2015 Cerezo Osaka season

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Cerezo Osaka
2015 season
Manager Flag of Brazil.svg Paulo Autuori
Flag of Japan.svg Kiyoshi Okuma
Stadium Yanmar Stadium Nagai
J2 League 4th
Emperor's CupFirst Round (1–2 to FC Osaka)

The 2015 Cerezo Osaka season was the club's fourth in the J2 League and first following their relegation from the 2014 J.League Division 1. The club finished in 4th place and advanced to the J2 League promotion playoffs, where they failed to achieve promotion after drawing Avispa Fukuoka 1–1 in the promotion playoff final. Avispa had finished in 3rd place and won the tiebreaker, which was based on the league standings instead of going to extra time after scoring an 87th minute goal. [1]


Cerezo Osaka lost in the first round of the Emperor's Cup to FC Osaka on 29 August in front of 4,467 spectators. [1]

J2 League


12015.03.08 Tokyo Verdy 1–1 Cerezo Osaka Ajinomoto Stadium 12,217
22015.03.15 Cerezo Osaka 3–1 Omiya Ardija Yanmar Stadium Nagai 15,584
32015.03.21 Fagiano Okayama 1–1 Cerezo Osaka City Light Stadium 15,820
42015.03.29 Cerezo Osaka 2–0 Yokohama FC Yanmar Stadium Nagai 14,518
52015.04.01 JEF United Chiba 4–4 Cerezo Osaka Fukuda Denshi Arena 12,516
62015.04.05 FC Gifu 0–2 Cerezo Osaka Gifu Nagaragawa Stadium 8,139
72015.04.11 Cerezo Osaka 0–2 Zweigen Kanazawa Kincho Stadium 10,290
82015.04.19 Cerezo Osaka 1–2 Thespakusatsu Gunma Yanmar Stadium Nagai 17,212
92015.04.26 Kamatamare Sanuki 1–3 Cerezo Osaka Kagawa Marugame Stadium 10,447
102015.04.29 Cerezo Osaka 3–0 Kyoto Sanga FC Kincho Stadium 14,631
112015.05.03 Avispa Fukuoka 1–0 Cerezo Osaka Level5 Stadium 12,301
122015.05.06 Cerezo Osaka 1–2 Júbilo Iwata Kincho Stadium 15,914
132015.05.09 Giravanz Kitakyushu 0–3 Cerezo Osaka Honjo Stadium 5,041
142015.05.17 Cerezo Osaka 1–2 V-Varen Nagasaki Kincho Stadium 10,900
152015.05.24 Roasso Kumamoto 0–0 Cerezo Osaka Umakana-Yokana Stadium 13,132
162015.06.01 Consadole Sapporo 1–1 Cerezo Osaka Sapporo Dome 18,044
172015.06.06 Cerezo Osaka 1–0 Ehime FC Yanmar Stadium Nagai 16,116
182015.06.14 Mito HollyHock 1–1 Cerezo Osaka K's denki Stadium Mito 8,391
192015.06.21 Cerezo Osaka 1–0 Tokushima Vortis Kincho Stadium 11,332
202015.06.28 Tochigi SC 0–3 Cerezo Osaka Tochigi Green Stadium 7,077
212015.07.04 Cerezo Osaka 0–0 Oita Trinita Kincho Stadium 8,946
222015.07.08 Yokohama FC 0–0 Cerezo Osaka NHK Spring Mitsuzawa Football Stadium 3,728
232015.07.12 Cerezo Osaka 3–1 Consadole Sapporo Kincho Stadium 9,602
242015.07.18 Kyoto Sanga FC 1–0 Cerezo Osaka Kyoto Nishikyogoku Athletic Stadium 13,998
252015.07.22 Cerezo Osaka 2–1 Fagiano Okayama Kincho Stadium 8,047
262015.07.26 Júbilo Iwata 0–1 Cerezo Osaka Yamaha Stadium 12,868
272015.08.01 Ehime FC 2–1 Cerezo Osaka Ningineer Stadium 7,177
282015.08.08 Cerezo Osaka 1–1 JEF United Chiba Kincho Stadium 11,502
292015.08.15 Cerezo Osaka 1–0 FC Gifu Kincho Stadium 11,304
302015.08.23 Oita Trinita 1–3 Cerezo Osaka Oita Bank Dome 10,229
312015.09.13 Cerezo Osaka 4–1 Tochigi SC Kincho Stadium 11,093
322015.09.20 Omiya Ardija 1–2 Cerezo Osaka Kumagaya Athletic Stadium 14,410
332015.09.23 Cerezo Osaka 2–2 Mito HollyHock Yanmar Stadium Nagai 14,975
342015.09.27 Tokushima Vortis 1–1 Cerezo Osaka Pocarisweat Stadium 7,988
352015.10.04 Cerezo Osaka 0–1 Avispa Fukuoka Yanmar Stadium Nagai 13,843
362015.10.10 Cerezo Osaka 1–0 Giravanz Kitakyushu Kincho Stadium 8,581
372015.10.18 Thespakusatsu Gunma 2–0 Cerezo Osaka Shoda Shoyu Stadium Gunma 6,916
382015.10.25 Cerezo Osaka 0–0 Kamatamare Sanuki Kincho Stadium 10,283
392015.11.01 Cerezo Osaka 1–1 Roasso Kumamoto Kincho Stadium 10,194
402015.11.08 Zweigen Kanazawa 3–0 Cerezo Osaka Ishikawa Athletics Stadium 7,418
412015.11.14 V-Varen Nagasaki 2–0 Cerezo Osaka Nagasaki Stadium 7,962
422015.11.23 Cerezo Osaka 2–0 Tokyo Verdy Kincho Stadium 12,013

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