1999–2000 FA Cup

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1999–2000 FA Cup
CountryFlag of England.svg  England
Flag of Wales (1959-present).svg  Wales
Champions Chelsea (3rd title)
Runners-up Aston Villa
Top goal scorer(s) Gustavo Poyet
(6 goals)

The 1999–2000 FA Cup (known as The FA Cup sponsored by AXA for sponsorship reasons) was the 119th staging of the FA Cup. Both the semifinals and final of the competition were played at Wembley Stadium for the last time before reconstruction work began. The competition culminated with the final between Chelsea and Aston Villa. The game was won by a goal from Chelsea's Roberto Di Matteo, giving them a 1–0 victory.


The title holders Manchester United, withdrew from the 1999–2000 competition due to their participation in the 2000 FIFA Club World Championship in South America, to take place in early 2000, [1] thus becoming the first FA Cup winners not to defend their title. Despite this being at the request of the Football Association (FA), they received criticism from journalists and television pundits. [2] To keep the competition running smoothly, the FA chose to draw one team from among those lower-division teams defeated in the second round to progress as "lucky losers" to the third. [3] Darlington were the team drawn. [4]

The main competition started in November 1999 for clubs from the Football League and Premiership.


RoundDateMatchesClubsNew entries this roundPrize money
Preliminary Round21 August 1999166558 → 392161: 227th387th£1,000
First Round Qualifying4 September 1999116392 → 27666: 161st226th£2,250
Second Round Qualifying18 September 199980276 → 19644: 117th160th£3,750
Third Round Qualifying2 October 199940196 → 156none£5,000
Fourth Round Qualifying16 October 199932156 → 12424: 93rd116th£10,000
First Round Proper30 October 199940124 → 8448: 45th92nd£16,000
Second Round Proper19 November 19992084 → 64none£24,000
Third Round Proper11 December 19993264 → 3243: 2nd44thDouble-dagger-14-plain.png£40,000
Fourth Round Proper8 January 20001632 → 16none£60,000
Fifth Round Proper29 January 2000816 → 8none£120,000
Sixth Round Proper19 February 200048 → 4none£300,000
Semi Finals2 April 200024 → 2none£900,000
Final20 May 200012 → 1none£1,000,000

Double-dagger-14-plain.png Manchester United, who were the winners the previous season, did not enter.

First round proper

This round is the first in which teams from the Second Division and Third Division compete with non-League teams.

