About Love (1970 film)

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About Love
Russian: О любви
Directed by Mikhail Bogin
Produced byDavid Prober
Written by
Music by
Cinematography Vladimir Chumak
Edited byLyudmila Butuzova
Release date
Running time
72 min.
Country Soviet Union

About Love (Russian : О любви, romanized: O lyubvi) is a 1970 Soviet romantic drama film directed by Mikhail Bogin. [1]



Thirty-year-old Galina is smart, charming and beautiful. She works as a restorer in the workshop of the Leningrad Catherine Palace and, it would seem, was created for love. But there is no real feeling and no. [2]


Interesting fact

The real prototype of the main character is the sculptor-restorer Liliya Mikhailovna Shvetskaya. [3]

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