2003–04 Eredivisie (basketball)

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2003–04 Eredivisie
Competition details
Season 2003–04
Teams 10
Final positions
Champions MPC Capitals (2nd title)
Runners-up Tulip Den Bosch
ULEB Cup MPC Capitals
Tulip Den Bosch
MVP Travis Reed
Statistical leaders
Points Marcel Huijbens
Rebounds Ian Hanavan
Assists Gregory Harris

The 2003–04 Eredivisie season was the 44th season of the Eredivisie in basketball, the highest professional basketball league in the Netherlands. MPC Capitals won their second national title. [1]



Newly established club Fun4All Bergen op Zoom made its debut in the Eredivisie this season.

Arenas and locations

ClubLocationVenueCapacityHead coach
Cape Holland Den Helder Den Helder QuelderduijnUnknown
Demon Astronauts Amsterdam Sporthallen Zuid3,000 Flag of Israel.svg Arik Shivek
EiffelTowers Nijmegen Nijmegen De Horstacker1,200
Fun 4 All Bergen op Zoom De Boulevard900 Flag of Denmark.svg Otis Loyd
Landstede Basketbal Zwolle ZBC HalUnknown Flag of the Netherlands.svg Herman van den Belt
MPC Capitals Groningen MartiniPlaza 4,350 Flag of the Netherlands.svg Ton Boot
Omniworld Almere Almere Topsortcentrum Almere
Flag of the Netherlands.svg Marco van den Berg
Rotterdam Rotterdam Topsportcentrum Rotterdam
Flag of the Netherlands.svg Erik Braal
Solskin Weert Weert Sporthal Boshoven1,000
Tulip Den Bosch 's-Hertogenbosch Maaspoort 2,800

Regular season

1 EiffelTowers Nijmegen 3629758
2 Demon Astronauts 3629758
3 MPC Capitals 36251150
4 Tulip Den Bosch 36231346
5 Landstede Basketbal 36182036
6 Omniworld Almere 36162032
7 Cape Holland Den Helder 36142228
8 Solskin Weert 36112522
9 Rotterdam Basketbal 3682816
10 Fun 4 All 3672914


Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
1 EiffelTowers Nijmegen 2
8 Solskin Weert 0
1 EiffelTowers Nijmegen 1
4 Tulip Den Bosch 3
4 Tulip Den Bosch 2
5 Landstede Basketbal 0
4 Tulip Den Bosch 2
3 MPC Capitals 4
2 Demon Astronauts 2
7 Cape Holland Den Helder 0
2 Demon Astronauts 2
3 MPC Capitals 3
3 MPC Capitals 2
6 BC Omniworld Almere 0

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