30 October 1999 Aldershot Town 1 – 1 Hednesford Town Recreation Ground, Aldershot
Abbott Soccerball shade.svg56'
Bentley Yellow card.svg 74' Red card.svg
Bassey Red card.svg 83'
Robinson Soccerball shade.svg51'Attendance: 3,269
Referee: G Hegley
8 November 1999Replay Hednesford Town 1 – 2 Aldershot Town Keys Park, Hednesford
Lake Soccerball shade.svg44'Chewins Soccerball shade.svg68'
Abbott Soccerball shade.svg87'
Attendance: G Hegley
Referee: 1,719
31 October 1999 Barnet 0 – 1 Burnley Underhill Stadium, Barnet
Cook Soccerball shade.svg74'Attendance: 2,563
Referee: Rob Styles
31 October 1999 Bath City 0 – 2 Hendon Twerton Park, Bath
Gentle Soccerball shade.svg74'
Genchev Soccerball shade.svg90'
Attendance: 1,690
Referee: S Castle
30 October 1999 Blackpool 2 – 0 Stoke City Bloomfield Road, Blackpool
Carlisle Soccerball shade.svg5'
Nowland Soccerball shade.svg90'
Attendance: 4,721
Referee: D Laws
30 October 1999 Brentford 2 – 2 Plymouth Argyle Griffin Park, London
Owusu Soccerball shade.svg56'
Marshall Soccerball shade.svg63'
Stonebridge Soccerball shade.svg43'
McGregor Soccerball shade.svg83'
Attendance: 4,287
Referee: Anthony Bates
9 November 1999replay Plymouth Argyle 2 – 1 (a.e.t.) Brentford Home Park, Plymouth
McGregor Soccerball shade.svg67', 112' Quinn Soccerball shade.svg82'Attendance: 5,409
Referee: Anthony Bates
30 October 1999 Bristol City 3 – 2 Mansfield Town Ashton Gate, Bristol
Tinnion Soccerball shade.svg44', 50'
Murray Soccerball shade.svg65'
Taylor Red card.svg 9'
Lormor Soccerball shade.svg10' (pen.)
Blake Soccerball shade.svg89'
Attendance: 5,411
Referee: R Olivier
31 October 1999 Bristol Rovers 0 – 1 Preston North End Memorial Stadium, Bristol
McKenna Soccerball shade.svg52'Attendance: 6,145
Referee: M J Brandwood
30 October 1999 Burton Albion 0 – 0 Rochdale Eton Park, Burton upon Trent
Attendance: 3,103
Referee: Mark Halsey
9 November 1999Replay Rochdale 3 – 0 Burton Albion Spotland, Rochdale
Platt Soccerball shade.svg5'
Peake Soccerball shade.svg48'
Dowe Soccerball shade.svg82'
Attendance: 2,633
Referee: Mark Halsey
30 October 1999 Cambridge City 0 – 2 Wigan Athletic City Ground, Cambridge
Barlow Soccerball shade.svg30', 44'Attendance: 4,024
Referee: Steve Tomlin
30 October 1999 Cambridge United 1 – 0 Gateshead Abbey Stadium, Cambridge
Taylor Soccerball shade.svg79' Fletcher Yellow card.svg 79' Red card.svgAttendance: 2,970
Referee: Peter Walton
30 October 1999 Cheltenham Town 1 – 1 Gillingham Whaddon Road, Cheltenham
Brough Soccerball shade.svg77' Southall Soccerball shade.svg37'Attendance: 3,188
Referee: Trevor Parkes
9 November 1999Replay Gillingham 3 – 2 Cheltenham Town Priestfield Stadium, Gillingham
Thomson Soccerball shade.svg24'
Pennock Soccerball shade.svg41'
McGlinchey Soccerball shade.svg77'
Milton Soccerball shade.svg56'
Howarth Soccerball shade.svg70'
Attendance: 4,352
30 October 1999 Chesterfield 1 – 2 Enfield Saltergate, Chesterfield
Lomas Soccerball shade.svg49'Bunn Soccerball shade.svg23'
Brown Soccerball shade.svg67'
Attendance: 2,506
Referee: Mark Warren
30 October 1999 Darlington 2 – 1 Southport Feethams, Darlington
Tutill Soccerball shade.svg35'
Gabbiadini Soccerball shade.svg77' (pen)
Bolland Soccerball shade.svg52'Attendance: 4,313
Referee: S J Baines
30 October 1999 Doncaster Rovers 0 – 2 Halifax Town Belle Vue, Doncaster
Tate Soccerball shade.svg51'
Paterson Soccerball shade.svg82'
Attendance: 5,588
Referee: Graham Barber
30 October 1999 Exeter City 2 – 1 Eastwood Town St James Park, Exeter
Flack Soccerball shade.svg40'
Gale Soccerball shade.svg47'
Bradley Yellow card.svg 65' Red card.svg
Smith Soccerball shade.svg56'Attendance: 2,441
Referee: S W Mathieson
30 October 1999 Forest Green Rovers 6 – 0 Guiseley The Lawn Ground, Nailsworth
Hunt Soccerball shade.svg1', 31', 62'
McGregor Soccerball shade.svg25'
Drysdale Soccerball shade.svg38'
Sykes Soccerball shade.svg51'
Hogarth Yellow card.svg 66' Red card.svgAttendance: 1,047
Referee: M J Jones
31 October 1999 Hartlepool United 1 – 0 Millwall Victoria Park, Hartlepool
Jones Soccerball shade.svg90'Attendance: 2,847
Referee: J A Kirkby
30 October 1999 Hayes 2 – 1 Runcorn Church Road, Hayes
Bunce Soccerball shade.svg25'
Charles Soccerball shade.svg90'
McDonald Soccerball shade.svg45'Attendance: 890
Referee: Phil Dowd
30 October 1999 Hereford United 1 – 0 York City Edgar Street, Hereford
May Soccerball shade.svg77'Attendance: 2,787
Referee: M Cowburn
30 October 1999 Ilkeston Town 2 – 1 Carlisle United New Manor Ground, Ilkeston
Moore Soccerball shade.svg39'
Raynor Soccerball shade.svg62'
Harries Soccerball shade.svg18'Attendance: 1,748
Referee: Mike Dean
30 October 1999 Leyton Orient 1 – 1 Cardiff City Brisbane Road, Leyton
Ampadu Soccerball shade.svg56'
Joseph Red card.svg 85'
Nugent Soccerball shade.svg39' (pen.)Attendance: 3,109
Referee: G Cain
9 November 1999Replay Cardiff City 3 – 1 Leyton Orient Ninian Park, Cardiff
Brazier Soccerball shade.svg22'
Perrett Soccerball shade.svg51'
Nugent Soccerball shade.svg54'
Smith Soccerball shade.svg2'Attendance: 3,095
Referee: G Cain
30 October 1999 Lincoln City 1 – 0 Welling United Sincil Bank, Lincoln
Smith Soccerball shade.svg30'Attendance: 2,766
Referee: Richard Beeby
30 October 1999 Luton Town 4 – 2 Kingstonian Kenilworth Road, Luton
Gray Soccerball shade.svg11'
