Aaja Meri Jaan

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Aaja Meri Jaan
Directed by Ketan Anand
Produced by Gulshan Kumar
Written by Pawan Sethi
Starring Krishan Kumar
Tanya Singh
Shammi Kapoor
Prem Chopra
Deven Verma
Music by Amar-Utpal
Release date
  • 1992 (1992)
Running time
162 minutes
Country India
Language Hindi

Aaja Meri Jaan is a 1992 Bollywood romantic thriller film, written by Pawan Sethi and directed by Ketan Anand. It stars Krishan Kumar, Shammi Kapoor, Pran, Prem Chopra, and Deven Verma in lead roles.



In the opening scene, a priest is stabbed to death by a mysterious murderer in a room in Majorda Beach Resort, a prominent hotel in Goa.

Almost a year later, the new priest, Acharyaji (Pran), visits the police station, where Senior Police Officer Jung assures him that the police are doing everything they can to solve the murder. Meanwhile, Chander (Sunil Lahri), an employee of Majorda Resort, professes his love to Ragini, the elder daughter of Acharyaji. Ragini rejects him, and an angry Chander tells her he knows she is refusing him because she is love with Chand.

Chand Kapoor (Krishan Kumar) is a young singer and dancer living in Mumbai. During one programme, he chooses a girl from the audience to perform with him on the stage. The next day, he tries to flirt with her at college and keeps pursuing until she agrees to have coffee with him in the evening. During the coffee time, the girl, Sonu (Tanya Singh), has a surprise for Chand: Police Inspector Raj Malkani, who is her uncle and who threatens to arrest him for misbehaving with girls. Chand manages to get out of there with a fake apology and a fake promise never to go after any girl ever again.

In the meantime, Kedarnath Khanna (Prem Chopra), a banker in Goa, harbours the idea of buying Majorda Beach Resort. He calls Kapoor (Shammi Kapoor), the owner of the resort, and tells him about the delay in the repayment of the loan he has taken from the bank. Khanna hopes that the financial difficulties would cause him to sell the hotel.

Chand returns to Goa to be warmly welcomed by his uncle, Kapoor. Later they discuss about the dire financial conditions of Majorda Resort. Chand comes up with an idea to boost the tourism in the area - a music festival with a lucrative first prize. The only problem was how to meet the expenses to organise it.

One morning, Chand is jogging on the beach when Ragini meets up with him and reminds him how much she loves him. He replies that as he has told her so many times before he has absolutely no interest in her. Upset, she threatens him that she will lie to everyone she is pregnant with his child. Chander overhears the whole conversation.

The night turns out to be a fateful one. In the middle of a dance performance in the resort by Chand and Ruby, an employee diverts Chand with a message and then gives Ragini a note stating that Chand wants her to meet him in Room 112. A happy Ragini leaves immediately. Later, a guest who mistakenly enters the room finds her dead body. But by the time the shocked guest summons others and returns, the body is gone. Ragini's body is later found in the main temple in the area, to the utter distress of Acharyaji and the grief of all the others.

A few days later, Sonu, who is the younger daughter of Acharyaji, returns home to Goa. Naturally, she is devastated by her sister's death. She visits the police station, where Senior Police Officer Jung (Manohar Singh) tells her they have a suspect, Chand. Sonu had received several letters from her sister while in college describing her love for Chand. So when he visits Acharyaji's home, she is surprised to find that this is the same Chand who pursued her at college. She accuses him of the murder, and he leaves, hurt and angry. Acharyaji reproves his daughter about how she shouldn't accuse someone of such a serious crime without any proof. Sonu tells him she will find proof if she can get close enough to Chand.

Acharyaji makes a donation for the music festival to Chand, and even better, sets him up with Kasturia (Deven Verma), one of the business moguls in the area. Kasturia feels that the festival will benefit not only Majorda but all the businesses in the area and gives him a blank cheque. All expenses taken care of, Chand, Sonu, Romeo who is a young dancer, Pinky who is the girlfriend of Romeo and daughter of Khanna, and other youngsters usher in the festival with a song. As a result, Majorda Resort is fully booked and tourism is booming in the area.

One day, Sonu cozies up to Chand and asks to have a picnic for just the two of them. He immediately arranges a boat trip for them to an isolated destination, Braganza Island. But she drugs him during the trip, hoping to catch him off guard and get any important clues out of him. The plan goes horribly wrong as he is affected while still steering the boat, and the boat capsizes, throwing both of them into the water. However, he manages to get them both ashore to safety. All of these lead to a heated exchange of words between them, and he leaves her alone on the island.

At night, alone and scared, Sonu wanders into a cemetery. Luckily, she runs into Chand, who keeps her company until morning. After spending so much time with him and getting to know him better, Sonu realises that Chand's character is anything but that of a murderer. She also finds herself falling for him. They decide to team up to find the real killer of Ragini.

Chand questions Charlie, the employee who diverted him on the night of the murder, who tells him he was acting under the instructions of Chander. Chand confronts Chander and, after a struggle, takes him to Inspector Dubby (Govind Namdev) and gets a confession out of him. Chander admits that he was the one who sent the note to Ragini that night. He was hoping to convince her how much he loved her. But he got to the room too late, only to find her dead body. He also admits that he was the one who moved the body to the temple, hoping to throw suspicion away from him.

