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Adam Brody
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Adam Jared Brody

(1979-12-15) December 15, 1979 (age 39)
Residence Los Angeles, California, U.S.
  • Actor
  • writer
  • musician
  • producer
Years active1995–present
Leighton Meester (m. 2014)

Adam Jared Brody (born December 15, 1979) [1] is an American actor, writer, musician and producer. He is best known for his role as Seth Cohen on The O.C. . [2] Brody has appeared in the films Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005), Thank You for Smoking (2006), In the Land of Women (2007), Jennifer's Body (2009), Cop Out (2010), Scream 4 (2011), Lovelace (2013), Life Partners (2014), Sleeping with Other People (2015), and StartUp (2016).

Seth Cohen fictional human

Seth Ezekiel Cohen is a fictional character on the FOX television series The O.C., portrayed by Adam Brody. Seth is one of the "core four" characters on The O.C. alongside Ryan Atwood, Marissa Cooper, and Summer Roberts. Seth's friendship with Ryan, who eventually became his adoptive brother, formed a focal point of the series along with their romances. Seth married Summer in the series finale. His other relationships were with Anna Stern and Alex Kelly. Seth's goal was to attend Brown University, but he ends up going to Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and continuing work on his comic book Atomic County. The role saw Brody win four Teen Choice Awards from five nominations, from 2004 to 2006.

<i>The O.C.</i> American teen drama television series

The O.C. is an American teen drama television series created by Josh Schwartz that originally aired on the Fox network in the United States from August 5, 2003, to February 22, 2007, running a total of four seasons. "O.C." is an abbreviation of Orange County, the location in California in which the series is set.

<i>Mr. & Mrs. Smith</i> (2005 film) 2005 film by Doug Liman

Mr. & Mrs. Smith is a 2005 American romantic action comedy directed by Doug Liman and written by Simon Kinberg. The film stars Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie as a bored upper-middle class married couple surprised to learn that they are assassins belonging to competing agencies, and that they have been assigned to kill each other. It was based in part on the 1996 TV show of the same name starring Maria Bello and Scott Bakula.


Early life

Brody was born in San Diego, California, to Valerie Jill (née Siefman), [3] a graphic artist, and Mark Alan Brody, an attorney. [4] He has younger twin brothers, Sean and Matthew (born 1985). [5] His parents, both Jewish, are originally from Detroit, Michigan. Brody has confirmed having a Bar Mitzvah and celebrating Hanukkah. [6] [7]

San Diego City in California, United States

San Diego is a city in the U.S. state of California. It is in San Diego County, on the coast of the Pacific Ocean in Southern California, approximately 120 miles (190 km) south of Los Angeles and immediately adjacent to the border with Mexico.

California State of the United States of America

California is a state in the Pacific Region of the United States. With 39.6 million residents, California is the most populous U.S. state and the third-largest by area. The state capital is Sacramento. The Greater Los Angeles Area and the San Francisco Bay Area are the nation's second and fifth most populous urban regions, with 18.7 million and 8.8 million residents respectively. Los Angeles is California's most populous city, and the country's second most populous, after New York City. California also has the nation's most populous county, Los Angeles County, and its largest county by area, San Bernardino County. The City and County of San Francisco is both the country's second-most densely populated major city after New York City and the fifth-most densely populated county, behind only four of the five New York City boroughs.

Detroit Largest city in Michigan

Detroit is the largest and most populous city in the U.S. state of Michigan, the largest United States city on the United States–Canada border, and the seat of Wayne County. The municipality of Detroit had a 2017 estimated population of 673,104, making it the 23rd-most populous city in the United States. The metropolitan area, known as Metro Detroit, is home to 4.3 million people, making it the second-largest in the Midwest after the Chicago metropolitan area. Regarded as a major cultural center, Detroit is known for its contributions to music and as a repository for art, architecture and design.

