04–32–14–02–12–02–10–0 3–3 2–2 0–3
Brighton & Hove Albion 2–10–11–12–23–10–11–03–34–10–12–00–12–2 1–1 0–02–11–21–32–21–02–0
Coventry City 1–0 1–1 0–1 0–11–02–44–01–20–12–11–10–11–54–23–06–13–10–0 0–2 1–0 0–0
Everton 2–12–03–11–13–22–1 1–0 1–3 0–13–32–02–13–11–10–01–23–11–11–00–01–1
Ipswich Town 2–13–13–23–11–03–02–12–02–02–13–11–31–35–22–03–32–32–11–03–21–0
Leeds United 0–01–13–32–10–0 1–1 0–2 0–2 0–1 0–0 1–1 1–11–01–30–01–02–00–03–13–33–0
Liverpool 2–00–03–10–14–0 3–1 4–0 3–0 1–3 1–2 1–12–01–00–12–01–02–23–11–03–02–1
Manchester City 0–01–04–24–01–31–11–1 4–0 0–5 0–0 3–20–01–01–11–12–34–00–12–10–12–1
Manchester United 0–0 4–11–12–00–11–11–2 1–0 0–1 1–1 1–00–02–11–02–00–01–02–01–01–05–0
Middlesbrough 1–33–32–12–10–00–20–1 0–0 0–00–00–21–13–00–13–2 0–0 1–11–31–02–30–0
Nottingham Forest 1–21–12–12–12–10–11–12–10–21–10–11–1 0–2 2–10–02–00–22–00–00–00–1
Notts County 2–11–01–44–12–12–21–42–10–41–11–30–1 1–2 1–13–12–00–12–21–21–14–0
Southampton 3–10–33–1 0–2 5–51–04–34–02–32–13–22–02–03–14–31–03–11–20–02–14–1
Stoke City 0–11–01–00–04–03–12–01–21–51–30–32–01–22–20–20–11–20–2 3–0 2–1 2–1
Sunderland 0–02–12–03–00–03–11–10–10–21–01–5 0–2 2–31–12–00–20–10–21–20–20–0
Swansea City 2–02–11–00–00–01–31–25–12–02–02–01–21–23–21–03–02–02–13–10–10–0
Tottenham Hotspur 2–2 1–31–10–11–23–01–02–12–22–03–11–03–03–13–22–02–22–11–20–46–1
West Bromwich Albion 0–2 0–1 1–1 0–0 1–2 0–01–22–01–10–10–32–02–12–41–1 1–2 2–34–11–00–0 3–0
West Ham United 1–22–22–21–15–21–12–04–31–11–11–13–20–11–04–23–21–11–12–23–13–1
Wolverhampton Wanderers 1–1 0–3 1–1 0–1 1–0 0–32–11–01–04–10–10–00–03–20–0 2–0 0–10–10–1 1–2 2–1


Greater London UK location map 2.svg
Red pog.svg
Red pog.svg
Red pog.svg
Locations of the Football League First Division London teams 1981–1982

Second Division

Luton Town clinched the Second Division as their cosmopolitan side ended the club's seven-year exile from the First Division, joined by runners-up Watford (in the First Division for the first time under inspirational manager Graham Taylor) and a Norwich City side who had surged from 10th place to the final promotion place during the final quarter of the campaign. Sheffield Wednesday, QPR and Leicester City just missed out on promotion, as did two surprise contenders still yet to play in the First Division - Barnsley and Rotherham United.

Orient, Wrexham and Cardiff City went down to the Third Division.