George Soccerball shade.svg66'
Spring Soccerball shade.svg76'
Taylor Soccerball shade.svg79'
Crossley Soccerball shade.svg35'
Leworthy Soccerball shade.svg47'
Attendance: 4,682
Referee: Phil Joslin
30 October 1999 Macclesfield Town 0 – 0 Hull City Moss Rose, Macclesfield
Attendance: 2,401
Referee: P R Richards
9 November 1999Replay Hull City 4 – 0 Macclesfield Town Boothferry Park, Hull
Eyre Soccerball shade.svg3', 61'
Greaves Soccerball shade.svg7'
Brown Soccerball shade.svg29'
Attendance: 4,844
Referee: P R Richards
2 November 1999 Merthyr Tydfil 2 – 2 Stalybridge Celtic Penydarren Park, Merthyr Tydfil
Mitchell Soccerball shade.svg50', 84'Parr Soccerball shade.svg9'
Sullivan Soccerball shade.svg42'
Attendance: 871
9 November 1999Replay Stalybridge Celtic 3 – 1 Merthyr Tydfil Bower Fold, Stalybridge
Bauress Soccerball shade.svg2' (pen.)
Pickford Soccerball shade.svg24'
Sullivan Soccerball shade.svg86'
Lima Soccerball shade.svg3'Attendance: 1,399
30 October 1999 Notts County 1 – 1 AFC Bournemouth Meadow Lane, Nottingham
Rapley Soccerball shade.svg17' Warren Soccerball shade.svg53'Attendance: 3,674
Referee: Jeff Winter
9 November 1999Replay AFC Bournemouth 4 – 2 Notts County Dean Court, Bournemouth
Fletcher Soccerball shade.svg44' (67)
Robinson Soccerball shade.svg89' (pen.)
Stein Soccerball shade.svg89'
Redmile Soccerball shade.svg78'
Tierney Soccerball shade.svg84'
Attendance: 4,026
Referee: Jeff Winter
30 October 1999 Oldham Athletic 4 – 0 Chelmsford City Boundary Park, Oldham
Dudley Soccerball shade.svg28'
Sheridan Soccerball shade.svg29'
Duxbury Soccerball shade.svg70'
Whitehall Soccerball shade.svg83'
Attendance: 4,392
Referee: A N Butler
30 October 1999 Oxford United 3 – 2 Morecambe Manor Ground, Oxford
Lilley Soccerball shade.svg12'
Powell Soccerball shade.svg58'
Abbey Soccerball shade.svg87'
Wright Soccerball shade.svg28'
Jackson Soccerball shade.svg47'
Attendance: 3,504
Referee: A R Hall
30 October 1999 Peterborough United 1 – 1 Brighton & Hove Albion London Road, Peterborough
Clarke Soccerball shade.svg24' Freeman Soccerball shade.svg35'Attendance: 7,260
Referee: Neale Barry
9 November 1999Replay Brighton & Hove Albion 3 – 0 Peterborough United Withdean Stadium, Brighton
Rogers Soccerball shade.svg9'
Watson Soccerball shade.svg63'
Mayo Soccerball shade.svg88'
Attendance: 5,612
Referee: Neale Barry
30 October 1999 Reading 4 – 2 Yeovil Town Madejski Stadium, Reading
Bernal Soccerball shade.svg31'
Caskey Soccerball shade.svg63' (pen.)
Hunter Soccerball shade.svg80'
Williams Soccerball shade.svg87'
Foster Soccerball shade.svg36'
Eaton Soccerball shade.svg90'
Attendance: 8,032
Referee: Bill Jordan
30 October 1999 Rotherham United 3 – 0 Worthing Millmoor, Rotherham
Thompson Soccerball shade.svg31'
Garner Soccerball shade.svg81'
Martindale Soccerball shade.svg90' (pen.)
Attendance: 3,716
Referee: K Hill
29 October 1999 Rushden & Diamonds 2 – 0 Scunthorpe United Nene Park, Irthlingborough
Warburton Soccerball shade.svg48'
Hamsher Soccerball shade.svg76' (pen.)
Attendance: 4,112
Referee: G Stretton
30 October 1999 Shrewsbury Town 2 – 1 Northampton Town Gay Meadow, Shrewsbury
Kerrigan Soccerball shade.svg24'
Wilding Soccerball shade.svg70'
Hendon Soccerball shade.svg43'Attendance: 2,584
Referee: M Fletcher
30 October 1999 St Albans City 0 – 2 Bamber Bridge Clarence Park, St Albans
Randall Red card.svg 90'Whittaker Soccerball shade.svg45'
Carroll Soccerball shade.svg89'
Jones Yellow card.svg 59' Red card.svg
Maddock Red card.svg 89'
Attendance: 1,127
Referee: B Curson
30 October 1999 Swansea City 2 – 1 Colchester United Clarence Park, Swansea
Cusack Soccerball shade.svg83'
Watkin Soccerball shade.svg89'
LuaLua Soccerball shade.svg52'Attendance: 3,622
Referee: R D Furnandiz
30 October 1999 Tamworth 2 – 2 Bury The Lamb Ground, Tamworth
Haughton Soccerball shade.svg8'
Hallam Soccerball shade.svg75'
Bullock Soccerball shade.svg1'
Littlejohn Soccerball shade.svg68'
Attendance: 2,743
Referee: Alan Kaye
9 November 1999Replay Bury 2 – 1 (a.e.t.) Tamworth Gigg Lane, Bury
Billy Soccerball shade.svg86'
James Soccerball shade.svg95'
Haughton Soccerball shade.svg15'Attendance: 2,531
Referee: Alan Kaye
30 October 1999 Torquay United 1 – 0 Southend United Plainmoor, Torquay
O'Brien Soccerball shade.svg75'Attendance: 2,520
Referee: L Cable
30 October 1999 Whyteleafe 0 – 0 Chester City Church Road, Whyteleafe
Attendance: 2,164
Referee: P Taylor
9 November 1999Replay Chester City 3 – 1 Whyteleafe Saunders Honda Stadium, Chester
Cross Soccerball shade.svg25', 52'
Beckett Soccerball shade.svg48'
Lunn Soccerball shade.svg8' Thornton Red card.svg 45'Attendance: 2,183
Referee: P Taylor
30 October 1999 Wrexham 1 – 1 Kettering Town Racecourse Ground, Wrexham
Roberts Soccerball shade.svg85'Brown Soccerball shade.svg48'Attendance: 2,701
Referee: Alan Wiley
10 November 1999 Kettering Town 0 – 2 Wrexham Nene Park, Irthlingborough
Roberts Soccerball shade.svg11'
Williams Soccerball shade.svg22'
Attendance: 2,611
Referee: Alan Wiley
30 October 1999 Wycombe Wanderers 1 – 1 Oxford City Adams Park, High Wycombe
Simpson Soccerball shade.svg67'Pierson Soccerball shade.svg87'Attendance: 2,963
Referee: P S Danson
16 November 1999 Oxford City 0 – 1‡ Wycombe Wanderers Manor Ground, Oxford
Brown Soccerball shade.svg51'Attendance: 4,004
Referee: P S Danson