Brody attended Wangenheim Middle School and Scripps Ranch High School, receiving "poor grades," [8] and grew up in suburban San Diego, where he spent his time surfing. [9] He has said that he "pretty much lived at the beach." [8] Brody attended community college for one year, dropped out at the age of nineteen, and moved to Hollywood to become an actor. [2] He subsequently hired an acting coach and signed with a talent manager. [10]

Scripps Ranch High School

Scripps Ranch High School (SRHS) is a public school located in northeast San Diego, California, United States, that serves the Scripps Ranch community as well as students participating in the Voluntary Enrollment Exchange Program (VEEP) busing program of the San Diego Unified School District. It is a National Blue Ribbon school and a California Distinguished School. The school received an overall rating of 9 out of 10 from

Surfing sport that consists of riding a wave

Surfing is a surface water sport in which the wave rider, referred to as a surfer, rides on the forward or deep face of a moving wave, which usually carries the surfer towards the shore. Waves suitable for surfing are primarily found in the ocean, but can also be found in lakes or rivers in the form of a standing wave or tidal bore. However, surfers can also utilize artificial waves such as those from boat wakes and the waves created in artificial wave pools.

Hollywood Neighborhood of Los Angeles in California, United States

Hollywood is a neighborhood in the central region of Los Angeles, California, notable as the home of the U.S. film industry including several of its historic studios. Its name has come to be a shorthand reference for the industry and the people associated with it.

Acting career

After a year of training and auditioning, Brody landed the role of Barry Williams in the television film Growing Up Brady (2000). He also appeared in the Canadian comedy series The Sausage Factory . In 2001, he played a minor role in American Pie 2 . Brody's first major role in a television series came in 2002, when he was cast in a recurring role on the comedy-drama series Gilmore Girls , portraying Dave Rygalski, Lane's bandmate and love interest.

Barry Williams (actor) American actor

Barry William Blenkhorn, known professionally as Barry Williams, is an American actor and singer best known for his role as the eldest of the Brady sons, Greg Brady, on the ABC television series The Brady Bunch.

The Sausage Factory, also known in the United States as MTV's Now What?, was a Canadian/American television situation comedy that followed the lives of four friends in their junior year at West Boulder High School.

<i>American Pie 2</i> 2001 US comedy film directed by J. B. Rogers

American Pie 2 is a 2001 American comedy film and the sequel to the 1999 film American Pie and the second film in the American Pie film series. It was written by Adam Herz and David H. Steinberg and directed by James B. Rogers. The film picks up the story of the five friends from the first film as they reunite during the summer after their first year of college. It was released in the United States on August 10, 2001, and grossed over $145 million in the US and $142 million overseas on a budget of $30 million, making it highest grossing film in the franchise at just under $288 million worldwide. It was followed by another sequel, American Wedding.

Brody at the 2005 Toronto International Film Festival Adam Brody (2005).jpg
Brody at the 2005 Toronto International Film Festival

In 2003, he appeared in the movie Grind , and the music video for "Too Bad About Your Girl" by The Donnas. The same year, Brody was cast in his breakout role as Seth Cohen on the teen drama series The O.C. . Brody is reported to have improvised some of the character's comedic dialogue. [9] The role turned him into a teen idol, with the character having been described by the Los Angeles Times as "TV's sexiest geek" [9] and by Time as having "redefined" the screen persona of "unapologetic" nerdiness. [2] Brody was the first male on the cover of Elle Girl . [2] [11]

<i>Grind</i> (2003 film) 2003 film

Grind is a 2003 American comedy film about four young aspiring amateur skaters Eric Rivers, Matt Jensen, Dustin Knight, and Sweet Lou Singer who are trying to make it in the world of pro skateboarding by pulling insane stunts in front of pro skater Jimmy Wilson.

The Donnas band

The Donnas were an American rock band formed in Palo Alto, California in 1993. They consisted of Brett Anderson, Allison Robertson, Maya Ford and Amy Cesari. Cesari replaced Torry Castellano, who left the band in 2009 due to tendonitis. They draw inspiration from Ramones, The Runaways, AC/DC, Bachman–Turner Overdrive and Kiss. Rolling Stone has stated that "the Donnas offer a guileless take on adolescent alienation; they traffic in kicks, not catharsis, fun rather than rage". MTV has stated that the band offers "a good old-fashioned rock & roll party". After gathering a cult following in the punk scene since their 1997 debut, the band achieved major label commercial success in the early 2000s and afterward as their music mixed punk, metal and classic rock sounds.

A teen idol is a celebrity with a large teenage fan-base. Teen idols are generally young but not necessarily teenaged. Often teen idols are actors or musicians. Some teen idols began their careers as child actors, like Lindsay Lohan.

