24sata (Croatia)

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Cover of the 2 March 2005 issue
TypeDaily newspaper
Format Tabloid [1]
Owner(s) Styria Media Group
Publisher24sata d.o.o.
EditorGoran Gavranović
Founded2 March 2005;15 years ago (2005-03-02)
Language Croatian
HeadquartersOreškovićeva 6H/1
City Zagreb
Country Croatia
Circulation 116,000 (2013)
ISSN 1845-3929
Website www.24sata.hr OOjs UI icon edit-ltr-progressive.svg

24sata (lit.'"24hours"') is the leading media company in Croatia. The first edition of the daily newspaper 24sata was published on 2 March 2005. 24sata rapidly expanded from print to the online, mobile, social and video platforms, reaching a daily average of one out of two persons in Croatia (source: gemiusRating, 24sata digital network 03/2020 [2] ). At the beginning stages of 24sata as a daily newspaper, the focus was mainly on the younger population, but the innovative concept of news selection and presentation, with an emphasis on curiosities, quickly spread to all segments of the Croatian population. Its editorial concept is focused on the reader on all platforms, and it combines the most important characteristics of the most cutting edge media. In line with the global trends, in the past two years 24sata has been creating a digital revolution both in the Croatian and the regional market. It has been upgrading its digital-first strategy daily, constantly adjusting to market conditions, creating new formats, and reaffirming its leading position in all areas, from print to digital. Furthermore, 24sata is the most awarded media company in the region. [3]


History and profile

24sata d.o.o. (Media-Ideja d.o.o. initially) was founded at the end of 2004 and its emergence on the market introduced a brand new concept of daily newspapers and refreshed the Croatian newspaper market. After one year, in 2006, 24sata became the most widely read Croatian daily newspaper. The following year, the average sales positioned 24sata as the top-selling daily newspaper, a title it kept for 14 consecutive years (ABC Croatia 2006-2020).

In 2005, Boris Trupčević became the new editor-in-chief, following Matija Babić. After three and a half years as editor-in-chief, the period during which the newspaper's circulation tripled and the number of visits to the website increased six-fold, Boris Trupčević became the editor of all Styria publications in Croatia. He was succeeded by Renato Ivanuš (editor-in-chief from 2009 to 2014), who was in turn followed by Goran Gavranović, the current editor-in-chief.

As a part of its image campaign in 2007, the brand becomes recognizable by the slogan “This is what I'm interested in!” that describes best the brand's most substantial content-related advantage: with the motto “quicker, shorter, clearer” it focuses on a direct and understandable communication of information to the readers, striving to be the fastest among its competition.

At the beginning of 2008, 24sata.hr website became one of the most visited Croatian news websites (source: gemiusAudience, July 2008) with 130,000 unique visitors per day. After the rapid growth of traffic in June 2013, the website became the market leader and has been in the leading position for seven years (source: gemiusRating, 2013-2020).

There are numerous novelties that 24sata introduced to the Croatian media business. In 2007, the website was redesigned, introducing a then-revolutionary no-scroll concept, and in 2010 a one-page concept. In addition, 24sata launched the first Croatian mobile news website [4] m.24sata.hr in 2012, and in 2010 the first Croatian news application for Android, [5] followed by the one for the iPhone in 2012.

Using the latest technology, in 2020, 24sata redesigned its website on all digital platforms (mobile, desktop and application) in order to provide users with a more immersive experience for content consumption. Thanks to its revolutionary technology, 24sata has created the most advanced features on the local media market for its website and application. With the new formats and functionality, 24sata continues to focus on the motto “quicker, shorter, clearer” and keeps having a content advantage.

About 24sata

24sata is the absolute leader in the domestic media market, a fact confirmed by top figures (the highest number of unique users, the monthly number of pageviews as well as site visits, and the longest average time on site according to gemiusRating metrics [6] ), and through its digital network it reaches two out of three internet users in Croatia (source: gemiusRating, 2020.). The brand is present on all platforms—print, web, mobile, social and video, and brings together all age and interest groups.

24sata: Brands

In the 24sata portfolio, there are 9 premium brands for every audience. These are 24sata, miss7, JoomBoos, Express, missBLOG, missMAMA, missZDRAVA, missGASTRO, Astral and numerous enigmatic publications.

Projects and Campaigns

Through content on all its platforms, 24sata respects the reader and advocates for the “common man”, whether that includes correcting small injustices day-to-day or fighting for social justice on higher levels. Through its projects, 24sata continuously raises awareness of social issues, launches initiatives for the welfare of society, promotes courage, humanity, and honesty, and activates the audience through entertainment.

Some of the most successful projects of 24sata are Ponos Hrvatske (Pride of Croatia), Bolje obrazovanje, bolja Hrvatska (Better Education for Better Croatia), Nestali (Gone, but not forgotten), Anđeli (Angels), Digital Takeover and Chill & Grill.

Awards and recognition

24sata is a media company with the highest number of awards and acknowledgments in the region—more than 110 of them in global and European competition. [7] 24sata Native Studio was launched two years ago and during that period it has collected 60 international awards, which makes it for the third consecutive year the most prized native studio in the world. [8] Various prizes for native campaigns were preceded by those for best covers, [9] and 24sata was also globally recognized for some of its large projects, such as Bolje obrazovanje, bolja Hrvatska, which was awarded by the leading global news media association (INMA). In addition to INMA, the quality of projects developed by 24sata has been recognized by other prestigious institutions: Digiday, Native Advertising Institute, WAN-IFRA, ICERTIAS, Effie and many others. Up to 110 different acknowledgments and awards received in only 15 years since 24sata became active on the Croatian market confirms the quality of work of our editorial office. With numerous acknowledgments, 24sata stands alongside the world's largest and European media companies.

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