2020 Czech regional elections

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2020 Czech regional elections
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  2016 2–3 October 2020 [1] 2024 

All 675 seats in the regional councils
 First partySecond partyThird party
  Andrej Babis 2019 (cropped).jpg Petr Fiala 2019 Praha.jpg Ivan Bartos 3 July 2020.jpg
Leader Andrej Babiš Petr Fiala Ivan Bartoš
Party ANO ODS Pirates
Last election176 seats76 seats5 seats
Seats won1789999
Seat changeIncrease2.svg 2Increase2.svg 23Increase2.svg 94
Popular vote604,441411,825369,702

 Fourth partyFifth partySixth party
  Vit Rakusan 2015.JPG Praha, Vinohrady, Retailcon, Marian Jurecka (cropped).jpg Hamacek Danko (cropped).jpg
Leader Vít Rakušan Marian Jurečka Jan Hamáček
Last election38 seats61 seats125 seats
Seats won915337
Seat changeIncrease2.svg 35Decrease2.svg 8Decrease2.svg 88
Popular vote405,477252,598185,714

Chairman of the Regional Association before election

Jiří Běhounek (acting) [2]

Elected Chairman of the Regional Association

Martin Kuba

Elections to regional councils in the Czech Republic in 13 regions (except Prague) were held on 2–3 October 2020. [1]



ANO 2011 won the previous election. Czech Social Democratic Party saw heavy losses and came second. [3] 2017 Czech legislative election resulted in another victory of ANO 2011 while Social Democrats were reduced to 6th place. Traditional main right wing party Civic Democratic Party finished second followed by Czech Pirate Party and Freedom and Direct Democracy. [4] Civic Democrats and Pirates has since then competed for the position of the main opposition party. [5]

TOP 09 and Mayors and Independents negotiated about possible electoral alliance, but in December 2019, negotiations failed and parties decided to cooperate only in some regions. [6] In February 2020 the Civic Democratic Party and TOP 09 in Plzeň region agreed to cooperate in Plzeň region allowing TOP 09 candidates to run on the Civic Democratic Party list. [7] Similar agreements were made in Pardubice Region and Moravian-Silesian Region in which ODS allowed TOP 09 to run on its list. [8] [9] ODS also formed an electoral alliance with KDU-ČSL in Karlovy Vary Region [10] and with STAn and Eastern Bohemians in Hradec Králové Region. [11]

Czech Pirate Party formed an electoral alliance with Mayors an Independents for Olomouc region in March 2020. The Pirate Party decided to not form any other regional electoral alliance . [12]

Tricolour Citizens' Movement formed coalitions with Svobodní and Freeholder Party of the Czech Republic in most regions. It is the first election for the Party that formed in 2019. [13]

Election lists were to be submitted no later than on 28 July 2020. 207 lists were submitted with largest portion in Moravian-Silesian Region and South Bohemian Region. [14]

COVID-19 pandemic

2020 Czech regional elections in Olomouc Krajske volby 2020, Olomouc.jpg
2020 Czech regional elections in Olomouc

Election would be held during COVID-19 pandemic. In July 2020 it was reported that people in quarantine would be unable to vote. Opposition parties largely criticised that people would be limited on their right to vote. [15] This led government to prepare laws to enable quarantined people to vote. It introduced 4 possibilities - drive-through voting, voting through a representative, or a special electoral commission that would come to affected people and formation of special electoral districts. [16] Minister of Interior and leader of ČSSD stated that Parliament should accept all possibilities. TOP 09, STAN and Pirates only decided to support Drive-through voting and special electoral districts. ODS decided to support Drive-through voting, special electoral commissions but opposed the possibility of voting through a representative. [17]


ANO 2011

The party is running alone in all regions. The party decided to put many MPs on its lists. [18] ANO is viewed as the front-runner. It has 5 Governors and the highest number of seats in regional councils. According to a poll conducted for ANO 2011, the party would win in most regions with Central Bohemia and Liberec region as the only regions in which ANO wouldn't win. [19]

The party launched its Campaign on 3 September 2020 with the slogans "Shown applies" and "Actions instead of Words." Party hopes that the voters will appreciate its previous work. [20]

Civic Democratic Party (ODS)

Martin Kupka became electoral manager of ODS for regional elections. He is also running for the position of the Governor of the Central Bohemian District. Other Governor Candidates include Martin Červíček former Police President, Martin Kuba and Jiří Nantl. ODS is running with other smaller parties in some regions. Kupka admitted that the Campaign of ODS is influenced by the 2020 coronavirus outbreak in the Czech Republic as restrictions delayed launch of the Campaign and cause it to be focused more on Social media. [21]

