38 Parrots

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38 Parrots
Written by Grigoriy Oster
Directed by Ivan Ufimtsev
Starring Nadezhda Rumyantseva
Mikhail Kozakov
Vasily Livanov
Vsevolod Larionov
Music by Vladimir Shainsky
Gennady Gladkov
Aleksei Shelygin
Country of originSoviet Union
Original languageRussian
Producer Soyuzmultfilm
Original release1976-1991

38 Parrots (Russian : 38 попугаев, translit.  Tridtsat vosem popugaev) is a series of ten children's cartoons produced in the Soviet Union between 1976 and 1991 by Soyuzmultfilm. Featuring animated puppets, the series portrays the amusing adventures of four friends: the talkative chimpanzee Martyshka, the shy young elephant Slonyonok, the eccentric parrot Popugai, and the thoughtful boa Udav.


The title of the series comes from the very first episode, where Udav has his length measured in parrots. In most episodes the heroes solve paradoxes related to language and meaning. In one, for example, they discuss the number of nuts it takes to make a whole pile. In another, they tackle the problem of how to convey a greeting without it disappearing in transit.

The series was created by director Ivan Ufimtsev and artist Leonid Shvartsman, and scripted by children's author Grigoriy Oster. The characters were voiced by popular actors Nadezhda Rumyantseva (Martyshka), Mikhail Kozakov (Slonyonok), Vasily Livanov (Udav) and Vsevolod Larionov (Popugai). The series' music is written by Vladimir Shainsky, Gennady Gladkov and Aleksei Shelygin.

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