Absolutely Seriously

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Absolutely Seriously
Russian: Совершенно серьезно
Directed by
Produced by Ivan Pyryev
G. Meyerovich
Written by
Music by
  • Leonid Krainenkov
  • Savva Kulish
  • Vladimir Boganov
  • Anatoly Nitochkin
  • Konstantin Brovin
Country Soviet Union

Absolutely Seriously (Russian : Совершенно серьезно) is a 1961 Soviet comedy anthology film directed by Eldar Ryazanov, Naum Trakhtenberg, Eduard Zmoiro, Vladimir Semakov and Leonid Gaidai. [1] [2]



The film is a comedy almanac, which includes five short stories. [3]

How Robinson Was Created

A Story with Pirozhki


Bon Appetit

Dog Barbos and Unusual Cross

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