ODS launched its campaign on 24 June 2020 with the slogan "Let's put Czechia back on its feet." [22]

Czech Pirate Party (Piráti)

The Czech Pirate Party launched their campaign on 22nd June 2020. [23] It runs under the slogan "Chance to change the Future." The party is running without cooperation with other Parties. Only in Olomouc region are the Pirates running in a coalition with Mayors and Independents. [24]

Czech Social Democratic Party (ČSSD)

Michal Hašek became the electoral manager of ČSSD on 23 April 2020. He was chosen by the leader of the Party Jan Hamáček. [25] Party holds Governor seats in 5 of 12 regions. Ivana Stráská, Jiří Běhounek, Martin Netolický and Jiří Štěpán seek reelection while Josef Bernard decided to not run for another term as a Candidate of ČSSD [21] [26] and instead runs as a Candidate of STAN. [27] The Party decided to form electoral coalitions in regions to mitigate expected losses. [28] According to a poll conducted by ČSSD the party would fail to cross the 5% threshold in 10 of 13 regions. [29] ČSSD formed electoral alliances in Pardubice, Hradec Králové, Moravian-Silesian and Ústí nad Labem regions. [30] The party also has to face challenges from parties that split from the party including Change 2020 led by Jiří Zimola in South Bohemia, [31] Idealists.cz in South Moravia and other regions. [32]

ČSSD launched its campaign on 26 June 2020. The campaign was launched via digital streaming due to 2020 coronavirus outbreak. [33] The campaign uses slogan "People First, campaign later." [34]

On 4 July 2020 the social democratic leadership rejected an electoral alliance with smaller parties in Ústí nad Labem region called Better North. Leaders of regional organisation stated, that despite the decision of the party's leadership they plan to continue with the project. They stated that the party leadership didn't tell reasons for the decision. [35] This led to a split when party leadership decided to submit its own list in Ústí nad Labem region without consulting Ústí nad Labem branch of the ČSSD. Candidates on the list included former MP Jaroslav Krákora or controversial politician Petr Benda who previously ran as a candidate of National Socialists - Left of the 21st century and Workers' Party of Social Justice (DSSS). This list is supported by the For Sport movement. Leader of Ústí nad Labem regional organisation Miroslav Andrt stated that it was an unimaginable leadership in Prague that ignored democratic principles in the party. Regional organisation decided to submit its list Better North to run against ČSSD in the region and ČSSD members on the list suspended their membership in the party. [36] Nomination of Petr Benda was largely criticised due to his previous affiliation with Neo-Nazi DSSS. [37]

Freedom and Direct Democracy (SPD)

Freedom and Direct Democracy aims to win 50 seats and participate in governing of at least 2 regions. Election motto is "Honest and working people first and must get more money, safety and justice." Campaign was launched on 11 July 2020. [38]

Mayors and Independents (STAN)

STAN launched its campaign on 31 August 2020 using garlic as a representation of its campaign, noting that garlic has a healing ability. Party leader Vít Rakušan stated, that he believes that Regions need to regenerate. [39]

TOP 09

TOP 09 campaign uses the slogan "Let's move with it." The party decided to form electoral coalitions with other parties in every region. [40]

Tricolour Citizens' Movement (THO)

Tricolour Citizens' Movement runs for its first major election. The party formed coalitions with Freeholder Party of the Czech Republic, Svobodní and INDEPENDENTS. Leaders of the party plan to ride through the country in a van to campaign for the party. [13]

Opinion polls

31 August 2020Phoenix Research [41] potential

Kantar Polls for Czech Television

Note: Election potential


(with support of Soukromníci,



(with support of


PirátiSPDSpojenci pro kraj

(Coalition of TOP 09, Hlas, Zelení)

TricolourDemokratická strana zelených
6 September 2020Central Bohemian Region29.5116.51514.51979.56.25.9

(with support of Soukromníci)

STAN + TOP 09 +

KOA + VPM Cheb

PirátiSPDVOK (with support of Karlovaráci)Zdraví Sport ProsperitaSNK1
6 September 2020Karlovy Vary Region32.577.59.51115.510.58.586
DateRegionANOČSSDKSČMODS (with support of TOP 09)STAN (with support of

Zelení, Pro Plzeň)

PirátiSPDKDU-ČSL + IndependentsDemokratická strana zelených
6 September 2020Plzeň Region3285211119.57.576
6 September 2020South Bohemian Region3011-16.515176.512.57.5
DateRegionANOČSSDKSČMODSSTAN (with support of Soukromníci, USZ, VÚ)PirátiSPDSpojenci pro kraj

