2010 Tippeligaen

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Season 2010
Champions Rosenborg
22nd title
Relegated Hønefoss
Champions League Rosenborg
Europa League Vålerenga
Matches played240
Goals scored731 (3.05 per match)
Top goalscorer Baye Djiby Fall
(16 goals)
Biggest home winVålerenga 8–1 Start
(2 August 2010)
Biggest away winStrømsgodset 0–4 Odd Grenland
(5 May 2010)
Hønefoss 0–4 Stabæk
(22 August 2010)
Highest scoringVålerenga 8–1 Start
(2 August 2010)
Strømsgodset 5–4 Lillestrøm
(7 November 2010)
Longest winning run5 games [1]
Longest unbeaten run30 games [1]
Longest winless run27 games [1]
Longest losing run7 games [1]
Highest attendance21,474
Rosenborg 3–0 Hønefoss
(16 May 2010) [2]
Lowest attendance1,142
Sandefjord 0–1 Lillestrøm
(3 October 2010) [2]
Average attendance8,108 Decrease2.svg 9.6%

The 2010 Tippeligaen was the 66th completed season of top division football in Norway. The competition began on 14 March and ended on 7 November. Rosenborg was the defending champions, having secured their twenty-first league championship in 2009. [3] Haugesund, Hønefoss and Kongsvinger entered as the three promoted teams from the 2009 1. divisjon. They replaced Fredrikstad, Bodø/Glimt and Lyn who were relegated to the 2010 1. divisjon.


Season summary

On 6 June, Lillestrøm scored three goals in four minutes and 24 seconds, two of them in injury time, to go from 3–0 down to 3–3 away at Molde. [4] Sandefjord lost 5-0 away to Odd Grenland on 26 September. This was their 23rd consecutive top flight match without winning, breaking a record of 22 set by Os in 1975. [5] The streak would continue for four matches, ending at 27 before Sandefjord won in their 28th attempt on the last day of the season, beating Hønefoss 6–1 at home. On 31 October, Rosenborg played Kongsvinger to a 0–0 draw away, making 2010 the second consecutive season without away losses for Rosenborg. [6]

Kongsvinger and Sandefjord were relegated at the end of the 2010 Tippeligaen season after finishing in the bottom two places of the league table. Sandefjord ended a two-year tenure at the highest football level of Norway, while Kongsvinger returned to the 1. divisjon after just one season. They were replaced by 2010 1. divisjon champions Sogndal and runners-up Sarpsborg 08. Sogndal returned to the Tippeligaen after a six-year hiatus, while Sarpsborg 08 made its debut at the Norwegian top-level league.

Hønefoss as 14th-placed Tippeligaen team had to compete in a relegation/promotion playoff with the 1. divisjon teams ranked third through fifth (Fredrikstad, Løv-Ham and Ranheim) for one spot in the 2011 Tippeligaen. This spot was taken by Fredrikstad, who defeated Hønefoss 8–1 on aggregate in the playoff finals and returned to Norway's top flight after just one season. In turn, Hønefoss had to return to the 1. divisjon, also after just one season.


Haugesund and Hønefoss were promoted directly from the 1. divisjon at the end of the 2009 season. Kongsvinger defeated Sarpsborg by 5–4 on aggregate in the final matches of the play-off round between the 3rd-, 4th- and 5th-placed team in the 1. divisjon and the 14th-placed team in the Tippeligaen, giving them the sixteenth and final spot.

