2017 Emperor's Cup

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2017 Emperor's Cup
CountryFlag of Japan.svg Japan
Dates22 April 2017 – 1 January 2018
Champions Cerezo Osaka (4th title)
Runners-up Yokohama F. Marinos
Matches played87
Goals scored292 (3.36 per match)
Attendance313,782 (3,607 per match)
Top goal scorer(s) Hugo Vieira, Seiya Nakano (5 goals each)

The 97th Emperor's Cup (第97回天皇杯全日本サッカー選手権大会) was the 2017 edition of the annual Japanese national cup tournament, which began on 22 April 2017 and ended with the finals on 1 January 2018. [1]


Cerezo Osaka won the tournament for the first time as a J.League club. It had won the cup 43 years ago, in 1974 when the club was playing for Japan Soccer League as Yanmar Diesel. As a result of this win, Cerezo automatically qualified to the group stage of the 2018 AFC Champions League.


RoundDateMatchesClubsNew entries this round
First Round 22, 23 April2447+1 → 24
Second Round 21 June3224+40 → 32
  • 18 J1 clubs
  • 22 J2 clubs
Third Round 12 July
(2 August) [Footnote 1]
1632 → 16
Fourth Round 20 September816 → 8
Quarter-finals 25 October48 → 4
Semi-finals 23 December24 → 2
Final 1 January 201812 → 1
  1. The match between Vanraure Hachinohe and Nagoya Grampus was rain-interrupted on July 12; the match was continued from the point of stoppage (60th minute, with Nagoya Grampus leading 0-1) on 2 August.

From Third round up to Quarter-finals, the team playing in lower-tier of the league system (or lower ranked team if in same level) will have home advantage. Should the home team's stadium not fulfill requirements or the playing team is involved in 2017 AFC Champions League, organizers may assign other stadium instead. [2]

Participating clubs

88 clubs competed in the tournament. Clubs playing in the 2017 J1 League and 2017 J2 League received a bye to the second round of the tournament. The remaining teams entered in the first round.

