2014 Asian Para Games

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II Asian Para Games
2014 Asian Para Games logo.svg
Host city Incheon, South Korea
MottoA Wave of Passion, Now Begins!
(Korean: 열정의 물결, 이제시작이다!, romanized: Yeoljeong-ui mulgyeol, Ijesijag-ida!)
Nations participating41
Athletes participating2,497
Events443 in 23 Sport
Opening ceremony 18 October
Closing ceremony24 October
Officially opened by Chung Hong-won
Prime Minister of South Korea
Officially closed byZainal Abu Zarin
President of the Asian Paralympic Committee
Torch lighterKim Se-jin
Main venue Incheon Munhak Stadium

The 2014 Asian Para Games (Korean : 2014년 장애인 아시아 경기대회/2014년 장애인 아시안 게임, romanized: Icheon sibsa-nyeon jangaein Asia gyeonggi daehoe/Icheon sibsa-nyeon jangaein Asian Geim), also known as the 2nd Asian Para Games, was an Asian disabled multi-sport event held in Incheon, South Korea, from 18 to 24 October 2014, 2 weeks after the end of the 2014 Asian Games. This was the first time South Korea hosted the games. Around 4,500 athletes from 41 countries competed in the games which featured 443 events in 23 sports. The games was opened by the Prime Minister Chung Hong-won at the Incheon Munhak Stadium. The final medal tally was led by China, followed by host South Korea and Japan, while Kazakhstan, Myanmar, Singapore, Syria and Qatar won their first ever Asian Para Games gold medal. 24 world and 121 Asian records were broken during the Games. [1]


Host city

Incheon was the second city to host both Asian Games and Para Games after Guangzhou. It was awarded the sporting event in September 2009 by the Asian Paralympic Committee, [2] and signed the Host Contract Agreement in January 2014 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. [3] [4] Incheon Asian Para Games Organising Committee (IAPGOC) was formed to oversee the staging of the event.

Development and preparation



Gyeonggi Province


Jeonopi and Dnopi, the black-faced spoonbill, the official mascot of the games. 2014 Asian Para Games Mascot.png
Jeonopi and Dnopi, the black-faced spoonbill, the official mascot of the games.

The logo of the 2014 Asian Para Games was unveiled on 17 June 2013 and is an image of a flame that symbolises the games itself. The blue and green symbolises the determination of the athletes, while the pink and orange flame represents the caring personality of the Asian people in general. All the colours combined on the logo represents the harmony of the people of Asia including the disables. Overall the logo represents the passion and challenging spirit of the games participating athletes as well as the unity of Asian people.


The mascot of the 2014 Asian Para Games was unveiled on the same day as the logo and is a pair of black-faced spoonbill named, Jeonopi and Dnopi. They were chosen to highlight the games organiser commitment in environmental conservation. Jeonopi represents friendship with people in Asia and the world and the clean natural environment of host city Incheon, while Dnopi represents courage of the participating athletes and hope. [6] [7]


The medals of the event had the design of the flame at the front to express the passion and determination of the athletes. The braille letters of the event's name, "Incheon 2014 Asian Para Games is engraved on the back of the medal.


Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony was held on 18 October 2014 at the Munhak Stadium with the theme, "Impossible drives us". It was attended by South Korean Prime Minister Chung Hung Won, International Paralympic Committee (IPC) President Sir Philip Craven and Asian Paralympic Committee President Dato Zainal Abu Zarin. The performance was directed by Yoo Joon-gyu and featured K-pop singer Kim Tae-woo. The South Korean prime minister declared the games open, while Lim Woo-geun lit the games cauldron. [8] [9]

Closing Ceremony

The Closing ceremony was held on 24 October 2014 at the Munhak Stadium, where the games was declared closed by Asian Paralympic President Dato' Zainal Abu Zarin. [10]

Participitating National Paralympic Committee

41 NPCs participated in the event. North Korea compete for the first time, while Bangladesh did not attend due to inactivity which resulted in the termination of its International Paralympic Committee membership the following year. [11] [12]

Participating National Paralympic Committees


Medal table

  *   Host nation (South Korea)

