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Coordinates: 51°30′44″N0°08′13″W / 51.512248°N 0.136937°W / 51.512248; -0.136937


Absolute Radio Extra
Absolute Radio Extra Logo.png
City London
Broadcast areaUnited Kingdom:
National (AM);
National (DAB)
Frequency 1215 kHz, AM Variants
(Digital One)
– 11D (England & Wales)
– 12A (Scotland)
Sky: 0107
Format Part-time live football and concerts
Owner Bauer Radio
Absolute Radio
Absolute Radio Classic Rock
Absolute Radio 60s
Absolute Radio 70s
Absolute Radio 80s
Absolute Radio 90s
Absolute Radio 00s Absolute Radio 10s
First air date
16 July 2010
Website web.archive.org/web/20110728111055/http://www.absoluteradioextra.co.uk:80/

Absolute Radio Extra was a part-time radio service similar to BBC Radio 5 Live Sports Extra. The station was launched to broadcast the live coverage of the Premier League Games under the Rock n Roll Football brand, also broadcast on the main Absolute station and Absolute Radio 90s. The station also used to broadcast live and pre-recorded uninterrupted sets from artists and bands under the Absolute Radio Live brand, In 2010 the station broadcast live sets from festivals such as V Festival. Also comedy sets are broadcast by Frank Skinner and Dave Gorman. When off air on DAB, 'Absolute R Extra' pointed listeners to Absolute Radio 90s.



Absolute Radio Extra is available on Saturday afternoons on Absolute Radio's AM Frequencies between 1.30 and 6.30[ citation needed ] In a number of areas, particularly in areas where the signal from the main 1215 transmitters overlap with each other,[ citation needed ] Absolute Radio Extra operates a number of filler transmitters on different frequencies :-

Absolute Radio 90s

The sister station Absolute Radio 90s simulcasts on Absolute Radio Extra's frequencies, when the station is off air.[ citation needed ]

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