2017 J1 League
all clubs
2017 J2 League
all clubs
Amateur Best Team47 prefectural tournament winners

Schedule and results

All times given in UTC+09:00

First Round

22 April 2017 Arterivo Wakayama 2–3 (a.e.t.) FC Maruyasu Okazaki Wakayama
13:00 Report Stadium: Kimiidera Athletic Stadium
Attendance: 843
Referee: Masashige Abe
22 April 2017 Iwaki FC 8–2 Norbritz Hokkaido Fukushima
13:00 Report Stadium: Toho Stadium for Everyone
Attendance: 439
Referee: Kota Watanabe
23 April 2017 Giravanz Kitakyushu 10–0 R.Velho Takamatsu Kitakyushu
13:00 Report Stadium: Honjō Athletic Stadium
Attendance: 1,040
Referee: Mitsuru Ooya
23 April 2017 Nirasaki Astoros 1–5 Briobecca Urayasu Kofu
13:00 Report Stadium: Yamanashi Chuo Bank Stadium
Attendance: 408
Referee: Takao Ueda
22 April 2017 AC Nagano Parceiro 1–0 Suzuka Unlimited FC Nagano
13:00 Report Stadium: Nagano U Stadium
Attendance: 1,848
Referee: Kazuyoshi Karashima
23 April 2017 FC Ryukyu 5–5 (a.e.t.)
(3–5 p)
FC Imabari Okinawa
13:00 Report Stadium: Okinawa Athletic Stadium
Attendance: 882
Referee: Keigo Sendachi
23 April 2017 Verspah Oita 2–1 Kochi United SC Ōita
13:00 Report Stadium: Ōita Bank Dome
Attendance: 602
Referee: Masaki Kuniyoshi
23 April 2017 Honda FC 3–1 (a.e.t.) Biwako Seikei Sport College Hamamatsu
13:00 Report Stadium: Honda Miyakoda Soccer Stadium
Attendance: 900
Referee: Yasuhiro Uchida
22 April 2017 Blaublitz Akita 1–2 Kokushikan University Akita
13:00 Report Stadium: Akigin Stadium
Attendance: 587人
Referee: Naoto Uehara
23 April 2017 YSCC Yokohama 1–2 Tsukuba University Hiratsuka
13:00 Report Stadium: Shonan BMW Stadium Hiratsuka
Attendance: 461
Referee: Syuhei Ishimaru
23 April 2017 Grulla Morioka 2–0 Sony Sendai FC Morioka
13:00 Report Stadium: Iwate Athletic Stadium
Attendance: 394
Referee: Dai Matsumoto
22 April 2017 Hokuriku University 0–2 (a.e.t.) Banditonce Kakogawa Kanazawa
13:00 Report Stadium: Kanazawa Soccer Stadium
Attendance: 228
Referee: Syo Yanagida
23 April 2017 Kataller Toyama 1–0 Amitie SC Kyoto Toyama
13:00 Report Stadium: Toyama Athletic Stadium
Attendance: 1,051
Referee: Kenshi Uda
22 April 2017 FC Osaka 4–1 Saga University Osaka
14:00 Report Stadium: Yanmar Stadium Nagai
Attendance: 415
Referee: Taiki Tsuruoka
22 April 2017 Azul Claro Numazu 1–0 Saurcos Fukui Numazu
13:00 Report Stadium: Shizuoka Ashitaka Athletic Stadium
Attendance: 1,102
Referee: Yunosuke Kanetsugu
22 April 2017 Tochigi Uva FC 6–1 FC Parafrente Yonezawa Utsunomiya
13:00 Report Stadium: Tochigi Green Stadium
Attendance: 297
Referee: Hiroki Kasahara
22 April 2017 Nara Club 0–1 (a.e.t.) Vanraure Hachinohe Nara
13:00 Report Stadium: Naraden Field
Attendance: 367
Referee: Shingo Kuniyoshi
23 April 2017 SRC Hiroshima 1–0 Mitsubishi Mizushima FC Fukuyama
14:00 Report Stadium: Fukuyama Takegahana Stadium
Attendance: 511
Referee: Keisuke Nobori
23 April 2017 Gainare Tottori 0–1 Kagoshima United FC Tottori
13:00 Report Stadium: Tottori Bank Bird Stadium
Attendance: 1,311
Referee: Syu Kawamata
23 April 2017 Kumamoto Teachers Soccer Club 0–4 Matsue City FC Kumamoto
19:00 Report Stadium: Egao Kenko Stadium
Attendance: 585
Referee: Kakuro Hori
22 April 2017 FC Tokushima Celeste 1–2 MD Nagasaki Naruto
13:00 Report Stadium: Pocarisweat Stadium
Attendance: 254
Referee: Naoki Wakatsuki