‡ - Oxford City's replay with Wycombe Wanderers was abandoned after extra time due to a fire within the stadium. The score was 11. [5]

Second round proper

20 November 1999 Blackpool 2 – 0 Hendon Bloomfield Road, Blackpool
Clarkson Soccerball shade.svg69'
Durnin Soccerball shade.svg73'
Attendance: 2,975
Referee: K A Leach
20 November 1999 AFC Bournemouth 0 – 2 Bristol City Dean Court, Bournemouth
Fletcher Yellow card.svg 71' Red card.svg Murray Soccerball shade.svg21', 53'Attendance: 5,223
Referee: Bill Jordan
20 November 1999 Burnley 2 – 0 Rotherham United Turf Moor, Burnley
Cook Soccerball shade.svg67'
Mullin Soccerball shade.svg75'
Attendance: 8,110
Referee: G Laws
20 November 1999 Bury 0 – 0 Cardiff City Gigg Lane, Bury
Attendance: 2,603
Referee: Matt Messias
30 November 1999Replay Cardiff City 1 – 0 (a.e.t.) Bury Ninian Park, Cardiff
Ford Soccerball shade.svg120'Attendance: 4,511
Referee: Matt Messias
20 November 1999 Cambridge United 1 – 0 Bamber Bridge Abbey Stadium, Cambridge
Butler Soccerball shade.svg71' (pen.)Attendance: 3,303
Referee: W C Burns
20 November 1999 Exeter City 2 – 0 Aldershot Town St James Park, Exeter
Alexander Soccerball shade.svg32'
Flack Soccerball shade.svg35'
Power Yellow card.svg 64' Red card.svg
Attendance: 4,151
Referee: C R Wilkes
21 November 1999 Forest Green Rovers 0 – 3 Torquay United The Lawn Ground, Nailsworth
Brandon Soccerball shade.svg77'
Hill Soccerball shade.svg81'
Donaldson Soccerball shade.svg87'
Attendance: 2,962
Referee: Phil Joslin
20 November 1999 Gillingham 3 – 1 Darlington Priestfield Stadium, Gillingham
Butters Soccerball shade.svg17'
Taylor Soccerball shade.svg43', 47'
Duffield Soccerball shade.svg55'Attendance: 5,168
Referee: P Jones
20 November 1999 Hayes 2 – 2 Hull City Church Road, Hayes
Charles Soccerball shade.svg21', 63' (pen.)Roddis Soccerball shade.svg55' (o.g.)
Edwards Soccerball shade.svg56'
Attendance: 2,749
Referee: Steve Tomlin
30 November 1999Replay Hull City 3 – 2 (a.e.t.) Hayes Boothferry Park, Hull
Brown Soccerball shade.svg49'
Edwards Soccerball shade.svg97'
Wood Soccerball shade.svg112'
Gallen Soccerball shade.svg78'
Charles Soccerball shade.svg114'
Attendance: 7,000
Referee: Steve Tomlin
21 November 1999 Hereford United 1 – 0 Hartlepool United Edgar Street, Hereford
Elmes Soccerball shade.svg54'Attendance: 4,914
Referee: Anthony Leake
20 November 1999 Ilkeston Town 1 – 1 Rushden & Diamonds New Manor Ground, Ilkeston
Eshelby Soccerball shade.svg18' de Souza Soccerball shade.svg51'Attendance: 2,737
Referee: A R Hall
30 November 1999Replay Rushden & Diamonds 3 – 0 Ilkeston Town Nene Park, Irthlingborough
Wooding Soccerball shade.svg2'
Town Soccerball shade.svg17'
Collins Soccerball shade.svg86'
Knapper Red card.svg 74'Attendance: 4,226
Referee: A R Hall
19 November 1999 Luton Town 2 – 2 Lincoln City Kenilworth Road, Luton
Doherty Soccerball shade.svg63', 84' Gordon Soccerball shade.svg14'
Barnett Soccerball shade.svg81'
Attendance: 4,291
Referee: Stephen Lodge
30 November 1999Replay Lincoln City 0 – 1 Luton Town Sincil Bank, Lincoln
Douglas Soccerball shade.svg85'Attendance: 3,822
Referee: Stephen Lodge
20 November 1999 Oldham Athletic 1 – 0 Swansea City Boundary Park, Oldham
Whitehall Soccerball shade.svg45'Attendance: 4,332
Referee: M Fletcher
20 November 1999 Plymouth Argyle 0 – 0 Brighton & Hove Albion Home Park, Plymouth
Freeman Red card.svg 61'
Cullip Yellow card.svg 76' Red card.svg
Attendance: 7,414
Referee: Rob Harris
30 November 1999Replay Brighton & Hove Albion 1 – 2 Plymouth Argyle Withdean Stadium, Brighton
Cullip Soccerball shade.svg63' Bastow Soccerball shade.svg9'
Hargreaves Soccerball shade.svg65'
Attendance: 5,710
Referee: Stephen Lodge
20 November 1999 Preston North End 0 – 0 Enfield Deepdale, Preston
Attendance: 11,566
Referee: P Rejer
30 November 1999Replay Enfield 0 – 3 Preston North End F.C. Clarence Park, St Albans
Protheroe Red card.svg 60' Eyres Soccerball shade.svg52'
Alexander Soccerball shade.svg60' (pen.)
Gunnlaugsson Soccerball shade.svg83'
Attendance: 1,808
Referee: P Rejer
20 November 1999 Reading 1 – 1 Halifax Town Madejski Stadium, Reading
Caskey Soccerball shade.svg75' (pen.)
Parkinson Yellow card.svg 39' Red card.svg
Mitchell Soccerball shade.svg60'Attendance: 5,918
Referee: Richard Beeby
30 November 1999Replay Halifax Town 0 – 1 Reading The Shay, Halifax
Caskey Soccerball shade.svg74' (pen.)
Polston Red card.svg 90'
Attendance: 2,156
Referee: Richard Beeby
20 November 1999 Shrewsbury Town 2 – 2 Oxford United Gay Meadow, Shrewsbury
Kerrigan Soccerball shade.svg8', 54' Murphy Soccerball shade.svg63'
Folland Soccerball shade.svg77'
Attendance: 3,357
Referee: T Jones
30 November 1999Replay Oxford United 2 – 1 (a.e.t.) Shrewsbury Town Manor Ground, Oxford
Murphy Soccerball shade.svg90', 117' Jagielka Soccerball shade.svg27'Attendance: 4,096
Referee: T Jones
20 November 1999 Stalybridge Celtic 1 – 2 Chester City Bower Fold, Stalybridge
Scott Soccerball shade.svg8'
Parr Yellow card.svg 90' Red card.svg
Cross Soccerball shade.svg45'
Beckett Soccerball shade.svg69'
Attendance: 3,312
Referee: Michael Ryan
20 November 1999 Wrexham 2 – 1 Rochdale Racecourse Ground, Wrexham
Roberts Soccerball shade.svg5'
Faulconbridge Soccerball shade.svg88'
Atkinson Soccerball shade.svg33'Attendance: 3,408
Referee: Trevor Parkes
20 November 1999 Wycombe Wanderers 2 – 2 Wigan Athletic Causeway Stadium, Wycombe
Devine Soccerball shade.svg20'
Ryan Soccerball shade.svg90'
Haworth Soccerball shade.svg45', 61'Attendance: 2,992
Referee: R Olivier
30 November 1999Replay Wigan Athletic 2 – 1 Wycombe Wanderers JJB Stadium, Wigan
Liddell Soccerball shade.svg28'
Haworth Soccerball shade.svg80'
Baird Soccerball shade.svg23'Attendance: 3,967
Referee: R Olivier

^† = Darlington advanced as lucky losers

Third round proper

This round marked the first time First Division and Premier League (top-flight) teams played.

