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Nafisa Jahan Achol Akhe
Nafisa Jahan Achol Akhe

Khulna, Bangladesh
OccupationFilm actress
Years active2011–present

Achol (Bengali : আচঁল), a.k.a. Achol Akhe, is a Bangladeshi film actress who appears in Dhallywood films. She made her debut in the film Bhool, released in 2011. After making her acting commercial debut in the 2013 romantic film Jotil Prem , Achol's early years in the film industry were very successful. [1] [2] [3] [4]



YearFilmRoleCo-Artist Bengali TitleNotes
2010 Bhalobaslei Ghor Bandha Jay Na Sristy Shakib khan ভালোবাসলেই ঘর বাঁধা যায়না
2011BhoolMehran, Akhee, KheyaleeভুলReleased on 23 September 2011
Bailey RoadAchol Niloy Alamgir বেইলি রোডReleased on 7 October 2011
2013 Jotil Prem Rumki Bappy Chowdhury জটিল প্রেমReleased on 17 May 2013 [5]
Prem Prem Paglaami Chimi Bappy Chowdhury প্রেম প্রেম পাগলামিReleased on 21 June 2013 [6]
Ki Prem DekhailaNila Bappy Chowdhury কি প্রেম দেখাইলাReleased on 15 October 2013 [7]
2014Faand: The TrapNova Shakib Khan ফাঁদ – দ্যা ট্র্যাপReleased on 30 May 2014 [8] [9]
Kistimaat Piya Arifin Shuvoo, Misha Sawdagor কিস্তিমাতReleased on 6 October 2014
Shopno Je Tui Emon স্বপ্ন যে তুইReleased on 21 November 2014
Prem Manei KostoSaif Khanপ্রেম মানেই কষ্ট
2015Gunda: The Terrorist Bappy Chowdhury গুন্ডা – দ্যা টেররিস্টReleased on 10 April 2015 [10]
Ajob Prem Bappy Chowdhury আজব প্রেম
RongdhonuNayem Khan, Anny Khanরংধনু
Kew Katha Rakheni Emon কেউ কথা রাখেনি
Mental Shakib Khan মেন্টাল
2016AralShahriaz, Bipasha Kabir [11]
2017 Sultana Bibiana - Bappy Chowdhury সুলতানা বিবিয়ানাReleased on 31 March 2017
2018IndubalaABM Suman /Sanj jhonইন্দুবালা
Daag HridoyeBappy chowdhury
2020DhokaABM Suman /Sanj jhon /Airin sultana /imtu ratishধোঁকাWeb Series

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The 42nd Bachsas Awards were given by Bangladesh Cholochitra Sangbadik Samity to outstanding performers of the silver screen, small screen, music, dance and theatre in 2013. Awards was introduced in 1972 to encourage the fledgling film industry of the country.

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Ispahani and Arif Jahan the duo Dhallywood film directors are known for thriller and action genres. They have their own two film production house ‘Diganta Chalachitra’ and ‘ Nakkhatra Chalachitra’. They have directed movies for many other production houses in Dhallywood and all of which were blockbusters.


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