Adam Is Eve

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Adam Is Eve
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Directed by René Gaveau
Written byRené Gaveau
Based onAdam est Ève by Francis Didelot
Produced by Fernand Rivers
Lucien Viard
Starring Michèle Carvel
Jean Carmet
Thérèse Dorny
Cinematography Georges Leclerc
Edited by Michelle David
Music by Jean Yatove
Les Films Fernand Rivers
Orex Films
Distributed byLes Films Fernand Rivers
Release date
30 July 1954
Running time
92 minutes
Language French

Adam Is Eve (French: Adam est... Ève) is a 1954 French comedy film directed by René Gaveau and starring Michèle Carvel, Jean Carmet and Thérèse Dorny. [1]



Charles Beaumont is finishing his national service and is engaged to be married. After taking part in a boxing match he increasingly feels strange sensations and goes to consult a doctor. He is transformed into Charlotte, a young woman, and unwilling to tell his family or fiancée he disappears and earns a living dancing in a nude cabaret show.


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