Second Round

21 June 2017 Kashima Antlers 5–0 FC Maruyasu Okazaki Kashima
19:00 Report Stadium: Kashima Soccer Stadium
Attendance: 2,273
Referee: Takuto Okabe
21 June 2017 Montedio Yamagata 1–0 (a.e.t.) V-Varen Nagasaki Tendō
19:00 Report Stadium: ND Soft Stadium Yamagata
Attendance: 1,887
Referee: Tomokazu Sato
21 June 2017 Shimizu S-Pulse 4–1 Giravanz Kitakyushu Shizuoka
19:00 Report Stadium: IAI Stadium Nihondaira
Attendance: 1,623
Referee: Hiroyuki Kimura
21 June 2017 Kashiwa Reysol 1–0 Briobecca Urayasu Kashiwa
19:00 Report Stadium: Hitachi Kashiwa Soccer Stadium
Attendance: 2,577
Referee: Yoshiro Imamura
21 June 2017 FC Machida Zelvia 2–4 Oita Trinita Machida
19:00 Report Stadium: Machida Athletic Stadium
Attendance: 931
Referee: Shoichiro Mikami
21 June 2017 FC Tokyo 1–1 (a.e.t.)
(4–5 p)
AC Nagano Parceiro Chōfu
19:00 Report Stadium: Ajinomoto Stadium
Attendance: 4,193
Referee: Hiroyoshi Takayama
21 June 2017 Fagiano Okayama 0–0 (a.e.t.)
(5–3 p)
FC Imabari Okayama
19:00 Report Stadium: City Light Stadium
Attendance: 2,564
Referee: Dai Matsumoto
21 June 2017 Gamba Osaka 3–0 Verspah Oita Suita
19:00 Report Stadium: Suita City Football Stadium
Attendance: 3,597
Referee: Hirokazu Otsubo
21 June 2017 JEF United Chiba 1–0 Tokyo Verdy Chiba
19:00 Report Stadium: Fukuda Denshi Arena
Attendance: 2,404
Referee: Kazuyoshi Enomoto
21 June 2017 Júbilo Iwata 2–2 (a.e.t.)
(5–4 p)
Honda FC Iwata
19:00 Report Stadium: Yamaha Stadium
Attendance: 4,180
Referee: Koichiro Fukushima
21 June 2017 Shonan Bellmare 1–0 (a.e.t.) Kokushikan University Hiratsuka
19:00 Report Stadium: Shonan BMW Stadium Hiratsuka
Attendance: 1,320
Referee: Genki Tawara
21 June 2017 Omiya Ardija 3–0 Tonan Maebashi Saitama
19:00 Report Stadium: NACK5 Stadium Omiya
Attendance: 1,874
Referee: Kazuya Fujita
21 June 2017 Ehime FC 2–1 Kamatamare Sanuki Matsuyama
19:00 Report Stadium: Ningineer Stadium
Attendance: 798
Referee: Nobutsugu Murakami
21 June 2017 Vegalta Sendai 2–3 Tsukuba University Sendai
19:00 Report Stadium: Yurtec Stadium Sendai
Attendance: 2,017
Referee: Ryosuke Yamaoka
21 June 2017 Avispa Fukuoka 4–2 Miyazaki Sangyo-keiei University Fukuoka
19:00 Report Stadium: Level5 Stadium
Attendance: 1,249
Referee: Leo Tanaka
21 June 2017 Urawa Red Diamonds 3–2 Grulla Morioka Saitama
19:00 Report Stadium: Urawa Komaba Stadium
Attendance: 5,038
Referee: Futoshi Nakamura
21 June 2017 Mito HollyHock 1–2 (a.e.t.) Roasso Kumamoto Mito
19:00 Report Stadium: K's denki Stadium Mito
Attendance: 968
Referee: Hayato Shimizu
21 June 2017 Albirex Niigata 2–1 (a.e.t.) Banditonce Kakogawa Niigata
19:00 Report Stadium: Denka Big Swan Stadium
Attendance: 2,338
Referee: Toru Kakinuma
21 June 2017 Zweigen Kanazawa 2–0 Yokohama FC Kanazawa
19:00 Report Stadium: Ishikawa Athletics Stadium
Attendance: 1,103
Referee: Hajime Matsuo
21 June 2017 Kyoto Sanga 0–1 Azul Claro Numazu Kyoto
19:00 Report Stadium: Nishikyogoku Athletic Stadium
Attendance: 1,067
Referee: Ryo Tanimoto
21 June 2017 Nagoya Grampus 6–0 SRC Hiroshima Nagoya
19:00 Report Stadium: Paloma Mizuho Stadium
Attendance: 2,268
Referee: Taku Nagaya
21 June 2017 Sanfrecce Hiroshima 3–2 Kagoshima United FC Fukuyama
18:00 Report Stadium: Fukuyama Takegahana Stadium
Attendance: 2,532
Referee: Yusuke Araki
21 June 2017 Tokushima Vortis 0–3 FC Gifu Naruto
19:00 Report Stadium: Pocarisweat Stadium
Attendance: 1,108
Referee: Hiromichi Oka
21 June 2017 Sagan Tosu 3–0 Matsue City FC Tosu
19:00 Report Stadium: Best Amenity Stadium
Attendance: 2,152
Referee: Tetsuro Yoshida
21 June 2017 Matsumoto Yamaga FC 4–0 MD Nagasaki Matsumoto
19:00 Report Stadium: Matsumotodaira Football Stadium
Attendance: 3,368
Referee: Hiroki Kasahara

Third Round

2 August 2017 Vanraure Hachinohe 1–2 Nagoya Grampus Nagoya
19:00 Report Stadium: Paloma Mizuho Stadium
Note: Match first played on 12 July 2017 but abandoned after during the second half due to a thunderstorm.

