1985–86 Japan Soccer League

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Statistics of Japan Soccer League for the 1985–86 season.


First Division

Led by their star player Yasuhiko Okudera, who had returned to the club after successful periods in Europe, Furukawa Electric won a second title. Okudera became the first widely recognized professional Japanese player.

Sumitomo and ANA went back down as soon as they had come up, unable to get wins.

PosTeamPldWDLGFGAGDPtsQualification or relegation
1 Furukawa Electric 2215524015+2535Champions
2 Nippon Kokan 2213273922+1728
3 Honda 2281223020+1028
4 Fujita Engineering 229853117+1426
5 Nissan 228862329624
6 Yamaha Motors 229582021123
7 Mitsubishi Motors 228682919+1022
8 Hitachi 228592633721
9 Yomiuri 2275102831319
10 Yanmar Diesel 2266102027718
11 Sumitomo 22631321321115Relegated to Second Division
12 ANA Yokohama 2221191657415
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Second Division

No relegation took place for a second wave of expansion that would bring the division's number of clubs to 16.

First Stage


1 Toyota Motors 10811236+1717
2 Toshiba 10613127+513
3 Kofu Club 105052216+610
4 Fujitsu 104241612+410
5Seino Transportation10325132188
6 TDK 100281034242
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1 Matsushita Electric 10820266+2018
2Tanabe Pharmaceuticals10613138+513
3 Mazda 105231410+412
4 Nippon Steel 10514189+911
5Kyoto Prefectural Police10208328254
6Osaka Gas10109821132
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Second stage

Promotion Group

1 Matsushita Electric 10811236+1717Promoted to First Division
2 Mazda 10613127+513
3 Toshiba 105052216+610
4 Kofu Club 104241612+410
5Tanabe Pharmaceuticals10325132188
6 Toyota Motors 100281034242
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Relegation Group

1 Fujitsu 4400172+158
2Seino Transportation41125833
3 TDK 4013214121
Source: [ citation needed ]
1 Nippon Steel 531192+77
2Kyoto Prefectural Police41124733
3Osaka Gas410361042
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7-12 Playoff
7–8 Fujitsu 0-1Nippon Steel
9–10Seino Transportation1-0Kyoto Prefectural Police
11–12 TDK 1-2Osaka Gas

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