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Full nameAssociação Desportiva Sanjoanense
Ground Estádio Conde Dias Garcia,
São João da Madeira, Portugal
ChairmanLuis Vargas
ManagerNuno Costa, Flávio das Neves & Sérgio Machado
League Campeonato de Portugal, Serie B
2018–19 Serie B, 6th
Website Club website

Associação Desportiva Sanjoanense is a Portuguese football club based in São João da Madeira. Founded in 1924, it currently plays in the Campeonato de Portugal, holding home games at Estádio Conde Dias Garcia . [1]



Current squad

As of 20 October 2019

Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality.

1 GK Flag of Portugal.svg  POR Diogo Almeida
3 DF Flag of Portugal.svg  POR Ricardo Almeida
4 DF Flag of Portugal.svg  POR Rúben Pereira
5 MF Flag of Ukraine.svg  UKR Serhiy Syzyi
6 MF Flag of Portugal.svg  POR Diogo Barbosa
7 FW Flag of Portugal.svg  POR Bruno Amorim
8 MF Flag of Portugal.svg  POR Rui Cardoso
10 MF Flag of Mozambique.svg  MOZ Ricardo Mondlane
11 FW Flag of Brazil.svg  BRA Bilu
12 DF Flag of Portugal.svg  POR Gil Barros
13 DF Flag of Portugal.svg  POR João Oliveira
19 FW Flag of South Africa.svg  RSA George Matlou
20 FW Flag of South Africa.svg  RSA Edson Khumalo
22 DF Flag of Portugal.svg  POR Daniel Pinto
24 MF Flag of Brazil.svg  BRA Elisson
31 GK Flag of Portugal.svg  POR Rui Mota
33 DF Flag of Cote d'Ivoire.svg  CIV Ibrahim Coulibaly
80 FW Flag of Brazil.svg  BRA Marcílio Silva
90 MF Flag of Brazil.svg  BRA Juninho
92 GK Flag of Portugal.svg  POR Fábio Santos
93 FW Flag of Brazil.svg  BRA Élder Santana
94 FW Flag of France.svg  FRA Menaour Belkheir
FW Flag of Russia.svg  RUS Yuri Yartsev
MF Flag of Portugal.svg  POR Paulinho

League and Cup history

SeasonPos.Pl.WDLGSGA-/+PPortuguese CupNotes
1936–37Tier 236123918-104
1937–38Tier 216510275+2211
1939–40Tier 216411267+219
1940–41Tier 24104152722+59
1941–42Tier 23146264126+1514
1942–43Tier 214301158+76
1943–44Tier 21109103512+2319
1944–45Tier 218800398+3116
1945–46Tier 2284132520+59
1946–47Premier Division146123918-104
1947–48Tier 25145272626012
1948–49Tier 25144272227-512
1949–50Tier 215187472925+418
1950–51Tier 3110811378+2917Promoted
1951–52Tier 241810264125+1622
1952–53Tier 22182064320+2324
1953–54Tier 2626132115147+428
1954–55Tier 2626115105061-1127
1955–56Tier 242615385342-1133
1956–57Tier 2826103134861-1331/16 final
1957–58Tier 2926103135055-523
1958–59Tier 292697103641-5
1959–60Tier 2826121135250+2251/16 final
1960–61Tier 2626106104755-826
1961–62Tier 2626123114247-527
1962–63Tier 2232687113755-1823
1963–64Tier 2112685134254-1221
1964–65Tier 232611964126+1531
1965–66Tier 212616465521+1436
1966–67I Divisão1226411112339-1619
1967–68I Divisão102677122240-16211/8 final
1968–69I Divisão142633201552-379
1969–70Tier 222612864627+19321/16 final
1970–71Tier 2132677122834-6211/128 final
1971–72Tier 253012994133+8331/16 final
1972–73Tier 27301010103229+3301/128 final
1973–74Tier 24381810104632+1441/128 final
1974–75Tier 26381511123843-5411/128 final
1975–76II Divisão1138149153546-11371/64 final
1976–77II Divisão73091382721+6311/16 final
1977–78II Divisão153087152430-623
1978–79Tier 333017494520+23381/128 final
1979–80Tier 313018755323+20431/128 final
1980–81Tier 2630101373019+11331/64 final
1981–82Tier 2330141154019+21391/32 final
1982–83Tier 2630121083022+8341/32 final
1983–84Tier 233014885225+27361/64 final
1984–85Tier 2143076172652-27201/32 final
1985–86II Divisão143079142749-12231/128 final
1986–87III Divisão23425638914+7590
1989–90II Divisão434177105438+16411/128 final
1990–91 II Divisão438181195730+27471/32 final
1991–92 II Divisão234181065228+24461/128 final
1992–93 II Divisão434151184334+9411/128 final
1993–94 II Divisão8341210124130+9411/128 final
1994–95 II Divisão7341428124044-4351/16 final
1995–96 II Divisão1434118153952-13411/128 final
1996–97 II Divisão434141284231+11541/128 final
1997–98 II Divisão334171164619+27621/128 final
1998–99 II Divisão234195104637+9621/32 final
1999–2000 II Divisão438187135634+21611/64 final
2000–01 II Divisão336206106645+21661/16 final
2001–02 II Divisão6381612105338+15601/16 final
2002–03 II Divisão9361312114941+8511/64 final
2003–04 II Divisão338189115240+12631/16 final
2004–05 II Divisão5361411114640+6531/32 final
2005–06 II Divisão142648142540+15201/64 final
2006–07 III Divisão328153103428+6481/128 final
2007–08 III Divisão23620976629+37471/64 final
2008–09 II Divisão1232411172347-25161/64 final
2009–10 III Divisão123227233082-52171/256 final
2010–11Regional1342365702644751/256 final
2011–12 III Divisão932118134148-7561/64 final
2012–13Regional23428331122983871/256 final
2013–14Regional1342554782553801/256 final
2014–15 Seniores000000001/64 final

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