Football League
Second Division
Champions Luton Town (1st title)
Promoted Norwich City,
Relegated Cardiff City,
Matches played462
Goals scored1,171 (2.53 per match)
Top goalscorer Ronnie Moore (Rotherham United), 22 [3]
Biggest home win QPRBolton Wanderers 7–1 (1 May 1982)
RotherhamChelsea 6–0 (31 October 1981)
LutonGrimsby Town 6–0 (17 October 1981)
Biggest away win Cardiff CityNewcastle 0–4 (3 October 1981)
NewcastleQPR 0–4 (5 May 1982)
Highest scoring Cardiff CityCambridge United 5–4 (20 March 1982)
PosTeamPldHWHDHLHGFHGAAWADALAGFAGAGDPtsPromotion or relegation
1 Luton Town 421632481991023827+4088Division Champions, promoted
2 Watford 421362461610563026+3480Promoted
3 Norwich City 421434411982112331+1471
4 Sheffield Wednesday 421083312310292428+470
5 Queens Park Rangers 42154240962132534+2269
6 Barnsley 42134433146692627+1867
7 Rotherham United 421353421972122435+1267
8 Leicester City 42125431196782529+866
9 Newcastle United 421443301444132236+262
10 Blackburn Rovers 42114626155792128+459
11 Oldham Athletic 42993282365102228159
12 Chelsea 42105637305792330057
13 Charlton Athletic 4211553322271217431551
14 Cambridge United 421146311925141734548
15 Crystal Palace 429210252647109191148
16 Derby County 429843223341421451548
17 Grimsby Town 425882930651024351246
18 Shrewsbury Town 4210652619171311382046
19 Bolton Wanderers 4210472824331511372246
20 Cardiff City 4292102832361217291644Relegated
21 Wrexham 429482222271218341644
22 Orient 426872324411613372539
Source: [ citation needed ]


Barnsley 0–1 3–0 0–00–11–02–12–00–03–20–24–31–00–1 3–1 1–03–0 3–0 1–0 4–00–02–2
Blackburn Rovers 2–1 0–21–01–00–21–11–04–12–00–20–14–13–00–02–02–12–00–10–01–20–0
Bolton Wanderers 2–1 2–23–41–02–02–20–03–21–20–31–21–00–10–21–01–00–13–11–12–02–0
Cambridge United 2–11–02–12–14–01–00–01–22–21–21–11–01–20–02–01–03–01–22–01–22–3
Cardiff City 0–01–32–15–40–11–20–11–02–13–12–30–41–00–12–11–21–20–21–12–0 3–2
Charlton Athletic 2–12–01–00–02–23–4 2–1 2–12–01–40–00–10–03–15–21–21–23–01–01–11–0
Chelsea 1–21–12–04–11–02–21–20–21–14–11–22–12–12–22–2 2–1 1–42–13–11–32–0
Crystal Palace 1–21–21–02–11–0 2–0 0–10–10–30–23–31–22–14–01–00–03–11–20–10–32–1
Derby County 0–11–10–22–10–01–11–14–11–1 3–1 0–02–20–21–01–23–13–13–11–13–22–1
Grimsby Town 3–21–11–11–20–13–33–30–11–02–20–01–11–22–11–22–11–20–15–10–21–1
Leicester City 1–01–01–04–13–13–11–11–1 2–1 1–21–23–01–42–10–13–21–00–00–01–11–0
Luton Town 1–12–02–01–02–33–02–21–03–26–02–13–22–02–02–03–23–10–34–1 4–1 0–0
Newcastle United 1–00–02–01–02–14–11–00–03–00–10–03–22–12–01–00–41–11–02–00–14–2
Norwich City 1–12–00–02–12–15–02–11–04–12–10–01–32–11–22–00–12–02–32–14–24–0
Oldham Athletic 1–1 0–31–12–02–21–01–00–01–13–11–11–13–12–03–22–00–30–31–11–12–1
Orient 1–30–03–00–01–11–10–20–03–21–23–00–31–01–10–31–11–23–02–01–30–0
Queens Park Rangers 1–02–07–12–12–04–0 0–2 1–03–01–02–01–23–02–00–03–01–12–02–10–01–1
Rotherham United 2–4 4–12–01–01–02–16–02–02–12–21–12–20–04–11–21–01–0 2–2 3–01–22–0
Sheffield Wednesday 2–2 2–20–12–12–11–10–01–01–11–12–03–32–12–12–12–01–3 2–0 0–03–10–3
Shrewsbury Town 0–21–22–01–01–11–11–01–04–12–01–12–20–00–22–12–02–12–10–10–21–1
Watford 3–13–23–00–00–02–21–01–16–10–23–1 1–1 2–33–01–13–04–01–04–03–12–0
Wrexham 0–01–02–10–0 3–1 1–01–00–11–12–00–00–24–22–30–30–11–33–20–11–00–1


Greater London UK location map 2.svg
Red pog.svg
Red pog.svg
Red pog.svg
Red pog.svg
Red pog.svg
Red pog.svg
Locations of the Football League Second Division London teams 1981–1982

Third Division

Burnley, Carlisle United and Fulham enjoyed some success after a string of disappointments by winning promotion to the Second Division.