Fourth Round

20 September 2017 Matsumoto Yamaga FC 0–2 Vissel Kobe Matsumoto
19:00 Report Hashimoto Soccerball shade.svg 23'
Watanabe Soccerball shade.svg 81'
Stadium: Matsumotodaira Football Stadium
Attendance: 6,721
Referee: Y. Nishimura
20 September 2017 Urawa Red Diamonds 2–4 Kashima Antlers Kumagaya
19:00 Zlatan Soccerball shade.svg 59'
Muto Soccerball shade.svg 69'
Report Kanazaki Soccerball shade.svg 7', 51' (pen.)
Nakamura Soccerball shade.svg 74'
Doi Soccerball shade.svg 90'
Stadium: Kumagaya Athletic Stadium
Attendance: 10,051
Referee: H. Takayama
20 September 2017 Cerezo Osaka 1–0 Nagoya Grampus Nagoya
19:00 Fukumitsu Soccerball shade.svg 6' Report Stadium: Paloma Mizuho Stadium
Attendance: 6,560
Referee: Y. Imamura
20 September 2017 Tsukuba University 0–2 Omiya Ardija Kashima
19:00 Report Shimizu Soccerball shade.svg 28' (pen.), 85'Stadium: Kashima Soccer Stadium
Attendance: 2,429
Referee: H. Matsuo
20 September 2017 Yokohama F. Marinos 3–2 (a.e.t.) Sanfrecce Hiroshima Yokohama
19:00 Vieira Soccerball shade.svg 54' (pen.), 88', 120' Report Minagawa Soccerball shade.svg 7'
Felipe Soccerball shade.svg 14'
Stadium: Nippatsu Mitsuzawa Stadium
Attendance: 6,026
Referee: Y. Yamamoto
20 September 2017 AC Nagano Parceiro 0–1 Júbilo Iwata Nagano
19:00 Report Saito Soccerball shade.svg 52'Stadium: Nagano U Stadium
Attendance: 6,276
Referee: H. Kimura
20 September 2017 Kawasaki Frontale 4–1 Shimizu S-Pulse Kawasaki
19:00 Morimoto Soccerball shade.svg 8', 41', 49'
Eduardo Soccerball shade.svg 85'
Report Duke Soccerball shade.svg 23'Stadium: Todoroki Athletics Stadium
Attendance: 7,641
Referee: K. Fukushima
20 September 2017 Gamba Osaka 2–3 Kashiwa Reysol Suita
19:00 Nagasawa Soccerball shade.svg 60'
Ideguchi Soccerball shade.svg 81'
Report Cristiano Soccerball shade.svg 45', 52'
Koga Soccerball shade.svg 48'
Stadium: Suita City Football Stadium
Attendance: 5,324
Referee: R. Sato


25 October 2017 Cerezo Osaka 2–0 Omiya Ardija Osaka
19:00 Fukumitsu Soccerball shade.svg 23'
Sawakami Soccerball shade.svg 54'
Report Stadium: Kincho Stadium
Attendance: 4,526
Referee: J. Iida
25 October 2017 Yokohama F. Marinos 1–0 Júbilo Iwata Yokohama
19:00Soccerball shade.svg 81' (o.g.) Report Stadium: Nippatsu Mitsuzawa Stadium
Attendance: 9,696
Referee: M. Toma
25 October 2017 Kawasaki Frontale 0–1 Kashiwa Reysol Kawasaki
19:30 Report Cristiano Soccerball shade.svg 61'Stadium: Todoroki Athletics Stadium
Attendance: 9,968
Referee: N. Murakami


23 December 2017 Vissel Kobe 1–3 (a.e.t.) Cerezo Osaka Osaka
13:00 Omori Soccerball shade.svg 90' Report Mizunuma Soccerball shade.svg 90+1'
Kakitani Soccerball shade.svg 98'
Souza Soccerball shade.svg 114'
Stadium: Nagai Stadium
Attendance: 24,833
Referee: Y. Yamamoto
23 December 2017 Yokohama F. Marinos 2–1 (a.e.t.) Kashiwa Reysol Kawasaki
15:05 Ito Soccerball shade.svg 69'
Vieira Soccerball shade.svg 118'
Report Lopes Soccerball shade.svg 11'Stadium: Todoroki Athletics Stadium
Attendance: 20,696
Referee: J. Iida


1 January 2018 Cerezo Osaka 2–1 (a.e.t.) Yokohama F. Marinos Saitama
14:40 Yamamura Soccerball shade.svg 65'
Mizunuma Soccerball shade.svg 95'
Report Ito Soccerball shade.svg 8'Stadium: Saitama Stadium 2002
Attendance: 42,029
Referee: M. Tojo

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