Team summaries

Team Ap. LocationStadiumTurfCapacityManager
Aalesund 9 Ålesund Color Line Stadion Artificial 10,778 Flag of Norway.svg Kjetil Rekdal
Brann 54 Bergen Brann Stadion Natural 17,317 Flag of Norway.svg Rune Skarsfjord
Haugesund 4 Haugesund Haugesund stadion Natural 8,800 Flag of Norway.svg Jostein Grindhaug
Hønefoss 1 Hønefoss AKA Arena Artificial 4,256 Flag of Norway.svg Reidar Vågnes
Kongsvinger 18 Kongsvinger Gjemselund stadion Artificial 5,000 Flag of Sweden.svg Tony Gustavsson
Lillestrøm 47 Lillestrøm Åråsen stadion Natural 11,637 Flag of Norway.svg Henning Berg
Molde 34 Molde Aker Stadion Natural 11,800 Flag of Germany.svg Uwe Rösler
Odd Grenland 29 Skien Skagerak Arena Artificial 13,500 Flag of Norway.svg Dag-Eilev Fagermo
Rosenborg 47 Trondheim Lerkendal stadion Natural 21,166 Flag of Norway.svg Nils Arne Eggen
Sandefjord 4 Sandefjord Komplett.no Arena Natural 9,000 Flag of Ireland.svg Patrick Walker
Stabæk 15 Bærum Telenor Arena 1 Artificial 15,500 Flag of Sweden.svg Jan Jönsson
Start 35 Kristiansand Sør Arena Natural 14,300 Flag of Norway.svg Knut Tørum
Strømsgodset 23 Drammen Marienlyst Stadion Artificial 7,544 Flag of Norway.svg Ronny Deila
Tromsø 24 Tromsø Alfheim Stadion Artificial 7,500 Flag of Norway.svg Per-Mathias Høgmo
Vålerenga 50 Oslo Ullevaal Stadion Natural 25,572 Flag of Norway.svg Martin Andresen
Viking 61 Stavanger Viking Stadion Natural 16,300 Flag of Norway.svg Åge Hareide

1Stabæk also played three home matches in May at Ullevaal Stadion because Telenor Arena was being used to host the Eurovision Song Contest 2010.

Managerial changes

TeamOutgoing managerManner of departureDate of vacancyTableIncoming managerDate of appointmentTable
Kongsvinger Flag of Norway.svg Trond Amundsen Resigned12 April 2010 [7] 15th Flag of Sweden.svg Tony Gustavsson 26 April 2010 [8] 15th
Hønefoss Flag of Norway.svg Ole Bjørn Sundgot Sacked18 April 2010 [9] 16th Flag of Norway.svg Tom Gulbrandsen 18 April 2010 [9] 14th
Brann Flag of Norway.svg Steinar Nilsen Mutual agreement22 May 2010 [10] 13th Flag of Norway.svg Rune Skarsfjord 25 May 2010 [11] [12] 13th
Rosenborg Flag of Sweden.svg Erik Hamrén Signed with Sweden 24 May 2010 [13] [14] 2nd Flag of Norway.svg Nils Arne Eggen 24 May 2010 [15] 1st
Molde Flag of Sweden.svg Kjell Jonevret Sacked30 August 2010 [16] 14th Flag of Germany.svg Uwe Rösler 30 August 2010 [16] 11th

League table

PosTeamPldWDLGFGAGDPtsQualification or relegation
1 Rosenborg (C)30191105824+3468Qualification for the Champions League second qualifying round
2 Vålerenga 3019476936+3361Qualification for the Europa League second qualifying round
3 Tromsø 3014883630+650Qualification for the Europa League first qualifying round [lower-alpha 1]
4 Aalesund 30145114637+947
5 Odd Grenland 30121084841+746
6 Haugesund 3012995139+1245
7 Strømsgodset 30134135159843Qualification for the Europa League third qualifying round [lower-alpha 2]
8 Start 30119105760342
9 Viking 30101194841+741
10 Lillestrøm 3091385144+740
11 Molde 301010104245340
12 Stabæk 30116134647139
13 Brann 30810124850234
14 Hønefoss (R)30761728623427Qualification for the relegation play-offs
15 Kongsvinger (R)30481827583120Relegation to 1. divisjon
16 Sandefjord (R)30262225583312
Source: NRK Sport
Rules for classification: 1) points; 2) goal difference; 3) number of goals scored.
(C) Champion; (R) Relegated.
  1. Norway was among the best three associations in the UEFA Fair Play ranking and thus received an additional spot in the first qualifying round of the Europa League. [17]
  2. Strømsgodset qualified for the third qualifying round of the UEFA Europa League as winners of the 2010 Norwegian Cup. [18]