Going down were Wimbledon, Swindon Town, Bristol City and Chester. Bristol had completed a unique succession of three relegations, while Swindon had been League Cup winners little over a decade earlier. Wimbledon, meanwhile, would not be enduring any more disappointing season for many years after 1982.

Joe Royle, the 33-year-old former Everton striker, began his managerial career at Oldham Athletic.

Football League
Third Division
Champions Burnley (1st title)
Promoted Carlisle United,
Relegated Bristol City,
Swindon Town,
Matches played552
Goals scored1,422 (2.58 per match)
Top goalscorer Gordon Davies (Fulham), 24 [3]
PosTeamPldHWHDHLHGFHGAAWADALAGFAGAGDPtsPromotion or relegation
1 Burnley 461373372081052925+2180Division Champions, promoted
2 Carlisle United 461742442167102129+1580Promoted
3 Fulham 46129244229683329+2678
4 Lincoln City 46137340168782624+2677
5 Oxford United 46108528189683531+1471
6 Gillingham 461454442666112030+871
7 Southend United 46117535237882828+1269
8 Brentford 46869282211572825+968
9 Millwall 46124736286982634067
10 Plymouth Argyle 461256372466112732+865
11 Chesterfield 461247332766112431164
12 Reading 461166433565122440862
13 Portsmouth 4611102331439112337+561
14 Preston North End 461076252266112534661
15 Bristol Rovers 461247352865122337761 [lower-alpha 1]
16 Newport County 469104282156122633058
17 Huddersfield Town 461058382557112634+557
18 Exeter City 4614454633251625511357
19 Doncaster Rovers 469953124481124441356
20 Walsall 461076322337131932453
21 Wimbledon 4610673327451428481453Relegated
22 Swindon Town 469593736481118351652
23 Bristol City 4676102429471216362546
24 Chester 46210111630511720484232
Source: rsssf.com (incorrect), source=11v11.com
  1. 2 points deducted


Brentford 0–11–00–01–21–02–02–22–0 0–1 0–10–13–14–12–01–20–02–20–01–20–14–20–02–3
Bristol City 0–1 1–2 2–31–11–00–02–23–20–02–10–00–14–1 2–1 0–23–20–10–02–00–20–30–11–3
Bristol Rovers 1–2 1–0 2–10–12–21–03–03–21–22–03–20–20–1 2–0 1–02–31–12–01–12–11–42–12–2
Burnley 0–02–04–01–01–01–10–13–32–21–0 0–0 1–01–12–12–11–03–02–03–03–50–22–12–2
Carlisle United 1–02–21–21–03–03–02–03–21–22–02–21–02–12–22–13–12–01–02–13–21–12–12–1
Chester 1–20–01–10–10–10–21–10–20–20–03–11–20–00–22–20–33–20–12–31–10–00–01–1
Chesterfield 0–21–02–01–21–03–53–12–13–01–31–00–20–11–02–22–22–20–02–11–22–11–02–0
Doncaster Rovers 1–02–24–20–11–14–30–03–02–11–1 1–2 4–11–00–21–12–20–01–00–11–10–01–01–3
Exeter City 3–14–01–32–12–13–00–32–11–01–11–01–25–41–01–2 1–1 3–34–34–31–11–22–02–1
Fulham 1–2 2–14–21–14–12–01–03–14–10–02–21–10–03–10–01–31–13–02–22–12–01–14–1
Gillingham 1–11–12–03–10–00–13–23–02–32–03–21–01–11–12–13–24–20–22–12–01–01–46–1
Huddersfield Town 1–15–00–2 1–2 2–11–21–1 1–2 1–11–02–00–21–22–02–00–00–1 2–3 6–13–23–02–11–1
Lincoln City 1–01–21–01–10–03–02–15–02–01–12–02–00–12–22–12–01–11–22–11–12–01–15–1
Millwall 0–12–00–04–31–22–13–20–25–14–31–21–31–11–01–22–11–02–10–11–10–02–02–1
Newport County 2–0 1–1 1–1 0–02–00–11–01–01–11–34–21–00–01–13–20–11–11–13–13–21–02–20–0
Oxford United 1–21–01–10–02–13–11–13–10–02–01–11–01–10–01–11–00–23–0 1–0 0–2 5–0 0–10–3
Plymouth Argyle 1–02–14–01–11–05–10–24–2 2–1 3–11–21–10–22–11–20–10–00–31–10–02–14–12–0
Portsmouth 2–22–00–01–21–22–05–10–02–01–11–02–11–12–20–01–11–01–13–00–03–01–01–0
Preston North End 1–31–30–11–10–10–12–0 3–1 1–01–31–1 1–1 1–11–02–12–21–01–00–01–00–01–03–2
Reading 4–13–10–31–12–24–10–23–34–00–33–21–23–24–02–1 0–3 2–22–12–10–2 1–1 0–02–1
Southend 1–13–01–01–41–12–00–21–12–10–03–04–00–22–20–40–13–02–02–22–00–03–22–0
Swindon Town 0–30–05–21–22–13–01–22–23–21–40–11–51–01–21–1 3–2 0–22–04–0 0–2 0–02–24–1
Walsall 3–00–12–11–11–12–11–10–02–11–11–01–12–11–13–11–30–13–10–31–20–15–01–0
Wimbledon 1–20–01–00–03–11–03–10–11–11–30–22–01–11–32–32–32–13–23–20–03–01–12–0


