2016–17 National Basketball League (Bulgaria) season

Last updated
Games played108 (regular season)
Final positions
Champions Lukoil Academic (26th title)
Runners-up Beroe
Third place Rilski Sportist
Fourth place Cherno More Ticha
MVP Flag of the United States.svg Jordan Semple [1]
Finals MVP Flag of the United States.svg Danny Gibson [2]

The 2016–17 National Basketball League (Bulgaria) season was the 76th season of the Bulgarian NBL. The season started on October 14, 2016 and ended on May 30, 2017.



Bulgaria location map.svg
2016–17 Bulgarian National Basketball League club locations.

Chernomorets resigned from the league due to financial difficulties. [3]

ClubLast seasonArenaLocationCapacity
Academic Bultex 99 9thStroitel Hall Plovdiv 1,000
Balkan Botevgrad 2nd Arena Botevgrad Botevgrad 4,500
Beroe 3rdMunicipal Hall Stara Zagora 1,000
Cherno More Ticha 5th Hristo Borisov Varna 1,000
Levski Sofia 7th Universiada Hall Sofia 4,000
Lukoil Academic 1stSports Complex Hall Pravets 1,000
Rilski Sportist 4thArena Samokov Samokov 2,500
Spartak Pleven 6thBalkanstroy Pleven 1,200
Yambol 8th Diana Yambol 3,000

Regular season

League table

1 Lukoil Academic 2420421081769+33944Advance to playoffs
2 Academic Bultex 99 2416820282012+1640
3 Beroe 2415919891825+16439
4 Rilski Sportist 24141020301973+5738
5 Balkan Botevgrad 24141018881795+9338
6 Spartak Pleven 241113201020463635
7 Cherno More Ticha 247171827199216531
8 Yambol 247171868201014231
9 Levski Sofia 244201753207932628
Source: NBL


First stage

Academic Plovdiv 88–8189–7790–8998–7674–7296–8595–8287–78
Balkan 94–7484–6585–7375–6376–8885–7278–7990–87
Beroe 82–7587–6179–64104–7580–8788–7296–65102–77
Cherno More 70–7158–7663–86100–7875–8681–7478–7678–69
Levski 58–9161–7685–8179–7052–9061–7886–9080–73
Lukoil Academic 104–6694–6882–7287–7484–6966–75104–7191–69
Rilski Sportis 94–8291–58101–8584–7595–6690–9489–79102–90
Špartak Pleven 88–9088–8375–8193–7777–72108–10493–7792–66
Yambol 94–8155–6257–8376–8778–6770–7895–9184–80
Source: NBL
Legend: Blue = home team win; Yellow = draw; Red = away team win.

Second stage

Home and away games depend of table after the first stage.

Academic Plovdiv 85–8264–8580–8397–96
Balkan 94–7196–7095–7178–69
Beroe 64–7977–6779–7484–89
Cherno More 77–8084–8060–10785–80
Levski 105–10674–9170–9169–85
Lukoil Academic 82–8062–5994–79108–76
Rilski Sportis 80–7397–9487–8676–90
Špartak Pleven 88–7773–7676–8295–88
Yambol 78–8972–8293–8180–71
Source: NBL
Legend: Blue = home team win; Yellow = draw; Red = away team win.


Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
1 Lukoil Academic 10985
8 Yambol 71 71
1 Lukoil Academic 80 9586 8080
4 Rilski Sportist 8980 9066 76
4 Rilski Sportist 8175 82
5 Balkan Botevgrad 79 10073
1 Lukoil Academic 968264 83
3 Beroe 81 73 7476
2 Academic Bultex 99 9179 92
7 Cherno More Ticha 73 8594
7 Cherno More Ticha 68 81 68 Third place
3 Beroe 1028794
3 Beroe 8192 1034 Rilski Sportist 10294
6 Spartak Pleven 69 9379 7 Cherno More Ticha 82 62

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NBL clubs in European competitions

Lukoil Academic FIBA Europe Cup Second round
Rilski Sportist FIBA Europe Cup Regular season
Beroe Balkan League Champions

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