(Coalition of TOP 09, JsmePRO!, Zelení,


Severočeši.czDemokratická strana zelených
6 September 2020Ústí nad Labem Region37.
DateRegionANOČSSD + SproKKSČMODS + TOP 09STANPirátiSPDKoalice pro Pardubický kraj

(Coalition of KDU-ČSL, SNK ED, Independents)

ZeleníDemokratická strana zelených
6 September 2020Pardubice Region3010.5614.51418.571365
DateRegionANOČSSDKSČMODSSTANPirátiSPDSpolečně pro Liberecký kraj

(Coalition of KDU-ČSL, TOP 09ú

Pro KRAJinu

(Coalition of Zelení, LES)

Demokratická strana zelených
6 September 2020Liberec Region298-16.52216.57855
DateRegionANOČSSD + Zelení + IndependentsKSČMODS + STAN + VýchodočešiTOP 09 + HDK + LESPirátiSPDKoalice pro Královéhradecký kraj

(Coalition of KDU-ČSL, VPM)


(with support of

Soukromníci, Svobodní)

Demokratická strana zelených
6 September 2020Hradec Králové Region3110-21.58.52161275.5
DateRegionANOČSSDKSČMODS (with support of

Svobodní, SOpM)

STANPirátiSPDKDU-ČSLSpolu pro Moravu

(Coalition of TOP 09,

Zelení, MZH, Idealisté, LES)

6 September 2020South Moravian Region30105.58.518.5712.596.5
DateRegionANOČSSDKSČMODS (with support of TOP 09)STAN + Zelení

+ Independents

PirátiSPDKDU-ČSLStarostové pro krajTricolour
6 September 2020Moravian-Silesian Region40.5116129.51610685

Starostové pro občany (with support of Svobodní)


(with support of Pro Třebíč)

PirátiSPDKDU-ČSLPro TOP Vysočinu

(Coalition of TOP 09,


6 September 2020Vysočina Region30126.515.513.516.5811.56.5
DateRegionANOČSSD (with support of Zelení)KSČMODSSTAN (with support of TOP 09, Nový Impuls, ZHN)PirátiSPDKDU-ČSLTricolour + Soukromníci + IndependentsMoravané
6 September 2020Zlín Region30.58.57.51613.515.59.517.565.5
DateRegionANOČSSD + Patrioti Olomouckého krajeKSČMODSSTAN + PirátiSPDSpojenci

(Coalition of


TOP 09, Zelení, ProOlomouc)

TricolourMoravanéDemokratická strana zelených
6 September 2020Olomouc Region35.59.57.5151510.51665.55



Total results

Colour denotes winning party in each district 2020 Czech regional election districts.png
Colour denotes winning party in each district
Parliamentary opposition1,621,87958.57402
2020 Czech regional election.svg
Party [n 1] Votes individuallyVotes in coalitions [n 2] SeatsAftermath [43]
ANO 2011 604,44121.82178+2
3 / 13
3 / 13
Czech Pirate Party 333,15312.02369,70213.3399+94
9 / 13
Civic Democratic Party 192,9466.96411,82514.8799+23
13 / 13
4 / 13
Mayors and Independents [n 3] 221,0057.97405,47714.6491+35
9 / 13
4 / 13
Christian and Democratic Union – Czechoslovak People's Party 141,4775.10252,5989.1253-8
10 / 13
1 / 13
Czech Social Democratic Party 136,4274.93185,7146.6837-88
5 / 13
1 / 13
Freedom and Direct Democracy 169,9786.1635+17
0 / 13
TOP 09 259,0789.36190
9 / 13
Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia 131,7704.7513-73
0 / 13
Green Party 4,8680.18161,0645.826+1
5 / 13
SNK European Democrats 53,6241.945-1
4 / 13
South Bohemians 201213,0100.4740
1 / 13
Movement of Independents for Harmonic Development of Municipalities and Cities5,8240.214+1
1 / 13
1 / 13
Association of Independent Candidates4,3530.163+3
1 / 13
East Bohemians4,0140.1441,6681.503+1
1 / 13
Together for the Region24,5290.893+3
1 / 13
Hradec Králové Democratic Club13,8910.503+2
1 / 13
Freeholder Party of the Czech Republic 1,0970.0422,8040.822-1
0 / 13
For Olomouc 34,5191.252+1
1 / 13
FOR PLZEŇ 25,8810.932+1
1 / 13
Mayors for the Citizens21,0380.762+2
1 / 13
Civic Forum of Ústí nad Labem 11,9530.432+2
0 / 13
FOR Most 2+2
0 / 13
Tricolour Citizens' Movement 69,1762.5089,6013.241+1
0 / 13
1 / 13
SOL Movement37,7531.361+1
1 / 13
Voice 26,4200.951+1
1 / 13
We are FOR!12,2200.441+1
1 / 13
Other parties90,6103.270
Invalid/blank votes35,364
Registered voters/turnout7,399,29937.95
Source: Volby.cz