Greater London UK location map 2.svg
Red pog.svg
Red pog.svg
Red pog.svg
Red pog.svg
Locations of the Football League Third Division London teams 1981–1982

Fourth Division

Football League
Fourth Division
Champions Sheffield United (1st title)
Promoted Bournemouth,
Bradford City,
Wigan Athletic
Failed re-electionNone
Matches played552
Goals scored1,512 (2.74 per match)
Top goalscorer Keith Edwards (Hull City / Sheffield United) 36 [3]

Sheffield United began the first phase of their revival by winning the Fourth Division championship, which marked a superb start to the management career of Ian Porterfield. Also promoted were Bradford City, Wigan Athletic and Bournemouth.

Crewe Alexandra endured a terrible season and propped up the league with just 27 league points, but the other league members voted in their favour and they maintained their league status.

1 Sheffield United 461580531512744126+5396Division Champions, promoted
2 Bradford City 461472522312653622+4391Promoted
3 Wigan Athletic 46175147189863328+3491
4 Bournemouth 4612101371511932515+3288
5 Peterborough United 46163446228782535+1482
6 Colchester United 46126547238693534+2572
7 Port Vale 469122261794103032+770
8 Hull City 46143636235993438+969
9 Bury 461373532641092733+2168
10 Hereford United 461094362561072833+667
11 Tranmere Rovers 4679727257972431560
12 Blackpool 461157402648112634+658
13 Darlington 461058362858102534158
14 Hartlepool United 469863934481134501155
15 Torquay United 469863025551317341255
16 Aldershot 468783429581023391154
17 York City 469594537531524542250
18 Stockport County 4610583428281314391949
19 Halifax Town 4661162830311923422149
20 Mansfield Town 468693939541424421849
21 Rochdale 467972622371324401246Re-elected
22 Northampton Town 469593227241725572742
23 Scunthorpe United 467972635261517443642
24 Crewe Alexandra 4636141932331710525527
Source: [ citation needed ]


