2001 Amílcar Cabral Cup

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2001 Amílcar Cabral Cup
Tournament details
Host countryMali
DatesNovember 3–11
Venue(s) (in 3 host cities)
Final positions
ChampionsFlag of Senegal.svg  Senegal (U-23 Team) (3rd title)
Runners-upFlag of The Gambia.svg  Gambia
Third placeFlag of Mali.svg  Mali
Tournament statistics
Matches played10
Goals scored28 (2.8 per match)
Best player(s) Ousmane N'Doye (Senegal)

The 2001 Amílcar Cabral Cup was held in Mali. The title was won by Senegal (U-23 Team).


Group stage

Group A

Flag of Mali.svg  Mali 6220052+3
Flag of Guinea-Bissau.svg  Guinea-Bissau 3210112–1
Flag of Mauritania (1959-2017).svg  Mauritania 0200224–2
Mali  Flag of Mali.svg3 – 2Flag of Mauritania (1959-2017).svg  Mauritania
Brahima Traoré 11', 28'
Cheick Oumar Dabo 12'
Bilal Sidibé 48'
Ahmed Dabo 55'
Mali  Flag of Mali.svg2 – 0Flag of Guinea-Bissau.svg  Guinea-Bissau
Cheick Oumar Dabo 17'
Yaya Dissa 25'
Guinea-Bissau  Flag of Guinea-Bissau.svg1 – 0Flag of Mauritania (1959-2017).svg  Mauritania
Fernando Manuel Co 49' (pen.)

Group B

Flag of Senegal.svg  Senegal (U-23 Team) 4211062+4
Flag of The Gambia.svg  Gambia 22020220
Flag of Cape Verde.svg  Cape Verde 1201126–4
Flag of Sierra Leone.svg  Sierra Leone withdrew
Gambia  Flag of The Gambia.svg1 – 1Flag of Senegal.svg  Senegal (U-23 Team)
Arthur Gómez Abdoulaye Khouma Keita 20'
Cape Verde  Flag of Cape Verde.svg1 – 5Flag of Senegal.svg  Senegal (U-23 Team)
Zé di Luisinho 46' Sadio Cissokho 18' (pen.)
Ousmane N'Doye 47'
Mamadou Diabang 61'
Abdoulaye Khouma Keita 78'
Ibrahima Diédhiou 84'
Cape Verde  Flag of Cape Verde.svg1 – 1Flag of The Gambia.svg  Gambia
Marcelino José 45' Baye Oumar Samba 70'

Knockout stage


Mali  Flag of Mali.svg0 – 1Flag of The Gambia.svg  Gambia
Edrissa Sonko 69'
(U-23 Team) Senegal  Flag of Senegal.svg2 – 0Flag of Guinea-Bissau.svg  Guinea-Bissau
Mamadou Diabang 38'
Ousmane N'Doye 45'

Third place match

Mali  Flag of Mali.svg2 – 1Flag of Guinea-Bissau.svg  Guinea-Bissau
Tenema N'Diaye 17'
Cheick Oumar Dabo 62'
Alberto José Té 72'


(U-23 Team) Senegal  Flag of Senegal.svg3 – 1Flag of The Gambia.svg  Gambia
Ousmane N'Doye 43' (pen.), 83'
Abdoulaye Khouma Keita 64'
Souleymane Faye 90+3'

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The 2018 Coupe du Mali is the 57th edition of the Coupe du Mali, the knockout football competition of Mali.


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