2012–13 Greek Basket League

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Greek Basket League 2012–13 season
League Greek Basket League
Sport Basketball
Duration13 October 2012 – 15 June 2013
Number of teams14
TV partner(s) SKAI TV, ERT, Nova Sports
Regular Season
Season champions Olympiacos
Season MVP Stéphane Lasme
Top scorer Nikos Pappas
Champions Panathinaikos
  Runners-up Olympiacos
Finals MVP Stéphane Lasme
Greek Basket League seasons

The 2012–13 Greek Basket League was the 73rd season of the Greek Basket League, the highest tier professional basketball league in Greece.



ClubHome city
Apollon Patras Patras
Aris Thessaloniki
Ikaros Kallitheas Kallithea, Athens
Ilysiakos Ilisia, Athens
KAOD Drama, Greece
Kavala Kavala
Kolossos Rodou Rhodes
Olympiacos Piraeus
Panathinaikos Athens
Panelefsiniakos Elefsina
Panionios Nea Smyrni, Athens
PAOK Thessaloniki
Peristeri Peristeri, Athens
Rethymno Rethymno

Regular season


1. Olympiacos 512625122781744+534130121
2. Panathinaikos 482622420881632+456121103
3. Panionios 462620619991864+13511294
4. PAOK 432617919051843+6211267
5. Rethymno Aegean 432617919791932+4711267
6. Aris 3926131318241870-468558
7. Ikaros Kallitheas 3826121418541969–11594310
8. Apollon Patras 3726111519511993-4285310
9. KAOD 3726111520032053-507649
10. Kolossos Rodou 342681818381971-13358310
11. Panelefsiniakos 332671918801991-11176013
12. Ilysiakos 332671917882033-24558211
13. Peristeri 332671917852079-29476013
14. Kavala 312652119372135-198310211

Pts=Points, Pld=Matches played, W=Matches won, L=Matches lost, F=Points for, A=Points against, D=Points difference

Qualified to League Playoffs
Relegated to HEBA A2 2013–14


Teams in bold won the playoff series. Numbers to the left of each team indicate the team's original playoff seeding. Numbers to the right indicate the score of each playoff game.


Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
1 Olympiacos 7783-
8 Apollon Patras 63 73 -
1 Olympiacos 778780
5 Rethymno Aegean 62 72 67
4 PAOK 71 65
5 Rethymno Aegean 7588
1 Olympiacos 51 52 0*
2 Panathinaikos 646320*
2 Panathinaikos 8878
7 Ikaros Kallitheas 57 62
2 Panathinaikos 8481643rd Place
3 Panionios 61 55 62
3 Panionios 8066 743 Panionios 8073 7171
6 Aris 79 7567 5 Rethymno Aegean 74 7460 61

2012–13 Greek Basket League Finals

The defending Greek Basket League champions, Olympiacos, finished first in the regular season, and faced their arch-rivals Panathinaikos, in the finals of the playoffs, having home-court advantage. Despite the home court advantage, Panathinaikos won the series 3–0, by performing a "clean sweep", after defeating Olympiacos twice at their home-court. The 3rd game was disrupted by Olympiacos fans throwing flash-grenades at Panathinaikos' bench, when the score was 72–76 with 01:27 left to go in the game.

The match officials decided to stop the game, and have the stadium cleared of all fans. 75 minutes went by, and 100+ Olympiacos fans had still not vacated the stadium, so the game and the series was officially called off. A technicality win of 0-20 was granted to Panathinaikos, despite there still being 01:27 left on the game clock.

The events of the 3rd game of the series, happened after the owner of Panathinaikos, Dimitrios Giannakopoulos, and three other men, entered into the referee locker room at the home arena of Panathinaikos, OAKA, during halftime of the 2nd game of the series. Giannakopoulos reportedly told the refs that they would not leave the arena, if they did not change how they were calling the game, with Panathinaikos behind in the score at halftime. [1] [2] Giannkopoulos was later sanctioned by the Greek sports prosecutor for these actions. [3] Giannakopoulos was then banned from entering into any arenas in Greece by the Greek Committee of Sportsmanship, for a period of 6 months, however, he was placed on 3 years of probation and given a suspended sentence. [4] He was however, suspended from entering into the arenas at his own team's games, for a period of 3 months time. [5]

Final league standings

PositionTeamOverall Record
1. Panathinaikos 34304
2. Olympiacos 34304
3. Panionios 362511
4. Rethymno Aegean 352015
5. PAOK 281711
6. Aris 291415
7. Ikaros Kallitheas 281216
8. Apollon Patras 281117
9. KAOD 261115
10. Kolossos Rodou 26818
11. Panelefsiniakos 26719
12. Ilysiakos 26719
13. Peristeri 26719
14. Kavala 26521
2013–14 Euroleague Regular Season
2013–14 Eurocup Regular Season
Relegation to 2013–14 Greek A2 League
Greek Basket League 2012–13
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