Aldershot 3–22–00–21–21–13–00–03–11–22–20–32–32–10–11–22–24–01–11–11–12–12–00–1
Blackpool 0–20–31–01–10–05–01–07–12–21–03–12–31–02–22–31–12–00–12–02–11–21–23–1
Bournemouth 2–21–00–23–21–12–02–01–15–11–11–01–01–11–11–11–02–00–01–04–01–10–05–1
Bradford City 4–11–02–21–12–14–13–05–21–00–01–13–42–12–01–02–00–00–25–13–01–13–36–2
Bury 1–10–12–21–14–32–12–01–11–11–10–23–27–13–13–23–04–01–12–00–14–05–33–1
Colchester United 1–12–11–21–21–11–11–01–13–34–02–00–15–11–11–03–22–15–20–13–04–01–24–0
Crewe Alexandra 2–31–10–00–11–21–31–00–11–21–01–10–22–20–10–21–23–02–30–20–11–10–11–1
Darlington 0–12–20–11–52–31–21–01–15–20–12–11–03–00–01–12–04–10–22–01–11–23–13–1
Halifax Town 2–20–01–10–02–10–22–13–32–01–22–22–12–11–11–10–01–21–54–11–20–20–00–0
Hartlepool 2–22–21–10–21–01–31–21–23–22–13–23–03–10–13–11–13–32–32–20–00–02–13–2
Hereford United 0–12–11–21–23–02–24–11–12–21–12–23–12–12–11–00–02–11–10–00–31–13–02–1
Hull City 1–21–00–02–13–22–31–01–32–05–22–12–00–11–13–12–12–02–10–01–01–20–22–0
Mansfield Town 1–02–20–10–21–11–30–12–33–23–22–13–34–11–21–34–31–11–12–23–13–01–20–2
Northampton Town 0–00–11–00–21–01–23–00–10–12–12–31–11–11–03–52–11–11–20–02–03–22–35–0
Peterborough United 7–13–11–02–01–02–23–03–10–04–43–13–01–01–01–05–12–10–42–01–01–20–30–1
Port Vale 1–02–01–11–10–02–10–02–20–05–21–12–10–01–01–31–12–10–21–02–00–01–10–0
Rochdale 0–00–00–11–11–11–21–03–20–12–10–10–11–15–31–11–21–10–14–11–00–01–12–0
Scunthorpe United 1–11–10–21–32–22–10–11–10–02–12–24–41–02–10–10–01–02–10–00–22–12–70–3
Sheffield United 2–03–10–01–11–11–04–00–02–21–12–20–04–17–34–02–13–11–04–04–12–01–04–0
Stockport County 4–22–31–22–32–10–02–01–02–10–21–11–23–00–03–01–20–41–11–02–11–10–14–1
Torquay United 2–11–11–22–01–11–01–11–22–21–11–22–12–02–21–20–12–11–01–11–01–20–03–2
Tranmere 1–03–10–11–11–32–13–01–11–11–00–02–22–20–21–21–22–00–12–22–01–10–00–2
Wigan Athletic 1–02–10–04–13–23–23–02–12–01–11–12–13–13–15–02–01–12–10–12–11–00–04–2
York City 4–00–40–10–30–03–06–02–24–01–23–41–32–12–14–32–01–23–13–42–21–11–30–0


Election/Re-election to the Football League

This year Runcorn, the winners of the Alliance Premier League, could not apply for election because they did not meet Football League requirements. 2nd placed Enfield could not apply either for the same reasons, so 3rd placed Telford United won the right to apply for election to the Football League to replace one of the four bottom sides in the 1981–82 Football League Fourth Division. The vote went as follows:

ClubFinal PositionVotes
Northampton Town 22nd (Fourth Division)53
Crewe Alexandra 24th (Fourth Division)50
Rochdale 21st (Fourth Division)48
Hartlepool United 23rd (Fourth Division)48
Telford United 3rd (Alliance Premier League)13

As a result of this, all four Football League teams were re-elected, and Telford United were denied membership of the League.

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The 1993–94 FA Premier League was the second season of the Premier League, the top division of professional football in England. Manchester United won the league by eight points over nearest challengers Blackburn Rovers, their second consecutive league title. Swindon Town finished bottom of the league in their first season of top-flight football and were relegated along with Sheffield United and Oldham Athletic. Manchester United also broke their own record of the most points in a season, set by themselves the previous season. This would be surpassed by Chelsea in the 2004–05 season.

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During the 1981–82 English football season, Swansea City A.F.C. competed in the Football League First Division, following promotion from the Second Division. It was their debut season in the English top flight and the first season in which a Welsh club was part of the top English league since arch-rivals Cardiff City were relegated at the end of 1961–62.


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