In 2005, Brody appeared in a supporting role alongside Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in the film Mr. & Mrs. Smith , and played a Hollywood studio assistant in the film adaptation of Thank You for Smoking (2006). His next film role was in the romantic comedy In the Land of Women (2007), starring Meg Ryan and Kristen Stewart. Brody played a writer who returns to his mother's Michigan hometown to take care of his sick grandmother. He did not have to audition for the part, but was almost unable to appear in the film because of scheduling conflicts with the second season of The O.C.; the film's director pushed filming back eight months because he wanted Brody to star. [9] [11] The O.C. ended its run in 2007 after four seasons. Brody had said that he was "not unhappy" with the show's cancellation, [11] and that although he was "fortunate" to be on a successful series, he was also glad to "not be on it for 10 years." [2]

Angelina Jolie American actress, film director and screenwriter

Angelina Jolie is an American actress, filmmaker, and humanitarian. She has received an Academy Award, two Screen Actors Guild Awards, and three Golden Globe Awards, and has been cited as Hollywood's highest-paid actress. Jolie made her screen debut as a child alongside her father, Jon Voight, in Lookin' to Get Out (1982). Her film career began in earnest a decade later with the low-budget production Cyborg 2 (1993), followed by her first leading role in a major film, Hackers (1995). She starred in the critically acclaimed biographical cable films George Wallace (1997) and Gia (1998), and won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in the drama Girl, Interrupted (1999).

Brad Pitt American actor and filmmaker

William Bradley Pitt is an American actor and film producer. He has received multiple awards and nominations including an Academy Award as producer under his own company Plan B Entertainment.

<i>In the Land of Women</i> 2007 film by Jon Kasdan

In the Land of Women is a 2007 American romantic comedy-drama film directed and written by Jon Kasdan. The film premiered in the United States on April 20, 2007.

Brody at the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival Adam Brody 2009.jpg
Brody at the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival

After the end of The O.C.'s run, Brody turned to a full-time film career. [9] The same year, Brody appeared in supporting roles in the films Smiley Face and The Ten . [9] In 2009, he co-starred with Josh Lucas in Boaz Yakin's drama Death in Love , and in Diablo Cody's horror film Jennifer's Body , co-starring Megan Fox. In 2010, he appeared in Kevin Smith's film Cop Out , which co-starred Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan, and then in The Romantics alongside Katie Holmes and Josh Duhamel. In July 2010, it was announced that Brody landed the role of Detective Hoss in Scream 4 , [12] released in April 2011. In 2011, Brody voiced Woodie in the MTV animated series Good Vibes . [13] The same year, Brody appeared in The Oranges alongside Leighton Meester and Hugh Laurie.

In January 2012, it was announced that he had joined the cast of Lovelace a biopic about the late 1970s porn star Linda Lovelace, directed by Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman, and starring Amanda Seyfried. Brody portrayed Harry Reems. [14] He then co-starred with Meester again in Life Partners (2014). [15] In 2015, he appeared in Sleeping with Other People , and began starring as Billy Jones in Direct TV's sitcom Billy and Billie. [16] [17] [18]

Brody will co-star along with Samara Weaving, Andie MacDowell and Mark O'Brien in the upcoming thriller Ready or Not , directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett for Fox Searchlight. [19] He will also appear as Max Larssen in the eight-part drama Curfew , beginning in February 2019. [20]

Other works

Aside from acting, Brody is credited as a musician and writer, stating that he "writes screenplays and songs during [his] spare time." [21] In 2003, Brody wrote and produced the short film Home Security. [22]

In 2005, Brody, along with Nathaniel Castro, Bret Harrison, and Brad Babinski, formed the Los Angeles-based rock band Big Japan, with Brody as the lead drummer. [22] Big Japan's first release, Music for Dummies, was digitally released through Nightshift Records on August 23, 2005. The four-piece indie band played gigs at pubs and festivals from 2005 to 2007 such as The Knitting Factory, Bamboozle Left, The Roxy, Spaceland, and The Viper Room.

In 2007, he, along with Danny Bilson and Paul De Meo, co-wrote a comic book miniseries for DC's Wildstorm Comics titled Red Menace . [23] The limited series had six issues and was collected into a trade paperback. Since 2010, Brody has played the drums in the project band The Shortcoats. They released their first EP, This Time Last Year, on October 4, 2011. Their song, "Morning, Shipwreck," which Brody co-wrote, is featured in the sitcom Ben and Kate and the 2015 film The Meddler .

