2006 IPC Athletics World Championships

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4th IPC Athletics World Championships
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Host city Assen
CountryFlag of the Netherlands.svg  Netherlands
Nations participating76
Athletes participating1097
Dates2–9 September
Main venue Sports Park Stadsbroek

The 2006 IPC Athletics World Championships was held in Assen, Netherlands from 2–9 September 2006. It was the fourth edition of the international athletics competition for athletes with a disability organised by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC).


The main venue for the competition was Sports Park Stadsbroek, with the marathon events taking place in the surrounding area. The opening and closing ceremonies took place at De Smelt Stadium. Princess Margriet of the Netherlands was present for the opening of the championships. A total of 76 nations and 1097 athletes took part in the events. [1] [2] [3]

Over the course of the nine-day competition 51 IPC world records were broken. Among these were sprint records by visually impaired runner Jason Smyth and amputee sportsman Oscar Pistorius. [4] China was the top performing nation, with 22 gold medals among its haul of 55 medals. [5] The United States and Australia were the next best nations, with each securing 16 golds and 32 medals in total. Among the participating nations, 58 reached the medal table. [6]

The IPC launched its own internet streaming service at paralympicsport.tv, which broadcast live events from the competition. [7] [8] The local organising committee was headed by the Euro Champ Foundation, a civil society group promoting disability sports. [9]


1Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg  China  (CHN)22122155
2Flag of the United States.svg  United States  (USA)1612432
3Flag of Australia (converted).svg  Australia  (AUS)1661032
4Flag of Ukraine.svg  Ukraine  (UKR)9101231
5Flag of the United Kingdom.svg  Great Britain  (GBR)99927
6Flag of Spain.svg  Spain  (ESP)93517
7Flag of Germany.svg  Germany  (GER)8111332
8Flag of France.svg  France  (FRA)75315
9Flag of the Czech Republic.svg  Czech Republic  (CZE)67417
10Flag of Canada (Pantone).svg  Canada  (CAN)65617
11Flag of Poland.svg  Poland  (POL)65415
12Flag of the Netherlands.svg  Netherlands  (NED)63110
13Flag of Iran.svg  Iran  (IRN)61411
14Flag of Switzerland.svg   Switzerland  (SUI)510419
15Flag of South Africa.svg  South Africa  (SAF)57517
16Flag of Algeria.svg  Algeria  (ALG)56314
17Flag of Morocco.svg  Morocco  (MAR)54312
18Flag of Greece.svg  Greece  (GRE)52310
19Flag of Brazil.svg  Brazil  (BRA)4111025
20Flag of Mexico.svg  Mexico  (MEX)46515
21Flag of Kenya.svg  Kenya  (KEN)43310
22Flag of Russia.svg  Russia  (RUS)39820
23Flag of New Zealand.svg  New Zealand  (NZL)3418
24Flag of Lithuania.svg  Lithuania  (LTU)3328
25Flag of Ireland.svg  Ireland  (IRL)3227
26Flag of Cuba.svg  Cuba  (CUB)3115
27Flag of Austria.svg  Austria  (AUT)28414
28Flag of Belarus.svg  Belarus  (BLR)2428
29Flag of Egypt.svg  Egypt  (EGY)2248
30Flag of Bulgaria.svg  Bulgaria  (BUL)2204
31Flag of Japan.svg  Japan  (JPN)21811
32Flag of Croatia.svg  Croatia  (CRO)2013
33Flag of Hong Kong.svg  Hong Kong  (HKG)2002
34Flag of Tunisia.svg  Tunisia  (TUN)110617
35Flag of Thailand.svg  Thailand  (THA)1315
36Flag of Latvia.svg  Latvia  (LAT)1225
37Flag of Finland.svg  Finland  (FIN)1135
38Flag of Portugal.svg  Portugal  (POR)1124
39Flag of Jamaica.svg  Jamaica  (JAM)1113
Flag of Slovakia.svg  Slovakia  (SVK)1113
41Flag of Denmark.svg  Denmark  (DEN)1102
42Flag of Saudi Arabia.svg  Saudi Arabia  (KSA)1012
43Flag of Belgium (civil).svg  Belgium  (BEL)1001
Flag of Chinese Taipei for Olympic games.svg  Chinese Taipei  (TPE)1001
45Flag of Azerbaijan.svg  Azerbaijan  (AZE)0224
46Flag of Italy.svg  Italy  (ITA)0156
47Flag of the United Arab Emirates.svg  United Arab Emirates  (UAE)0134
48Flag of Angola.svg  Angola  (ANG)0112
Flag of Argentina.svg  Argentina  (ARG)0112
Flag of Serbia and Montenegro (1992-2006).svg  Serbia and Montenegro  (SCG)0112
Flag of Venezuela.svg  Venezuela  (VEN)0112
52Flag of Singapore.svg  Singapore  (SIN)0101
53Flag of Cyprus.svg  Cyprus  (CYP)0011
Flag of Iceland.svg  Iceland  (ISL)0011
Flag of Jordan.svg  Jordan  (JOR)0011
Flag of Norway.svg  Norway  (NOR)0011
Flag of Qatar.svg  Qatar  (QAT)0011
Flag of South Korea.svg  South Korea  (KOR)0011
Totals (58 nations)203203202608

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