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Acciona, S.A.
Sociedad Anónima
Traded as BMAD:  ANA
ISIN ES0125220311  OOjs UI icon edit-ltr-progressive.svg
Industry Infrastructure (construction, water, industrial and services) and renewable energy
Founded1997 (1931 Entrecanales y Távora)
Headquarters Alcobendas, Spain
Key people
José Manuel Entrecanales (Chairman and CEO)
Products Infrastructure (construction, water, industrial and services) and renewable energy
RevenueIncrease2.svg €7,510 million (2018) [1]
Increase2.svg €757.4 million (2018) [1]
Increase2.svg €372.5 million (2018) [1]
Number of employees
34,000 (average, 2014) [2]
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Acciona, S.A. (Spanish pronunciation:  [akˈθjona] ) is a Spanish conglomerate group dedicated to the development and management of infrastructure (construction, water, industrial and services) and renewable energy.


The company was founded in 1997 through the merger of Entrecanales y Tavora and Cubiertas y MZOV. The company's headquarters is in Alcobendas, Community of Madrid, Spain. The company's U.S. operations are headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.

The Company employs 30,000 professionals, and it is to be found in 30 countries on five continents. The Company is IBEX 35-listed and an industry benchmark.


The company can trace its origins back to MZOV, a firm founded in 1862. In 1978 MZOV merged with Cubiertas y Tejados, a business founded in 1916, to form Cubiertas y MZOV. [3] In 1997 the company merged with Entrecanales y Tavora, a firm founded in 1931, to form NECSO Entrecanales Cubiertas S.A.. It was subsequently renamed Acciona.


The group is organised as follows: [4]

Sustainability Indexes

Acciona obtained the distinctive RobecoSAM Silver Class 2015 in the Electric Utilities sector under the Sustainability Yearbook 2015 [5] for its best practices in sustainability. It has also been included in the CDP Climate Leadership Index 2014 Performance index, which lists the 187 world companies that have received the highest rating for its performance in the fight against climate change. [6]

Major projects

Ting Kau Bridge in Hong Kong Ting Jiu Qiao  - panoramio.jpg
Ting Kau Bridge in Hong Kong

Major projects involving the company include the Torre Europa completed in 1985, [7] the Ting Kau Bridge in Hong Kong completed in 1998, [8] the Gare do Oriente in Lisbon completed in 1998, [9] El Museu de les Ciències Príncipe Felipe completed in 2000, [10] the German Chancellery completed in 2001, [11] the King Abdullah University Hospital completed in 2002, [12] the Alqueva Dam completed in 2002, [13] and the El Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía completed in 2005. [14]

As part of a Public Private Partnership with the New South Wales State Government, Acciona was responsible for delivering the infrastructure for the Sydney CBD and South East Light Rail project which was completed in April 2020. [15] Acciona is suing the government seeking $1.1 billion in additional funding, claiming the government minimized the amount of subterranean utility works that would be required. [16]

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