5 ½ Weeks Tour

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5 ½ Weeks Tour
Tour by Alanis Morissette and Tori Amos
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Associated album
Start dateAugust 18, 1999 (1999-08-18)
End dateSeptember 26, 1999 (1999-09-26)
No. of shows28 in North America
28 Total
Alanis Morissette tour chronology
  • 5 ½ Weeks Tour
  • (1999)
Tori Amos tour chronology
  • 5 ½ Weeks Tour
  • (1999)

The 5 ½ Weeks Tour [1] was a co-headlined concert tour by singer-songwriters Alanis Morissette and Tori Amos. The tour promoted Morissette's album Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie and Amos's album To Venus and Back .


Opening acts


Alanis Morissette

This set list is representative of the performance in Wantagh. It does not represent all concerts for the duration of the tour. [2]

  1. "Hand in My Pocket"
  2. "All I Really Want"
  3. "Joining You"
  4. "Are You Still Mad"
  5. "Sympathetic Character"
  6. "That I Would Be Good"
  7. "You Learn"
  8. "Forgiven"
  9. "There R the Thoughts"
  10. "So Pure"
  11. "You Oughta Know"
  12. "Uninvited"
  1. "Thank U"
  2. "Ironic"
Tori Amos

This set list is representative of the performance in Saratoga Springs. It does not represent all concerts for the duration of the tour. [3]

  1. "God"
  2. "Crucify"
  3. "Cornflake Girl"
  4. "Bliss"
  5. "Juárez"
  6. "Graveyard"
  7. "Tear in Your Hand"
  8. "Merman"
  9. "A Case of You"
  10. "Concertina"
  11. "Professional Widow"
  12. "Space Dog"
  13. "The Waitress"
  1. "Precious Things"

Tour dates

North America
August 18, 1999 Fort Lauderdale United StatesNCR Arena
August 20, 1999 Tampa Ice Palace Arena
August 21, 1999 Atlanta Lakewood Amphitheater
August 22, 1999 Nashville Starwood Amphitheatre
August 24, 1999 Charlotte Blockbuster Pavilion
August 25, 1999 Columbia Merriweather Post Pavilion
August 27, 1999 Camden E Centre
August 28, 1999 Holmdel Township PNC Bank Arts Center
August 29, 1999 Saratoga Springs Saratoga Performing Arts Center
August 31, 1999 Mansfield Tweeter Center
September 1, 1999 Wantagh Jones Beach
September 3, 1999 Darien Darien Lake
September 4, 1999 Columbus Polaris Amphitheater
September 5, 1999 Noblesville Deer Creek
September 7, 1999 Toronto Canada Molson Amphitheatre
September 8, 1999 Cuyahoga Falls United States Blossom Music Center
September 10, 1999 Burgettstown Starlake Amphitheater
September 11, 1999 Tinley Park New World Music Theatre
September 12, 1999 Clarkston Pine Knob Music Theatre
September 14, 1999 Cincinnati Riverbend Music Center
September 15, 1999 Milwaukee Marcus Amphitheater
September 16, 1999 Minneapolis Target Center
September 19, 1999 Concord Concord Pavilion
September 20, 1999 Bakersfield Centennial Garden
September 22, 1999 Phoenix America West Arena
September 24, 1999 Las Vegas Mandalay Bay Events Center
September 25, 1999 Irvine Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre
September 26, 1999

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