2001 Norwegian Sami parliamentary election

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The 2001 Sami parliamentary election was held in Norway on September 10, 2001. [1] Voters elected 39 members for the Sami Parliament of Norway.


Election results

Election results for the 2001 Sami parliamentary election. Voter turnout was 66.2%. [2]

Summary of the 10 September 2001 Norwegian Sami parliamentary election results
  Norwegian Sami Association (Norgga Sámiid
Riikkasearvi, Norske Samers Riksforbund
, NSR)
  Norwegian Labour Party (Norgga
Bargiidbellodat, Det norske Arbeiderparti
  Centre Party (Guovddásbellodat, Senterpartiet)5979.1+0.43+1
 Sami Electoral Association (Samenes valgforbund)4306.5−1.12−1
 Kautokeino reindeer herders list
(Johttisápmelaccaid listu, Kautokeino flyttsameliste)
  Sami People's Party (Samefolkets parti)2483.81
 Non-reindeer herders list
(Dáloniid Listu, Fastboendes Liste)
  Conservative Party (Olgesbellodat, Høyre)1762.7−0.51+1
 Sami residents in Southern Norway
(Sámit Mátta/Lulli-Norggas, Samer bosatt i Sør-Norge)
  Christian Democratic Party (Kristelig Folkeparti)1292.00
 Sami Electoral Association and Sami Democrats
(Samenes valgforbund og Samedemokratene)
  Liberal Party (Gurutbellodat, Venstre)1021.6+0.700
 South Sápmi list (Sørsameland-lista)931.41
 Havlandets liste641.00
 Kárásjoga Badjeolbmuid Listu560.90
 Midtre Nordland Sijdda520.8−0.310
 Nord-Salten joint list (Nord-Salten fellesliste)450.70
  Coastal Party (Kystpartiet)80.10

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