One day, Chand catches the dancer, Romeo, snooping in his room. Romeo tells him he is working undercover as a dancer and is really Anil Sharma, CBI officer in charge of Ragini murder case. Inspector Dubby confirms this information. Anil Sharma/Romeo decides to accept the assistance of Chand in the investigation. They pursue the one vital clue in the murder case, a matchbox of a club, found on the dead body of Ragini. But they cannot identify the club from just the logo. Their luck changes when they find Pinky with a similar matchbox. It turns out that her father is a member of the club, and they find the name and address of the club through her - Matchers Club in Mumbai. Romeo, Chand, and Sonu infiltrate the club by posing as dancers. However they get caught, but after a struggle, manage to escape. Later Chand breaks into the manager's room and questions him at gunpoint. The manager tells him Matchers Club is also a front for a crime ring and some of its members are criminals. But before he could reveal anything further, an assassin shoots him to death through the window.

Chand realises that they are getting closer to the truth. As if to confirm it, an attacker tries to kill him during the night. He manages to fight off the attacker. Ruby, who witnessed the murder attempt, is angry about it and phones the boss of the crime ring – indicating that she too is one of its members. She then calls Chand and asks him to meet her after her dance performance. On his way, Chand is attacked by goons. By the time he fights them off and arrives at the meeting place, Ruby has already been stabbed by an assassin. She dies in Chand's arms, but not before telling him that an important deal of the crime ring is going to take place at three o’clock the next morning on Braganza Island. Chand goes to Sonu and tells her about the deal before leaving for the island.

Chand arrives at the cemetery in Braganza Island and lies in wait. Exactly at three o’clock, two agents of the smuggling gang arrive for the deal. He knocks them out and assumes the identity of one of them. Soon afterwards, a "grave" opens on the ground, revealing a secret entrance to a tunnel. One after another, two gang members emerge from the entrance, who are revealed to be Agarwal, the owner of the shop in which Ragini worked, and Senior Police Officer Jung. But Chand insists that his instructions are to deal with only the leader of the crime ring. Finally, the leader emerges, who is revealed to be the business mogul, Kasturia. At that moment, a number of people – Kapoor, Acharyaji, Khanna, Chander, Sonu, Romeo, Inspector Dubby, and several policemen – emerge from around to witness the exposure of the crime ring. Acharyaji assumes his real name, Brigadier Bhavani Singh Chauhan of Army Intelligence, and reveals that he has been assigned by CBI to investigate the criminal gang. He is also the superior officer of Anil Sharma/Romeo.

Chand explains to everyone how Ragini's murder occurred. That night, Chander had asked her to come to Room 112 assuming that it would be empty. However, the room was being used by Kasturia, Jung, and Agarwal to plan a massive smuggling operation. On arriving at the door, Ragini overheard what they were saying and eavesdropped for further details. Unfortunately, she got caught. And to keep the plan a secret, Kasturia stabbed her to death in the room.

As the crime ring was exposed to everyone, Kasturia manages to grab a gun on the floor and take Sonu captive. In the ensuing commotion, the gang members get back into the tunnel and close the entrance so that the others cannot follow. Brigadier Chauhan/Acharyaji says that the tunnel must lead to the gang's hideout on the Old Ruins. Everyone heads for there. But the place is heavily guarded by the criminal gang. In the ensuing fight between the two sides, the police, aided by Chand and Romeo, overpower the goons. But, by this time, a few gang members, including Kasturia, Jung, and Agarwal, escape in a boat. Chand pursues them in another boat. A chase and shootout follows, in which all the fleeing gang members are killed, with Kasturia crashing the boat on a rocky cliff.

In the final scene, Kapoor and Acharyaji give their blessings for the wedding of Chand and Sonu. Following suit, Khanna gives his blessings for the wedding of Romeo and Pinky.



Aaja Meri Jaan
Soundtrack album
Released16 September 1992
Genre Feature film soundtrack
Language Hindi
Label T-Series

The music was composed by Amar Utpal.

Original Tracklist
1."Ishq Mein Hum Tumhein Kya Batayein"  Sonu Nigam 4:33
2."Bechain Kar Diya Hai" Anuradha Paudwal, S. P. Balasubrahmanyam  
3."Pagal Dil Mera Tumse Ye Keh Raha"Rani MalikS. P. Balasubrahmanyam, Anuradha Paudwal 5:48
4."Julie Julie Tu Ladki Nahin Mamuli"Mandhir Iyer Mano, Anuradha Paudwal5:06
5."Novel Padha Haan Padha"Maya Govind Vinod Rathod, Anuradha Paudwal6:21
6."Aaja Sanam Warna To Hum Mar Jayenge" Yogesh S. P. Balasubrahmanyam, Anuradha Paudwal7:13
7."Teri Hai Nazar"Ram Malik Mohammed Aziz , Anuradha Paudwal5:51
8."Maria Sun Le Mera Haal"Naqsh LayalpuriS. P. Balasubrahmanyam, Anuradha Paudwal6:36
9."O Aasman Wale Zameen Par Utar Ke Dekh"Maya Govind Sonu Nigam 5:28
10."Aaja Aaja Meri Jaan" S. P. Balasubrahmanyam 
11."Shehar Ki Galoyon Mein Charcha Hai Aam" Yogesh S. P. Balasubrahmanyam, Anuradha Paudwal5:03
12."Jhanjhra Leyade Mere Pairan Vich Paade"Kulwant JaniManu, Anuradha Paudwal5:44

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