2009–10 Ekstraklasa

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Champions Lech Poznań
(6th title)
Relegated Piast Gliwice
Odra Wodzisław
Champions League Lech Poznań
Europa League Wisła Kraków
Ruch Chorzów
Matches played240
Goals scored532 (2.22 per match)
Top goalscorer Robert Lewandowski (18 goals)
Biggest home win Korona 4–0 P. Warsaw
Legia 4–0 Zagłębie
P. Bytom 4–0 Piast
Śląsk 4–0 Odra
Biggest away win Korona 0–5 Lech
Highest scoring Cracovia 2–6 Lechia
Highest attendance15,500 [1]
Korona 0–5 Lech
(9 August 2009)
Total attendance1,259,280
Average attendance5,247 Decrease2.svg28.6% [2]

The 2009–10 Ekstraklasa was the 76th season since its establishment as the highest football league of Poland. It began on 31 July 2009 and ended on 15 May 2010. The champions were Lech Poznań.



Due to several non-competitive events between last and this season, the team exchange among the two highest football divisions of Poland was only partially determined by the 2008–09 league tables.

ŁKS Łódź were denied a license by the Polish FA because of financial issues. [3] ŁKS filed several appeals against this decision, but were eventually left without any success.[ citation needed ]

First League 2008–09 champions Widzew Łódź were not permitted to advance by the Polish FA after their involvement in the Polish corruption scandal. [4] The club had its initial appeals rejected, however, an Arbitration Tribunal later returned a verdict in the club's favor which led the club to file a request for immediate reinstatement to the Ekstraklasa. [5]

The decisions had a significant influence on the relegation and promotion of teams. As a consequence of their revoked license, ŁKS were put in last place of the 2008–09 Ekstraklasa standings and directly relegated to the First League. They were joined by Górnik Zabrze as 15th-placed team. Both teams were replaced with First League 2008–09 runners-up Zagłębie Lubin and third-placed Korona Kielce.

Because of the controversy surrounding both teams from Łódź, the Polish FA was forced to postpone the originally planned relegation/promotion play-off in June 2009[ citation needed ] and eventually decided to cancel it completely.[ citation needed ]

Stadiums and locations

League table

PosTeamPldWDLGFGAGDPtsQualification or relegation
1 Lech Poznań (C)3019835120+3165Qualification to Champions League second qualifying round
2 Wisła Kraków 3019564820+2862Qualification to Europa League second qualifying round
3 Ruch Chorzów 3016594030+1053Qualification to Europa League first qualifying round
4 Legia Warsaw 3015783622+1452
5 GKS Bełchatów 3013983727+1048
6 Korona Kielce 30910113541637 [lower-alpha 1]
7 Polonia Bytom 30910112931237 [lower-alpha 1]
8 Lechia Gdańsk 30910113032237 [lower-alpha 1]
9 Śląsk Wrocław 30812103233136
10 Zagłębie Lubin 30811113038835
11 Jagiellonia Białystok [lower-alpha 2] 30111182927+234 [lower-alpha 3] Qualification to Europa League third qualifying round [lower-alpha 4]
12 Cracovia 30971425391434 [lower-alpha 3]
13 Polonia Warsaw 30961525381333
14 Arka Gdynia 30771628391128
15 Odra Wodzisław (R)30761727451827 [lower-alpha 5] Relegation to I liga
16 Piast Gliwice (R)30761730502027 [lower-alpha 5]
Source: 90minut.pl (in Polish)
Rules for classification: 1st points; 2nd head-to-head points; 3rd head-to-head goal difference; 4th head-to-head goals scored; 5th head-to-head away goals scored; 6th goal difference; 7th goals scored
(C) Champion; (R) Relegated.
  1. 1 2 3 KOR: 7 pts, 3–2; PBY: 5 pts, 2–2; LGD: 3 pts, 2–3
  2. Jagiellonia Białystok were docked ten points at the start of the 2009–10 season as a consequence of the club's involvement in a corruption scandal.
  3. 1 2 JAG 0–0 CRA; CRA 0–1 JAG
  4. Jagiellonia Białystok qualify to the Europa League as 2009-10 Polish Cup winners. [7]
  5. 1 2 ODR 2–0 PIA; PIA 2–1 ODR


Arka Gdynia 2–02–11–20–01–11–20–12–02–12–20–00–31–10–10–2
Cracovia 1–10–13–00–11–02–61–21–03–21–21–21–41–01–11–1
GKS Bełchatów 1–03–01–01–11–12–10–13–00–12–23–02–12–01–01–3
Korona Kielce 1–21–11–11–00–51–00–11–13–21–04–03–01–12–33–3
Jagiellonia Białystok 2–10–02–12–02–30–02–02–12–00–01–01–02–00–00–0
Lech Poznań 2–03–12–22–02–02–11–01–01–13–02–43–11–01–02–0
Lechia Gdańsk 2–11–00–21–12–00–02–30–20–10–01–11–11–10–11–0
Legia Warsaw 1–00–02–25–22–12–02–00–13–01–01–12–01–10–34–0
Odra Wodzisław 2–11–00–10–22–20–00–01–02–00–12–11–32–41–31–2
Piast Gliwice 2–20–11–21–00–01–30–21–12–11–00–21–22–21–44–1
Polonia Bytom 3–11–21–01–01–11–11–11–01–14–01–00–10–01–32–1
Polonia Warsaw 2–10–10–01–12–00–30–11–02–10–21–01–13–20–10–1
Ruch Chorzów 1–02–01–00–05–21–21–01–03–22–02–12–00–01–30–2
Śląsk Wrocław 2–12–00–01–11–20–31–20–04–02–12–11–00–01–32–0
Wisła Kraków 0–10–13–00–12–10–03–00–11–12–11–12–12–01–01–0
Zagłębie Lubin 0–20–01–12–20–00–12–20–02–11–12–02–00–11–11–4
Source: 90minut.pl (in Polish)
Legend: Blue = home team win; Yellow = draw; Red = away team win.

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