Personal life

Brody is a secular Jew and is non-religious. [24] He has described himself as being a "faux intellectual" and "beach mood" person. [25] [26] [27]

In March 2010, Brody met actress Leighton Meester while filming The Oranges in Westchester, New York. [28] [29] They became engaged in November 2013, and married in a private ceremony on February 15, 2014. [30] [31] [32] Their first child, a daughter named Arlo Day Brody, was born on August 4, 2015, in Whittier, California. [33]



2000 Neverland Jack
The SilencingKarl
Roadside AssistanceRusty
American Pie 2 High School GuyUnrated version
According to Spencer Tommy
2002 The Ring Male Teen #1
2003Home SecurityGregShort film; also writer and producer
Grind Dustin Knight
Missing BrendanPatrick Calden
2005 Mr. & Mrs. Smith Benjamin Danz
Thank You for Smoking Jack Bein
2007 The Ten Stephen Montgomery
Smiley Face Steve the Dealer
In the Land of Women Carter Webb
2008 Death in Love Talent Agent
2009 Jennifer's Body Nikolai Wolf
2010 The Romantics Jake
Cop Out Barry Mangold
2011 Scream 4 Deputy Ross Hoss
The Oranges Toby Walling
Damsels in Distress Charlie Walker
2012 Revenge for Jolly! Danny Fidazzo
Seeking a Friend for the End of the World Owen
2013 Lovelace Harry Reems
Some Girl(s) The Man
Welcome to the Jungle Chris
Baggage Claim Sam
2014 Life Partners Tim
Growing Up And Other LiesRocks
Think Like a Man Too Isaac
2015 Sleeping with Other People Sam
2016 Yoga Hosers Ichabod
Showing Roots Bud
2017 CHiPs Clay Allen
2018The WantingMatt Kane
2019 Shazam! Frederick "Freddy" Freeman (adult)
Ready or Not Daniel Le DomasPost-production


1999 The Amanda Show Greg Brady Episode: "When Brady's Attack"
2000 Growing Up Brady Barry Williams Television film
City Guys Customer #1Episode: "Makin' Up is Hard to Do"
Undressed Lucas3 episodes
Judging Amy Barry GilmoreEpisode: "Romeo and Juliet Must Die – Well, Maybe Just Juliet"
Go Fish BillyEpisode: "Go Student Council"
Family Law Noel JohnsonEpisode: "My Brother's Keeper"
2000–2001 Once and Again Coop3 episodes
2000–2002 The Sausage Factory Zack Altman13 episodes
2001–2004 Grounded for Life Brian2 episodes
2002 Smallville Justin GainesEpisode: "Crush"
2002–2003 Gilmore Girls Dave Rygalski 9 episodes
2003–2007 The O.C. Seth Cohen 92 episodes
2004 MADtv Seth CohenEpisode 9.22
2006 The Loop Keith MacDonaldEpisode: "The Rusty Trombone"
2011 Good Vibes Woodie StoneVoice role; 12 episodes
2013 Kroll Show Joel FaizonEpisode: "Ice Dating"
House of Lies Nate Hyatt3 episodes
The League Ted Rappaport4 episodes
Burning Love Max10 episodes
2014 New Girl BerkleyEpisode: "Exes"
2015Billy and BillieBilly Jones11 episodes
2016–present StartUp Nick Talman30 episodes; also producer
2018 Urban Myths Jack Lemmon Episode: "Marilyn Monroe and Billy Wilder"

Awards and nominations

YearAwardCategoryNominated workResultRef.
2004 Teen Choice Awards Choice TV Actor: Drama The O.C Won [34]
Choice TV: Breakout ActorNominated [35]
2005Choice TV: Chemistry (shared with Rachel Bilson)Won [36]
Choice TV Actor: DramaWon
2006Choice TV Actor: DramaWon [37]
2010 Choice Movie Actor: Horror/Thriller Jennifer's Body Nominated [38]

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Life Partners is a 2014 American romantic comedy-drama film directed by Susanna Fogel and co-written with Joni Lefkowitz. It is Fogel's feature film directorial debut. The film stars Leighton Meester, Gillian Jacobs, Adam Brody, Greer Grammer, Gabourey Sidibe, and Julie White. The film premiered on April 18, 2014 at the Tribeca Film Festival in the Spotlight section. The film was released on November 6, 2014 on demand platforms, and in select theaters on December 5, 2014.


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