Positions by round

Team ╲ Round123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930
Rosenborg 759431233222211111111111111111
Vålerenga 247975645553533222222222222222
Tromsø 2105223112111122333333333333333
Aalesund 111112321345354454544674446544
Odd Grenland 10846888111110789681110898101087565655
Haugesund 812138109107891012101191011101098856854466
Strømsgodset 23275646468101110108676554456910897
Start 2263445568978911976777798788778
Viking 12711111112119976667654546656997910119
Lillestrøm 161135677874344456898109111010101079810
Molde 111414131310121212111211121213131313131313141313131312121211
Stabæk 66899119101012119787791111111191111111111111012
Brann 81310141415131313131313151312121212121212121212121213131313
Hønefoss BK 121616161616161616151515141514141414141414131414141414141414
Kongsvinger 121515151514151514141414131415151515151515151515151515151515
Sandefjord 12912121213141415161616161616161616161616161616161616161616
Source: rsssf.no

Relegation play-offs

At the end of the season, Sandefjord and Kongsvinger were relegated directly to 1. divisjon, and were replaced by Sogndal and Sarpsborg who were directly promoted.

Four teams entered a play-off for the last Tippeligaen spot in the 2011 season. These were:

First round Final round
14 Hønefoss (a.e.t.)2
5 Ranheim 1
14 Hønefoss 1 0 1
3 Fredrikstad 448
3 Fredrikstad 2
4 Løv-Ham 0


Aalesund 3–12–11–32–03–00–02–31–12–22–22–03–12–01–03–1
Brann 2–10–03–23–11–11–11–12–33–22–23–44–00–11–13–3
Haugesund 2–11–15–13–03–31–23–00–02–02–14–22–20–02–04–0
Hønefoss BK 0–22–00–21–23–21–12–10–21–00–40–01–12–23–10–1
Kongsvinger 1–20–30–13–30–03–11–20–01–01–23–30–21–11–21–1
Lillestrøm 1–03–21–16–02–21–12–21–24–00–03–23–12–01–41–1
Molde 2–13–22–11–02–03–30–0 1–2 0–01–01–23–22–30–12–2
Odd Grenland 2–10–04–11–00–02–11–11–35–02–32–12–01–11–22–1
Rosenborg 2–23–04–33–04–00–0 3–1 1–11–02–03–33–01–03–11–1
Sandefjord 0–11–40–16–10–10–13–11–11–31–11–20–33–50–10–0
Stabæk 2–12–10–00–14–22–14–30–31–22–13–01–20–11–12–3
Start 1–03–13–32–03–02–31–11–12–32–03–24–21–15–31–1
Strømsgodset 3–11–12–14–12–05–41–30–41–14–21–33–12–11–02–1
Tromsø 0–10–32–02–01–00–00–13–10–02–13–01–02–12–11–0
Vålerenga 3–01–05–20–05–22–12–16–10–03–03–28–14–13–02–0
Viking 1–34–01–04–03–10–04–13–11–20–02–02–23–11–13–4
Source: NRK Sport (in Norwegian)
Legend: Blue = home team win; Yellow = draw; Red = away team win.

Season statistics




  • Most yellow cards: 47 [21]
    • Brann
  • Most red cards: 3 [21]
    • Molde
    • Vålerenga


1 Rosenborg 253,57721,47413,90316,905−4.2%
2 Brann 205,88717,23112,00913,726−13.7%
3 Vålerenga 204,68818,00410,58813,646+26.5%
4 Viking 172,94214,2839,93911,529−11.8%
5 Aalesund 152,19510,7789,50010,146−0.7%
6 Molde 126,19211,1407,3028,413+5.6%
7 Start 125,78910,9336,4128,386+1.2%
8 Stabæk 122,22811,8076,6618,149−14.0%
9 Odd Grenland 99,4069,2005,4636,627−10.1%
10 Lillestrøm 98,6267,4444,7606,575−13.5%
11 Strømsgodset 87,8497,4444,7605,857+9.4%
12 Tromsø 70,4387,0243,6404,696−9.3%
13 Haugesund 69,9125,0004,0564,661+74.8%1
14 Sandefjord 64,9576,9361,1424,330−25.4%
15 Hønefoss 49,6954,4892,4383,313+79.4%1
16 Kongsvinger 41,6164,8501,5422,774+43.2%1
League total1,945,99721,4741,1428,108−9.6%

Source: nifs.no
1: Team played last season in 1. divisjon.