13 December 1999 Arsenal 3 – 1 Blackpool Highbury, London
Grimandi Soccerball shade.svg23'
Adams Soccerball shade.svg65'
Overmars Soccerball shade.svg89'
Clarkson Soccerball shade.svg38'Attendance: 34,143
Referee: Uriah Rennie
11 December 1999 Aston Villa 2 – 1 Darlington Villa Park, Birmingham
Carbone Soccerball shade.svg43'
Dublin Soccerball shade.svg63'
Heckingbottom Soccerball shade.svg71'Attendance: 22,101
Referee: P R Richards
21 December 1999 Bolton Wanderers 1 – 0 Cardiff City Reebok Stadium, Bolton
Guðjohnsen Soccerball shade.svg29'Attendance: 5,734
Referee: G Laws
10 December 1999 Cambridge United 2 – 0 Crystal Palace Abbey Stadium, Cambridge
Benjamin Soccerball shade.svg74'
Wanless Soccerball shade.svg81'
Mullins Yellow card.svg 84' Red card.svgAttendance: 5,631
Referee: P Taylor
11 December 1999 Charlton Athletic 2 – 1 Swindon Town The Valley, London
Kinsella Soccerball shade.svg48', 61' Gooden Soccerball shade.svg64'Attendance: 10,939
Referee: A N Butler
12 December 1999 Chester City 1 – 4 Manchester City Saunders Honda Stadium, Chester
Richardson Soccerball shade.svg27' Goater Soccerball shade.svg19', 90'
Bishop Soccerball shade.svg78'
Doughty Soccerball shade.svg90' (o.g.)
Attendance: 5,469
Referee: T Heilbron
11 December 1999 Crewe Alexandra 1 – 2 Bradford City Alexandra Stadium, Crewe
Little Soccerball shade.svg75' Blake Soccerball shade.svg53'
Saunders Soccerball shade.svg83'
Attendance: 6,571
Referee: Alan Wilkie
11 December 1999 Derby County 0 – 1 Burnley Pride Park, Derby
Cooke Soccerball shade.svg62'Attendance: 23,400
Referee: Mike Riley
11 December 1999 Exeter City 0 – 0 Everton St James Park, Exeter
Attendance: 6,045
Referee: Steve Bennett
21 December 1999Replay Everton 1 – 0 Exeter City Goodison Park, Liverpool
Barmby Soccerball shade.svg85'Attendance: 16,869
Referee: Steve Bennett
11 December 1999 Fulham 2 – 2 Luton Town Craven Cottage, London
Horsfield Soccerball shade.svg11'
Davis Soccerball shade.svg14'
George Soccerball shade.svg6'
Spring Soccerball shade.svg82'
Attendance: 8,251
Referee: G B Frankland
21 December 1999Replay Luton Town 0 – 3 Fulham Kenilworth Road, Luton
Hayles Soccerball shade.svg57', 60'
Hayward Soccerball shade.svg63'
Attendance: 8,170
Referee: G B Frankland
11 December 1999 Grimsby Town 3 – 2 Stockport County Blundell Park, Cleethorpes
Livingstone Soccerball shade.svg57', 60'
Bradley Allen Soccerball shade.svg63'
Attendance: 3,400
11 December 1999 Hereford United 0 – 0 Leicester City Edgar Street, Hereford
Attendance: 7,795
Referee: Mike Dean
22 December 1999Replay Leicester City 2 – 1 (a.e.t.) Hereford United Filbert Street, Leicester
Elliott Soccerball shade.svg78'
Izzet Soccerball shade.svg104'
Fewings Soccerball shade.svg40'Attendance: 12,157
Referee: Mike Dean
12 December 1999 Huddersfield Town 0 – 2 Liverpool Alfred McAlpine Stadium, Huddersfield
Report Camara Soccerball shade.svg36'
Matteo Soccerball shade.svg59'
Attendance: 23,678
Referee: Rob Harris
11 December 1999 Hull City 1 – 6 Chelsea Boothferry Park, Hull
Brown Soccerball shade.svg38' Poyet Soccerball shade.svg8', 49', 58'
Sutton Soccerball shade.svg39'
Di Matteo Soccerball shade.svg47'
Edwards Soccerball shade.svg90' (o.g.)
Attendance: 10,279
Referee: P Jones
13 December 1999 Ipswich Town 0 – 1 Southampton Portman Road, Ipswich
Richards Soccerball shade.svg40'Attendance: 14,383
Referee: Graham Barber
12 December 1999 Leeds United 2 – 0 Port Vale Elland Road, Leeds
Bakke Soccerball shade.svg61', 68'Attendance: 11,912
Referee: Steve Dunn
11 December 1999 Norwich City 1 – 3 Coventry City Carrow Road, Norwich
Llewellyn Soccerball shade.svg66' Whelan Soccerball shade.svg58'
Roussel Soccerball shade.svg76'
Eustace Soccerball shade.svg84'
Attendance: 15,702
Referee: Paul Alcock
10 December 1999 Nottingham Forest 1 – 1 Oxford United City Ground, Nottingham
Llewellyn Soccerball shade.svg66' Whelan Soccerball shade.svg58'Attendance: 8,079
Referee: Andy D'Urso
8 January 2000Replay Oxford United 1 – 3 Nottingham Forest Manor Ground, Oxford
Powell Soccerball shade.svg72'
Bart-Williams Soccerball shade.svg81', 83' (pen.)
Rogers Soccerball shade.svg89'
Attendance: 7,191
Referee: Andy D'Urso
11 December 1999 Preston North End 2 – 1 Oldham Athletic Deepdale, Preston
Macken Soccerball shade.svg6'
Alexander Soccerball shade.svg69' (pen.)
Adams Soccerball shade.svg85'
Hotte Red card.svg 69'
Attendance: 9,940
Referee: Paul Danson
11 December 1999 Queens Park Rangers 1 – 1 Torquay United Loftus Road, London
Wardley Soccerball shade.svg9' O'Brien Soccerball shade.svg82'Attendance: 8,843
Referee: K A Leach
21 December 1999Replay Torquay United 2 – 3 Queens Park Rangers Plainmoor, Torquay
Bedeau Soccerball shade.svg52'
Thomas Soccerball shade.svg80'
Wardley Soccerball shade.svg56', 74'
Kiwomya Soccerball shade.svg71'
Attendance: 5,232
Referee: K A Leach
11 December 1999 Reading 1 – 1 Plymouth Argyle Madejski Stadium, Reading
McIntyre Soccerball shade.svg37' Hargreaves Soccerball shade.svg82'Attendance: 8,536
Referee: Alan Wiley
21 December 1999Replay Plymouth Argyle 1 – 0 Reading Home Park, Plymouth
Heathcote Soccerball shade.svg88' Smith Yellow card.svg 39' Red card.svgAttendance: 8,965
Referee: Alan Wiley
12 December 1999 Sheffield United 1 – 1 Rushden & Diamonds Bramall Lane, Sheffield
Bent Soccerball shade.svg14' Brady Soccerball shade.svg45'Attendance: 10,104
Referee: B Knight
21 December 1999Replay Rushden & Diamonds 1 – 1 (a.e.t.)
(5-6 p)
Sheffield United Nene Park, Irthlingborough
Warburton Soccerball shade.svg105' Derry Soccerball shade.svg103'Attendance: 6,010
Referee: B Knight
11 December 1999 Sheffield Wednesday 1 – 0 Bristol City Hillsborough, Sheffield
Booth Soccerball shade.svg24'
Quinn Red card.svg 90'
Attendance: 11,644
Referee: M Reed
11 December 1999 Sunderland 1 – 0 Portsmouth Stadium of Light, Sunderland
McCann Soccerball shade.svg24' Panopoulos Yellow card.svg 40' Red card.svgAttendance: 26,535
Referee: Neale Barry
12 December 1999 Tottenham Hotspur 1 – 1 Newcastle United White Hart Lane, London
Iversen Soccerball shade.svg57' Speed Soccerball shade.svg77'Attendance: 33,116
Referee: Graham Poll
22 December 1999Replay Newcastle United 6 – 1 Tottenham Hotspur St James' Park, Newcastle
Speed Soccerball shade.svg5'
Dabizas Soccerball shade.svg27'
Ferguson Soccerball shade.svg45'
Dyer Soccerball shade.svg73'
Shearer Soccerball shade.svg83' (pen.), 85'
Ginola Soccerball shade.svg34'Attendance: 35,415
Referee: Graham Poll
11 December 1999 Tranmere Rovers 1 – 0 West Ham United Prenton Park, Birkenhead
Henry Soccerball shade.svg21'Attendance: 13,629
Referee: Dermot Gallagher
11 December 1999 Walsall 1 – 1 Gillingham Bescot Stadium, Walsall
Robins Soccerball shade.svg75' (pen.) Southall Soccerball shade.svg27'Attendance: 4,314
Referee: Eddie Wolstenholme
8 January 2000Replay Gillingham 2 – 1 (a.e.t.) Walsall Priestfield Stadium, Gillingham
Barras Soccerball shade.svg38' (og)
Thomson Soccerball shade.svg100'
Lárusson Soccerball shade.svg44'Attendance: 6,538
Referee: Eddie Wolstenholme
11 December 1999 Watford 0 – 1 Birmingham City Vicarage Road, Watford
Rowett Soccerball shade.svg66'Attendance: 8,144
Referee: Paul Durkin
11 December 1999 West Bromwich Albion 2 – 2 Blackburn Rovers The Hawthorns, West Bromwich
Hughes Soccerball shade.svg66'
Evans Soccerball shade.svg80'
Frandsen Soccerball shade.svg65'
Blake Soccerball shade.svg70'
Attendance: 10,609
Referee: Rob Styles
22 December 1999Replay Blackburn Rovers 2 – 0 (a.e.t.) West Bromwich Albion Ewood Park, Blackburn
Duff Soccerball shade.svg94'
Carsley Soccerball shade.svg114' (pen.)
Attendance: 11,766
Referee: Rob Styles
11 December 1999 Wigan Athletic 0 – 1 Wolverhampton Wanderers JJB Stadium, Wigan
Robinson Soccerball shade.svg90'Attendance: 10,531
Referee: C Wilkes
11 December 1999 Wimbledon 1 – 0 Barnsley Selhurst Park, London
Cort Soccerball shade.svg34'Attendance: 4,505
Referee: Mark Halsey
11 December 1999 Wrexham 2 – 1 Middlesbrough Racecourse Ground, Wrexham
Gibson Soccerball shade.svg50'
Ferguson Soccerball shade.svg68'
Deane Soccerball shade.svg42'Attendance: 11,755
Referee: Stephen Lodge

