2019 J3 League

Last updated
Meiji Yasuda J3 League
Dates9 March – 8 December 2019
Champions Giravanz Kitakyushu
Promoted Giravanz Kitakyushu
Thespakusatsu Gunma
Matches played306
Goals scored813 (2.66 per match)
Highest attendance16,027
Roasso Kumamoto - Gamba Osaka U-23
(7 September)
Lowest attendance267
FC Tokyo U-23 - SC Sagamihara
(20 October)
Average attendance2,396

The 2019 J3 League, referred to as the 2019 Meiji Yasuda J3 League (Japanese: 2019 明治安田生命J3リーグ, Hepburn: 2019 Meiji Yasuda Seimei J3 Rīgu) for sponsorship reasons, is the 6th season of J3 League under its current name.


2019 season Clubs

Japan Kanto adm location map.svg
Greater Tokyo Area J3 League teams

2018 season saw two teams promoted to J2 League: FC Ryukyu won the championship by nine points over second-placed Kagoshima United FC, which confirmed their promotion to the 2019 J2 League season with still one game to play. From second division, there was a double automatic relegation for the first time: Kamatamare Sanuki are back to third tier after five seasons, but they were promoted in 2013 from Japan Football League, when J3 League was planned. [1] The same goes for Roasso Kumamoto, who are back in the third level of Japanese football after more than a decade.

Also, Japan Football League saw the promotion of Vanraure Hachinohe, who came third in JFL and they booked their first professional season in their history.

ClubLocationVenueCapacityLast season
Azul Claro Numazu Numazu Ashitaka Stadium 10,000J3(4th)
Blaublitz Akita Akita Soyu Stadium 20,125J3(8th)
Fukushima United FC Fukushima Toho Stadium 21,000J3(12th)
Gainare Tottori Tottori Torigin Bird Stadium 16,033J3(3rd)
Giravanz Kitakyushu Kitakyushu Mikuni World Stadium Kitakyushu 15,066J3(17th)
Iwate Grulla Morioka Morioka Iwagin Stadium 4,946J3(13th)
Kamatamare Sanuki Takamatsu, Kagawa Pikara Stadium 30,099Relegated from J2 J2(22nd)
Kataller Toyama Toyama Toyama Athletic Stadium 25,251J3(11th)
Fujieda MYFC Fujieda Fujieda Soccer Field 13,000J3(16th)
Nagano Parceiro Nagano Nagano U Stadium 15,491J3(10th)
Roasso Kumamoto Kumamoto, Kumamoto Egao Kenko Stadium 32,000Relegated from J2 J2(21st)
SC Sagamihara Sagamihara Gion Stadium 15,300J3(9th)
Thespakusatsu Gunma All cities/towns in Gunma Shoda Shoyu Stadium Gunma 15,253J3(5th)
FC Tokyo U-23 Tokyo Ajinomoto Field Nishigaoka 7,137J3(14th)
Vanraure Hachinohe Eastern cities/towns in Aomori [lower-alpha 1] Daihatsu Stadium 5,200Promoted from JFL JFL(3rd)
YSCC Yokohama Yokohama Nippatsu Mitsuzawa Stadium 15,454J3(15th)
Cerezo Osaka U-23 Osaka & Sakai, Osaka Kincho Stadium 19,904J3(7th)
Gamba Osaka U-23 North cities in Osaka Panasonic Stadium Suita

Expo '70 Commemorative Stadium




Personnel and kits

ClubManagerCaptainKit manufacturer
Azul Claro Numazu Flag of Japan.svg Ken Yoshida Flag of Japan.svg Takuya Sugai Puma
Blaublitz Akita Flag of Japan.svg Shuichi Mase Flag of Japan.svg Hiroki Kotani ATHLETA
Cerezo Osaka U-23 Flag of Japan.svg Yuji Okuma none Puma
Fukushima United Flag of Japan.svg Takeo Matsuda Flag of Japan.svg Akihiro Sakata hummel
Gainare Tottori Flag of Japan.svg Riki Takagi Flag of Brazil.svg Fernandinho Puma
Gamba Osaka U-23 Flag of Japan.svg Hitoshi Morishita none Umbro
Giravanz Kitakyushu Flag of Japan.svg Shinji Kobayashi Flag of Japan.svg Yohei Naito bonera
Grulla Morioka Flag of Japan.svg Toshimi Kikuchi TBD Under Armour
Kamatamare Sanuki Flag of Japan.svg Kenichi Uemura Flag of Japan.svg Akira Takeuchi ATHLETA
Kataller Toyama Flag of Japan.svg Ryo Adachi Flag of Japan.svg Junya Imase Goldwin
Fujieda MYFC Flag of Japan.svg Nobuhiro Ishizaki Flag of Japan.svg Takuya Sugimoto gol.
Nagano Parceiro Flag of Japan.svg Yuji Yokoyama Flag of Japan.svg Takahiro Oshima Penalty
Roasso Kumamoto Flag of Japan.svg Hiroki Shibuya Flag of Japan.svg Shoto Suzuki Puma
SC Sagamihara Flag of Japan.svg Fumitake Miura Flag of Japan.svg Seitaro Tomisawa gol.
Thespakusatsu Gunma Flag of Japan.svg Keiichiro Nuno Flag of Japan.svg Tetsuya Funatsu Finta
FC Tokyo U-23 Flag of Japan.svg Tetsu Nagasawa none Umbro
Vanraure Hachinohe Flag of Japan.svg Atsuto Oishi Flag of Japan.svg Takafumi Sudo ATHLETA
YSCC Yokohama Flag of Japan.svg Yuki Stalph Flag of Japan.svg Koichi Miyao YOUNGER