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The 2006 Tippeligaen was the 62nd completed season of top division football in Norway. The season began on April 9, 2006 and ended on November 5, 2006. Rosenborg became champions on October 29, with one round to go, by defeating Viking at home. The other main contenders for the title were Brann and Lillestrøm, the former securing their place as runners-up on the same day.

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The 2009 Tippeligaen was the 65th completed season of top division football in Norway. The competition began on 15 March and end on 1 November. Stabæk were the defending champions. Odd Grenland, Sandefjord and Start entered as the three promoted teams from the 2008 1. divisjon. They replaced HamKam who were relegated to the 2009 1. divisjon.

The 2011 Tippeligaen was the 67th completed season of top division football in Norway. The competition began on 20 March 2011 and ended on 27 November 2011. Rosenborg were the defending champions, having secured their twenty-second League Championship on 24 October 2010. Sogndal, Sarpsborg 08 and Fredrikstad entered as the three promoted teams from the 2010 1. divisjon. They replaced Hønefoss, Kongsvinger and Sandefjord who were relegated to the 2011 1. divisjon.

The 2012 Tippeligaen was the 68th completed season of top division football in Norway. The competition began on 23 March 2012 and ended on 18 November 2012, with a summer break from 28 May to 30 June. Molde were the defending champions, while Hønefoss and Sandnes Ulf entered as the promoted teams from the 2011 1. divisjon. They replaced Start and Sarpsborg 08 who were relegated to the 2012 1. divisjon.

The 2010 season was Molde's 3rd consecutive year in Tippeligaen, and their 34th season in the top flight of Norwegian football. They competed in Tippeligaen where they finished in 11th position, the Norwegian Cup where they were knocked out in the third round and the UEFA Europa League where they were knocked by Stuttgart in the third qualifying round. Head coach Kjell Jonevret was sacked on 30 August, with the club positioned in 14th place and in danger of being relegated, and was replaced by Uwe Rösler which saved the club from relegation with six wins and two draws in the last eight matches.

The 2013 Tippeligaen was the 69th completed season of top division football in Norway. The competition began 15 March 2013 and ended on 10 November 2013, when Strømsgodset defeated Haugesund 4–0 to win their second league title.

The 2014 Tippeligaen was the 70th completed season of top division football in Norway. The competition began on 28 March 2014, two weeks later than in the previous season. A three-week summer-break in June was scheduled due to the 2014 FIFA World Cup, and the decisive match was played on 9 November 2014. Strømsgodset were the defending champions. Bodø/Glimt and Stabæk joined as the promoted clubs from the 2013 1. divisjon. They replaced Tromsø and Hønefoss who were relegated to the 2014 1. divisjon.

The 2013 season was Sarpsborg 08's 2nd season in Tippeligaen, following their promotion back to the top level in 2012. It was also their first season with Brian Deane as the club's manager. Sarpsborg 08 competed in the Tippeligaen, finishing 14th, entering the Relegation play-offs in which they defeated Ranheim 3-0 over two legs. They also competed in the cup where they reached the Second Round, losing to Kvik Halden of the 2. Divisjon.

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The 2018 Eliteserien was the 74th completed season of top-tier football in Norway.

The 1998 season was Molde's 23rd season in the top flight of Norwegian football. This season Molde competed in Tippeligaen, the Norwegian Cup and the UEFA Cup. From 13 April to 22 August, Molde were unbeaten in 26 consecutive matches in all competitions; a club record.

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The 2009 Eliteserien Promotion/Relegation play-offs was the 37th time a spot in the Norwegian top flight was decided by play-off matches between top tier and second level clubs.

The 2020 Eliteserien was the 76th season of top-tier football in Norway.


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