2014 Asian Para Games medal table [13]
1Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg  China  (CHN)1749548317
2Flag of South Korea.svg  South Korea  (KOR)*726277211
3Flag of Japan.svg  Japan  (JPN)384956143
4Flag of Iran.svg  Iran  (IRI)375231120
5Flag of Uzbekistan.svg  Uzbekistan  (UZB)225431
6Flag of Thailand.svg  Thailand  (THA)213947107
7Flag of Malaysia.svg  Malaysia  (MAS)15202762
8Flag of Hong Kong.svg  Hong Kong  (HKG)10151944
9Flag of Indonesia.svg  Indonesia  (INA)9111838
10Flag of Vietnam.svg  Vietnam  (VIE)971329
11Flag of Kazakhstan.svg  Kazakhstan  (KAZ)761124
12Flag of Iraq.svg  Iraq  (IRQ)661931
13Flag of the United Arab Emirates.svg  United Arab Emirates  (UAE)412925
14Chinese Taipei Paralympic Flag.svg  Chinese Taipei  (TPE)4102438
15Flag of India.svg  India  (IND)3141633
16Flag of Qatar.svg  Qatar  (QAT)3025
17Flag of Mongolia.svg  Mongolia  (MGL)21811
18Flag of Saudi Arabia.svg  Saudi Arabia  (KSA)2114
19Flag of Sri Lanka.svg  Sri Lanka  (SRI)16714
20Flag of Jordan.svg  Jordan  (JOR)1449
21Flag of Syria.svg  Syria  (SYR)1225
22Flag of Myanmar.svg  Myanmar  (MYA)1157
23Flag of Singapore.svg  Singapore  (SIN)1146
24Flag of the Philippines.svg  Philippines  (PHI)05510
25Flag of Kuwait.svg  Kuwait  (KUW)0426
26Flag of Turkmenistan.svg  Turkmenistan  (TKM)0213
27Flag of Lebanon.svg  Lebanon  (LIB)0202
28Flag of Bahrain.svg  Bahrain  (BRN)0123
29Flag of Brunei.svg  Brunei  (BRU)0022
Flag of Macau.svg  Macau  (MAC)0022
Flag of North Korea.svg  North Korea  (PRK)0022
32Flag of Pakistan.svg  Pakistan  (PAK)0011
Totals (32 NPCs)4434334691345

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The Incheon Stadium, commonly known as the Incheon Asiad Main Stadium, is a stadium located in Incheon, South Korea. Completed in July 2014, it is used mostly for athletics meets and was the main venue of the 2014 Asian Games. The stadium has been designed with an initial capacity of roughly 60,000 spectators. After the 2014 Asian Games, capacity was reduced to 30,000 spectators. The stadium has an oval running track enclosing a regulation-size soccer field. Outside, there's a tennis court, a subsidiary stadium, and the 1,415.13㎡ Yeonhui Cricket Ground.

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The 2014 Asian Games featured 49 competition venues and 48 training facilities on the sixteen days Games competition from September 19 to October 4, 2014. Of them, there are ten venues are newly built. All of the competition venues will be used after the opening ceremony bar football venues, which is held from September 14, 2014.

Japan at the 2014 Asian Games Sporting event delegation

Japan participated in the 2014 Asian Games in Incheon, South Korea from 19 September to 4 October 2014.

South Korea at the 2014 Asian Games Sporting event delegation

South Korea was the host nation of the 2014 Asian Games held in Incheon from 19 September to 4 October 2014. South Korea was represented by the Korean Olympic Committee, and the South Korean delegation was the largest in this edition of the Asian Games. The delegation of 1,068 people included 831 competitors and 237 officials.

The women's football tournament at the 2014 Asian Games was held in Incheon and three other cities in South Korea from September 14 to October 1, 2014. The opening match was played 5 days prior to the opening ceremony. In this tournament, 11 teams participated in women's competition.

7-a-side football at the 2014 Asian Para Games were held in Namdong Asiad Rugby Field, Incheon from 19 – 23 October 2014. There was 1 gold medals in this sport.

Incheon Namdong Asiad Rugby Field is a multi-purpose stadium located in Incheon, South Korea. It is used for rugby and football matches, and is the home ground of the Incheon Hyundai Steel Red Angels of the WK League. The stadium also hosted the rugby sevens events at the 2014 Asian Games.

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