Region ANO ODS Pirates STAN KDU-ČSL ČSSD SPD TOP 09 KSČM Greens OtherTotalCoalition [lower-alpha 1] GovernorParty
Central Bohemian 15161218 [n 4] N/AN/A2N/A1165 STAN-ODS-Pirates- TOP 09 -Greens-Voice Petra Pecková STAN
South Bohemian 12129546N/A3N/AN/A455 ODS-ČSSD-KDU ČSL- TOP 09 -JIH 12 Martin Kuba ODS
Plzeň 12974N/A33221245 ODS-Pirates-STAN- TOP 09 -Greens Ilona Mauritzová ODS
Karlovy Vary 132672N/A41N/AN/A1045 STAN-Pirates-ODS-KDU ČSL- TOP 09 -Local movements Petr Kulhánek STAN
Ústí nad Labem 17867 [n 5] N/A5141655 ANO-ODS- TOP 09 -Greens-SNK ED-JP! Jan Schiller ANO
Liberec 105522N/AN/A3N/AN/AN/AN/A45 SLK-Pirates-ODS Martin Půta STAN
Hradec Králové 126734421N/AN/A645 ODS-Pirates-KDU ČSL-STAN-VČ-HDK-TOP 09 Martin Červíček ODS
Pardubice 1167445N/A2N/AN/A645 ODS-ČSSD-KDU ČSL-STAN-TOP 09-SNK ED Martin Netolický ČSSD
Vysočina 1057466N/AN/A3N/A445 Pirates-KDU ČSL-ČSSD-ODS-STAN-SNK ED Vítězslav Schrek ODS
South Moravian 15910611444N/A1165 KDU ČSL-Pirates-ODS-STAN Jan Grolich KDU-ČSL
Olomouc 187856N/A52N/A2255 Pirates-ODS-KDU ČSL-STAN-TOP 09-Greens Josef Suchánek STAN
Zlín 9566943 [n 6] N/A [n 7] 345 ANO-Pirates-ODS-ČSSD-Greens Radim Holiš ANO
Moravian-Silesian 2499N/A75614N/AN/A65 ANO-ODS-KDU ČSL-ČSSD-TOP 09 Ivo Vondrák ANO
In government313988+2509+104+1713


  1. Name of "nominating party" (navrhující strana).
  2. Includes votes for all coalitions the party participated on.
  3. Including Mayors for Liberec Region
  4. As nominees of STAN, two members of KDU-ČSL were elected.
  5. As a nominee of ODS, one member of KDU-ČSL was elected.
  6. As a nominee of STAN, one member of TOP 09 was elected.
  7. As a nominee of ČSSD, one member of the Green Party was elected.
  1. Legend:

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2018 President of the Senate of the Czech Republic election

Election of the President of the Senate of the Czech Republic was held on 14 November 2018. It was held after 2018 Senate election. Civic Democratic Party nominated Jaroslav Kubera, Mayors and Independents nominated Jan Horník and Christian and Democratic Union – Czechoslovak People's Party nominated Václav Hampl. Incumbent President Milan Štěch doesn't seek reelection. It was the first time in the history of the Senate that more than 2 candidates run for the position. Senate factions usually came to an agreement about the new President in the past.

2020 Teplice by-election

A by-election for the Teplice Senate seat in the Czech Republic was held in 2020, following the death of Jaroslav Kubera. The election, originally scheduled for 27 and 28 March 2020, was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic in the Czech Republic. The first round was eventually held on 5 and 6 June 2020. Hynek Hanza received the highest number of votes and advanced to a runoff, in which he defeated Zdeněk Bergman and became the new Senator.

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Election of the President of the Senate of the Czech Republic was held following 2020 Czech Senate election. Miloš Vystrčil was reelected for his second term.

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Pirates and Mayors Czech political alliance

Pirates and Mayors is a liberal progressive centrist political alliance in the Czech Republic, formed for the 2021 legislative election, consisting of the Czech Pirate Party (Piráti) and Mayors and Independents (STAN).


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