Fourth round proper

10 January 2000 Liverpool 0 – 1 Blackburn Rovers Anfield, Liverpool
Report Blake Soccerball shade.svg84'Attendance: 32,839
Referee: Graham Poll
11 January 2000 Gillingham 3 – 1 Bradford City Priestfield Stadium, Gillingham
Thomson Soccerball shade.svg39'
Ashby Soccerball shade.svg54'
Hodge Soccerball shade.svg78'
Report Saunders Soccerball shade.svg77'Attendance: 7,091
Referee: Dermot Gallagher
8 January 2000 Aston Villa 1 – 0 Southampton Villa Park, Birmingham
Southgate Soccerball shade.svg20' Report Attendance: 25,025
Referee: Neale Barry
8 January 2000 Sheffield Wednesday 1 – 1 Wolverhampton Wanderers Hillsborough, Sheffield
Alexandersson Soccerball shade.svg9' Report Sedgley Soccerball shade.svg68'Attendance: 18,506
Referee: Graham Barber
18 January 2000Replay Wolverhampton Wanderers 0 – 0 (a.e.t.)
(3-4 p)
Sheffield Wednesday Hillsborough, Sheffield
Report Attendance: 25,201
Referee: Graham Barber
8 January 2000 Grimsby Town 0 – 2 Bolton Wanderers Blundell Park, Grimsby
Guðjohnsen Soccerball shade.svg33'
Hansen Soccerball shade.svg54'
Attendance: 4,270
Referee: K M Lynch
8 January 2000 Everton 2 – 0 Birmingham City Goodison Park, Liverpool
Unsworth Soccerball shade.svg75' (pen.), 90' (pen.) Report Attendance: 25,405
Referee: David Elleray
8 January 2000 Wrexham 1 – 2 Cambridge United Racecourse Ground, Wrexham
Connolly Soccerball shade.svg44' Benjamin Soccerball shade.svg15'
Butler Soccerball shade.svg52'
Attendance: 7,186
Referee: Ray Olivier
8 January 2000 Tranmere Rovers 1 – 0 Sunderland Prenton Park, Birkenhead
Allison Soccerball shade.svg25'
Hill Yellow card.svg 90' Red card.svg
Report Attendance: 17,344
Referee: Rob Harris
8 January 2000 Newcastle United 4 – 1 Sheffield United St James' Park, Newcastle
Shearer Soccerball shade.svg5'
Dabizas Soccerball shade.svg47'
Ferguson Soccerball shade.svg59'
Gallacher Soccerball shade.svg69'
Report Smith Soccerball shade.svg17'Attendance: 36,220
Referee: Mark Halsey
9 January 2000 Manchester City 2 – 5 Leeds United Maine Road, Manchester
Goater Soccerball shade.svg2'
Bishop Soccerball shade.svg11'
Report Bakke Soccerball shade.svg8'
Smith Soccerball shade.svg20'
Kewell Soccerball shade.svg41', 88'
Bowyer Soccerball shade.svg66'
Attendance: 29,240
Referee: Dermot Gallagher
8 January 2000 Fulham 3 – 0 Wimbledon Craven Cottage, London
Collins Soccerball shade.svg22', 77'
Finnan Soccerball shade.svg25'
Report Attendance: 16,877
Referee: Jeff Winter
8 January 2000 Coventry City 3 – 0 Burnley Highfield Road, Coventry
Chippo Soccerball shade.svg11', 69'
Whelan Soccerball shade.svg75'
Report Attendance: 22,774
Referee: Stephen Lodge
8 January 2000 Plymouth Argyle 0 – 3 Preston North End Home Park, Plymouth
O'Sullivan Soccerball shade.svg39' (og)
Alexander Soccerball shade.svg60' (pen.)
Beswetherick Soccerball shade.svg77' (og)
Attendance: 10,824
Referee: Paul Durkin
19 January 2000 Chelsea 2 – 0 Nottingham Forest Stamford Bridge, London
Leboeuf Soccerball shade.svg57'
Wise Soccerball shade.svg86'
Report Attendance: 30,125
Referee: David Elleray
8 January 2000 Charlton Athletic 2 – 0 Queens Park Rangers The Valley, London
MacDonald Soccerball shade.svg68' Plummer Yellow card.svg 67' Red card.svgAttendance: 16,798
Referee: Rob Styles
9 January 2000 Arsenal 0 – 0 Leicester City Highbury, London
Report Eadie Yellow card.svg 81' Red card.svgAttendance: 35,710
Referee: Mike Riley
19 January 2000Replay Leicester City 0 – 0 (a.e.t.)
(6–5 p)
Arsenal Filbert Street, Leicester
Report Attendance: 15,235
Referee: Mike Riley
Gunnlaugsson Soccerball shad check.svg
Savage Soccerball shad check.svg
Fenton Soccerball shad check.svg
Elliott Soccerball shad check.svg
Oakes Soccerball shade cross.svg
Campbell Soccerball shad check.svg
Heskey Soccerball shad check.svg
Soccerball shad check.svg Šuker
Soccerball shade cross.svg Dixon
Soccerball shad check.svg Hughes
Soccerball shad check.svg Parlour
Soccerball shad check.svg Henry
Soccerball shad check.svg Vieira
Soccerball shade cross.svg Grimandi