League table

1 Giravanz Kitakyushu (C, P)3419965127+2466Promotion to 2020 J2 League [lower-alpha 1]
2 Thespakusatsu Gunma (P)3418975934+2563
3 Fujieda MYFC 3418974231+1163Ineligible for promotion
4 Kataller Toyama 34161085431+2358
5 Roasso Kumamoto 3416994539+657
6 Cerezo Osaka U-23 34164144956752Ineligible for promotion
7 Gainare Tottori 341481249591050
8 Blaublitz Akita 341310114535+1049
9 Nagano Parceiro 341310113534+149
10 Vanraure Hachinohe 34146144942+748
11 Fukushima United 34134174553843Ineligible for promotion
12 Azul Claro Numazu 34116173543839
13 YSCC Yokohama 341231953651239
14 Kamatamare Sanuki 341091533491639
15 SC Sagamihara 34108163645938Ineligible for promotion
16 FC Tokyo U-23 3499164352936
17 Gamba Osaka U-23 3498175455135
18 Iwate Grulla Morioka 34752236632726
Source: 2019 MEIJI YASUDA J3 LEAGUE League table
Rules for classification: 1) Points; 2) Goal difference; 3) Goals scored; 4th) head-to-head results; 5th) disciplinary points; 6th) draw
(C) Champion; (P) Promoted.
  1. Only teams that hold a J2 license are eligible for promotion.

Positions by round

Team ╲ Round12345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031323334
Giravanz Kitakyushu 1111123112212222334444322211111111
Thespakusatsu Gunma 6671181213161310964655653211111133333322
Fujieda MYFC 4324441356355443211122433322222233
Kataller Toyama 121610101167864547881099101086555555555554
Roasso Kumamoto 61114913115541121111122333244444444445
Cerezo Osaka U-23 32323124356867644665557988108777676
Gainare Tottori 29131415171611141116121411107545667666666666767
Blaublitz Akita 6111716129991217121416131412141012121413979979998988
Nagano Parceiro 615161516141712101312141718181818161515151515141415151212111110109
Vanraure Hachinohe 656578121517161713101213111113139121012101010878898910
Fukushima United 167116101510131512111618161715131411711810877910101010111111
Azul Claro Numazu 1513913141015109141411129121312111414101181111111113141416131212
YSCC Yokohama 14171217171611141615151713151517171818181817161616161617171517171513
Kamatamare Sanuki 434323422343333677911912131212141414151613151314
SC Sagamihara 121381191314171181079109910128131314141515121211131314121415
FC Tokyo U-23 18181818181818181818181815171616161717171718181818181716161715161716
Gamba Osaka U-23 610148678787798578887879111313131315111212141617
Iwate Grulla Morioka 1685755667981011141114151516161616171717171818181818181818
Leader and promotion to J2
Promotion to J2

Top scorers

As of matches played December 1st, 2019. [2]
Flag of Japan.svg Taichi Hara FC Tokyo U-23
Flag of Japan.svg Yuya Takazawa Thespakusatsu Gunma
Flag of Japan.svg Yasuhito Morishima Fujieda MYFC
Flag of Japan.svg Hayate Take Fukushima United FC
Flag of Japan.svg Kohei Shin YSCC Yokohama
Flag of Japan.svg Hayato Asakawa
Flag of Japan.svg Akito Takagi Gamba Osaka U-23
Flag of Japan.svg Mizuki Ando Cerezo Osaka U-23
Flag of Japan.svg Tsugutoshi Oishi SC Sagamihara
Flag of Japan.svg Tomoya Kitamura Roasso Kumamoto
Flag of Japan.svg Yosuke Kamigata Vanraure Hachinohe
Flag of Japan.svg Ryota Nakamura Blaublitz Akita
Flag of Japan.svg Masamichi Hayashi Gainare Tottori


1 Giravanz Kitakyushu 102,83112,2703,7446,049+34.4%
2 Roasso Kumamoto 94,06516,0273,0855,533+5.0%
3 Thespakusatsu Gunma 61,0985,8811,8753,594+7.4%
4 Nagano Parceiro 51,0064,2471,4343,000−15.6%
5 SC Sagamihara 48,9405,5041,6092,879−16.7%
6 Kataller Toyama 46,5355,2541,7742,737+2.5%
7 Azul Claro Numazu 41,9925,3159322,470−13.5%
8 Gainare Tottori 37,8894,0119462,229−16.1%
9 Kamatamare Sanuki 35,9063,3391,1202,112−31.3%
10 Vanraure Hachinohe 29,9192,7979071,760−20.3%
11 Fujieda MYFC 29,5813,9737481,740+39.6%
12 Blaublitz Akita 26,7933,8587361,576−44.5%
13 Iwate Grulla Morioka 23,2493,2125161,368+12.5%
14 FC Tokyo U-23 21,6842,0722671,276−25.9%
15 Gamba Osaka U-23 21,4722,6627001,263−8.6%
16 Fukushima United 21,1153,4064361,242−21.2%
17 Cerezo Osaka U-23 20,3404,7556471,196+7.6%
18 YSCC Yokohama 18,6171,6103371,095+9.0%
League total733,03216,0272672,396−3.8%

Updated to games played on 8 December 2019
Source: J. League Data
Relegated from J2。Promoted from JFL.

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