Aage Stentoft

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Aage Stentoft
Aage Stentoft (left) with comic actor Dirch Passer
Born1 May 1914
Died8. July 1990 (1990-07-09) (aged 76)
Years active19341981

Aage Stentoft (1 May 1914 8 July 1990) was a Danish composer, film score composer and theatre director. He composed over 700 melodies during his lifetime.



Stentoft was born in Holbæk and attended the Stenhus Kostskole. Initially, he planned to study law, but due to lack of money, he started to compose music for commercials. In 1934, he began working as an accompanist and composer for the revue troupe Co-Optimisterne. A lot of his tunes quickly achieved widespread popularity, and he earned good money by composing and, later on, by producing revues.

He started managing various theatres: Frederiksberg Teater, Dagmar Teatret, Det Ny Scala and the Apollo Teatret. In 1961, he emigrated to Spain. In 1973, he returned to Denmark as leader of the Tivoli Gardens theatre, a job he kept until his retirement in 1981, after which he returned to Spain. He died at his home near Málaga in 1990.


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