Fifth round proper

29 January 2000 Gillingham 3 – 1 Sheffield Wednesday Priestfield Stadium, Gillingham
Saunders Soccerball shade.svg70'
Thomson Soccerball shade.svg72'
Southall Soccerball shade.svg82'
Report Sibon Soccerball shade.svg27'Attendance: 10,130
Referee: M D Reed
31 January 2000 Blackburn Rovers 1 – 2 Newcastle United Ewood Park, Blackburn
Jansen Soccerball shade.svg25' Report Shearer Soccerball shade.svg21', 79'Attendance: 29,946
Referee: Paul Durkin
30 January 2000 Aston Villa 3 – 2 Leeds United Villa Park, Birmingham
Carbone Soccerball shade.svg32', 58', 69' Report Harte Soccerball shade.svg13'
Bakke Soccerball shade.svg38'
Attendance: 30,026
Referee: Graham Barber
29 January 2000 Everton 2 – 0 Preston North End Goodison Park, Liverpool
Unsworth Soccerball shade.svg64'
Moore Soccerball shade.svg90'
Report Attendance: 37,486
Referee: Mike Riley
29 January 2000 Fulham 1 – 2 Tranmere Rovers Craven Cottage, London
Coleman Soccerball shade.svg18' Report Allison Soccerball shade.svg9'
Kelly Soccerball shade.svg70'
Attendance: 13,859
Referee: David Elleray
29 January 2000 Coventry City 2 – 3 Charlton Athletic Highfield Road, Coventry
Roussel Soccerball shade.svg15', 21' Report Robinson Soccerball shade.svg40'
Newton Soccerball shade.svg45'
Hunt Soccerball shade.svg88'
Attendance: 23,400
Referee: Dermot Gallagher
30 January 2000 Chelsea 2 – 1 Leicester City Stamford Bridge, London
Poyet Soccerball shade.svg35'
Weah Soccerball shade.svg48'
Report Elliott Soccerball shade.svg90'Attendance: 30,141
Referee: Graham Poll
29 January 2000 Cambridge United 1 – 3 Bolton Wanderers Abbey Stadium, Cambridge
Benjamin Soccerball shade.svg29' Report Taylor Soccerball shade.svg53', 75'
Guðjohnsen Soccerball shade.svg86'
Attendance: 7,523
Referee: M J Brandwood

Sixth round proper

Bolton Wanderers 1 0 Charlton Athletic
Guðjohnsen Soccerball shade.svg47' Report
Reebok Stadium, Bolton
Attendance: 20,131
Referee: Graham Poll

Everton 1 2 Aston Villa
Moore Soccerball shade.svg20' Report Stone Soccerball shade.svg16'
Carbone Soccerball shade.svg45'
Goodison Park, Everton
Attendance: 35,331
Referee: Dermot Gallagher

Tranmere Rovers 2 3 Newcastle United
Allison Soccerball shade.svg45'
Jones Soccerball shade.svg76'
Report Speed Soccerball shade.svg27'
Domi Soccerball shade.svg36'
Ferguson Soccerball shade.svg58'
Prenton Park, Birkenhead
Attendance: 15,776
Referee: Steve Dunn

Chelsea 5 0 Gillingham
Flo Soccerball shade.svg16'
Terry Soccerball shade.svg49'
Weah Soccerball shade.svg50'
Zola Soccerball shade.svg85' (pen.)
Morris Soccerball shade.svg88'
Stamford Bridge, Chelsea, West London
Attendance: 34,205
Referee: Paul Durkin


Aston Villa booked their first FA Cup final appearance since 1957 by beating Bolton Wanderers on penalties after a goalless draw, while Chelsea reached their first final after just three years with a narrow 2–1 win over Newcastle United (who had been finalists in the previous two seasons).

Aston Villa 0 0 Bolton Wanderers
Wembley Stadium, London
Attendance: 62,828
Referee: David Elleray

Chelsea 2 1 Newcastle United
Poyet Soccerball shade.svg17', 72' Report Lee Soccerball shade.svg66'
Wembley Stadium, London
Attendance: 73,876
Referee: Dermot Gallagher


The 2000 FA Cup Final was contested between Chelsea and Aston Villa at Wembley Stadium, with Chelsea coming out 1-0 winners. Roberto Di Matteo scored the winning goal 17 minutes from the end, three years after he had opened the scoring within the first minute of Chelsea's last FA Cup final win. This was Villa's first FA Cup final for 43 years.

Chelsea 1 0 Aston Villa
Di Matteo Soccerball shade.svg73' (Report)
Wembley, London
Attendance: 78,217 [6]
Referee: Graham Poll (Hertfordshire)
Kit left arm chelsea9900h.png
Kit left arm.svg
Kit body chelsea9900h.png
Kit body.svg
Kit right arm chelsea9900h.png
Kit right arm.svg
Kit shorts white stripes.png
Kit shorts.svg
Kit socks long.svg
Kit left arm astonvilla9900h.png
Kit left arm.svg
Kit body astonvilla9900h.png
Kit body.svg
Kit right arm astonvilla9900h.png
Kit right arm.svg
Kit shorts.svg
Kit socks long.svg
Aston Villa

Media coverage

In the United Kingdom, ITV were the free to air broadcasters for the third consecutive season while Sky Sports were the subscription broadcasters for the twelfth consecutive season.[ citation needed ]

The matches shown live on ITV Sport were: Huddersfield Town 0–2 Liverpool (R3); Arsenal 0–0 Leicester City (R4); Aston Villa 3–2 Leeds United (R5); Tranmere Rovers 2–3 Newcastle United (QF); Bolton Wanderers 0–0 Aston Villa (SF); and Chelsea 1–0 Aston Villa (final).

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The 2000–01 FA Cup was the 120th season of the world's oldest knockout football competition, the FA Cup. The competition was won by Liverpool, who came from 1–0 behind against Arsenal to eventually win 2–1 in the final. The final was played outside England for the first time, at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, because Wembley Stadium was being knocked down to be replaced with a new stadium.

The 2001–02 Football League was the 103rd completed season of The Football League.

The 2000–01 Football League was the 102nd completed season of The Football League.

2010–11 FA Cup Football tournament season

The 2010–11 FA Cup was the 130th season of the world's oldest football knockout competition; the FA Cup. A total of 806 clubs applied to enter of which 759 were accepted, a slight drop compared to the 762 clubs accepted into the 2009–10 competition.

The 2011–12 FA Cup was the 131st season of the world's oldest football knock-out competition, the FA Cup. The closing date for applications was 1 April 2011, and saw 825 clubs apply to enter. On 8 July 2011, the FA announced that 763 clubs had been accepted, which remains, as of 2020-21, the record number of entrants. The final was played on 5 May 2012 at Wembley Stadium. Chelsea won their fourth title in 6 years, and seventh overall, with a 2–1 victory over Liverpool.

2012–13 FA Cup Football tournament season

The 2012–13 FA Cup was the 132nd season of the FA Cup, the main domestic cup competition in English football, and the oldest football knock-out competition in the world. It was sponsored by Budweiser for a second consecutive season, thus the competition name was The FA Cup with Budweiser.

The 2012–13 Football League Cup was the 53rd season of the Football League Cup, a knock-out competition for the top 92 football clubs played in English football league system. Liverpool were the defending champions, having beaten Cardiff City in the 2012 final. They were knocked out in the fourth round by Swansea City.

2013–14 FA Cup Football tournament season

The 2013–14 FA Cup was the 133rd season of the FA Cup, the main domestic cup competition in English football, and the oldest football knock-out competition in the world. It was sponsored by Budweiser for a third consecutive season. 737 clubs from England and Wales entered the competition, which began with the Extra Preliminary Round on 16 August. For the first time in the history of the FA Cup, a team from Guernsey entered the competition, Guernsey F.C., who made it to the Second Round Qualifying.

2014–15 FA Cup Football tournament season

The 2014–15 FA Cup, also called the 2014–15 FA Challenge Cup, was the 134th occurrence of the FA Cup, the main domestic cup in English football and the oldest knockout competition in the world. It was the first season when the BBC and BT Sport hosted televised matches, seven years after the BBC lost the rights to ITV. The 2014–15 season's Cup also marked the first time that 3G artificial pitches were allowed in all rounds of the competition, designed to lower costs for maintenance. After Queens Park Rangers, Luton Town, Oldham Athletic and Preston North End trialled artificial pitches in the 1980s, they were made illegal in 1995.

The 2016–17 FA Cup was the 136th edition of the oldest recognised football tournament in the world. It was sponsored by Emirates, and known as The Emirates FA Cup for sponsorship purposes. 736 clubs were accepted into the tournament, and it began with the Extra Preliminary Round on 6 August 2016, and concluded with the final on 27 May 2017. The winner qualified for the 2017–18 UEFA Europa League group stage.

The 2017–18 FA Cup was the 137th edition of the oldest recognised football tournament in the world. It was sponsored by Emirates, and known as The Emirates FA Cup for sponsorship purposes. 737 clubs were accepted into the tournament. It began with the Extra Preliminary Round on 5 August 2017, and concluded with the final on 19 May 2018. The winners qualified for the 2018–19 UEFA Europa League group stage.

The 2018–19 FA Cup was the 138th edition of the oldest football tournament in the world. It was sponsored by Emirates and known as The Emirates FA Cup for sponsorship purposes. It started with the Extra Preliminary Round on the weekend of 11 August 2018 and concluded with the final on 18 May 2019.

The 2018–19 EFL Cup was the 59th season of the EFL Cup. Also known as the Carabao Cup for sponsorship reasons, the competition was open to all 92 clubs participating in the Premier League and the English Football League. The first round was played on 14 August 2018, ten days after the start of the Football League season. Manchester City successfully defended their title, their first step in becoming the first English team to complete a domestic treble for the football season, as they later won the 2018–19 Premier League and the 2018–19 FA Cup. The final was held at Wembley Stadium in London on 24 February 2019.

The 2019–20 FA Cup was the 139th edition of the oldest football tournament in the world. It was sponsored by Emirates and known as The Emirates FA Cup for sponsorship purposes.

The 2019–20 EFL Cup was the 60th season of the EFL Cup. Also known as the Carabao Cup for sponsorship reasons, the competition was open to all clubs participating in the Premier League and the English Football League.

The 2020–21 FA Cup was the 140th edition of the oldest football tournament in the world, the Football Association Challenge Cup. It was sponsored by Emirates and known as the Emirates FA Cup for sponsorship purposes. The winners qualified for the 2021–22 UEFA Europa League group stage.

2021–22 FA Cup Football tournament season

The 2021-22 FA Cup is the ongoing 141st season and marks the 150th anniversary of the first Football Association Challenge Cup, the oldest football tournament in the world, started in the 1871–72 season. It is sponsored by Emirates and known as the Emirates FA Cup for sponsorship purposes. The winners will qualify for the 2022–23 UEFA Europa League group stage.

The 2021–22 season is Plymouth Argyle's 136th year in their history and second consecutive season in League One. Along with the league, the club will also compete in the FA Cup, the EFL Cup and the EFL Trophy. The season covers the period from 1 July 2021 to 30 June 2022.

The 2021–22 EFL Cup was the 62nd season of the EFL Cup. The competition was open to all clubs participating in the Premier League and the English Football League.

The 2021–22 EFL Trophy, known as the Papa John's Trophy for sponsorship reasons, the 38th season in the history of the competition, was a knock-out tournament for clubs in EFL League One and League Two, the third and fourth tiers of the English football league system, as well as the "Academy teams" of 16 Premier League clubs with Category One status.


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