Adana Province

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Adana Province

Adana İli  (Turkish)
Adana in Turkey.svg
Location of Adana Province in Turkey
Country Turkey
Region Mediterranean
Subregion Adana
   Electoral district Adana
  GovernorSüleyman Elban
  Total14,030 km2 (5,420 sq mi)
 (2018) [1]
  Density160/km2 (410/sq mi)
Area code 0322
Vehicle registration 01

Adana Province (Turkish : Adana ili) is a province of Turkey located in central Cilicia. With a population of 2.20 million, it is the sixth most populous province in Turkey. The administrative seat of the province is the city of Adana, home to 79% of the residents of the province. It is also closely affiliated with other Cilician provinces of Mersin, Osmaniye, and Hatay.[ citation needed ]



The southern and central portion of the province mostly falls within the Çukurova Plain (historically known as the Cilician Plain), to the north, the plains give way to the Taurus Mountains (Turkish: Toros Dağları). The provinces adjacent to it are Mersin to the west, Hatay to the southeast, Osmaniye to the east, Kahramanmaraş to the northeast, Kayseri to the north, and Niğde to the northwest.[ citation needed ]


Two levels of government are involved in the administration of the Adana Province: the Central and the Provincial. Adana Governorship is the provincial branch of the Central government and Adana Province Special Administration is the provincial governing body. The province is divided into 15 districts and each district is divided into municipalities and villages. Municipalities are further divided into neighborhoods (Turkish : Mahalle).[ citation needed ]

Adana Governorship

The central government in Ankara has the majority of the power in the administration of the province through Adana Governorship.[ citation needed ] The governorship oversees the functioning of provincial and regional directorates of the ministries and other governmental agencies. Provincial directorates cover Adana Province only, whereas Regional directorates cover Çukurova and in some cases additional provinces.[ citation needed ] Provincial and regional directorates of the Central Government include, but are not limited to;

The Grand National Assembly (TBMM) is the only law-making authority in Turkey and Adana Province is represented in it with 14 members.[ citation needed ] The last TBMM elections were held on June 7th, 2015 and in the Adana Province, the conservative AKP took 5 seats, social-democratic Kemalist CHP took 4 seats, nationalist MHP took 3 seats and Democratic socialist HDP took 2 seats.[ citation needed ]

Province Special Administration

Adana Province Special Administration (Turkish : Adana İl Özel İdaresi) is a semi-democratic provincial governing body that has three organs; Provincial Parliament, Governor and the Encümen. Provincial Parliament members are elected democratically, the governor is appointed by the Central Government and 4 out of 8 members of the Encümen are appointed by the governor.

Province Special Administration is not a jurisdiction and has minor executive power in the administration of the province running with a budget of 55 million TL for 2010. The major executive duties of Special Administration are; building and maintenance of schools, residences and daycares, building and maintenance of other governmental buildings, roads, promoting arts and culture, protection and conservation of nature, social services and regional planning. [2]

Provincial Parliament

Adana Provincial Parliament (Turkish : Adana İl Genel Meclisi) is the decision making organ of the Province Special Administration. It is formed of 61 members who represent the 15 districts. Members of the Parliament are nominated by the district branches of the National Parties during the Local Elections and are elected by the d'Hondt method. Each district is an electoral district and there is a 10% threshold for a party to gain seat at the district. There is no threshold at the provincial level. [3] Parliament is administered by the president, two vice-presidents, and two secretary generals who are elected from the members. Current chair of the parliament is Abdullah Torun.

Seyhan 11
Yüreğir 8
Çukurova 7
Sarıçam 5
Karaisalı 2
Aladağ 2
Ceyhan 6
Feke 2
İmamoğlu 3
Karataş 2
Kozan 5
Pozantı 2
Saimbeyli 2
Tufanbeyli 2
Yumurtalik 2

Current Composition of the Parliament

The last election for the Provincial Parliament was held on March 29, 2009. Voting turnout was a high of %84.1 and 5 parties gained seat at the parliament. The results of the election were [4]

AK Party 324,96829.82744.3
MHP 296,33827.172337.7
CHP 252,07323.11914.75
DTP 86,7757.9611.64
DP 34,5433.16711.64

After the election DP member moved to MHP raising the seats of MHP to 24. Currently, DP does not hold a seat at the parliament.



Provincial Governor (Turkish : Vali) is the chief executive of the Adana Province. Besides chairing the Turkish : Encümen, the Governor also acts as the chief of the Provincial Directorates of the Central Government. The governor is appointed by the advice of the National Ministry of Internal Affairs to the Cabinet with the approval of the President of the Republic. İlhan Atış has been governor of the province since 2007. [5]

District Governors (Turkish : Kaymakam) are the chief executives of their districts. Districts are merely an administrative divisions of the province and the District Governors work under the Provincial Governor.

Historic List of Governor of Adana


Encümen is the executive committee of the Adana Province Special Administration, consisting of 11 members. The governor is the chair of the Encümen. 5 members are chosen by the Provincial Parliament among their members annually and 5 members are the departmental directors of the APSA appointed by the governor annually. [6]


There are total of 37 municipalities in the Adana Province. City of Adana has a two-tier municipality structure where the metropolitan municipality forms the upper tier and the 5 district municipalities, Seyhan, Yüreğir, Çukurova, Sarıçam and Karaisalı form the lower-tier. Municipal councillors of the metropolitan municipality are chosen from the district municipal councillors by the respective municipal councils. 10 district municipalities and 21 township (Turkish : Belde) municipalities are the other municipalities of the province.[ citation needed ]

The municipalities have three organs; municipal council, mayor and the encümen, the executive committee. Municipal councillors and the mayors are elected at the local elections. Encümen is formed by members half chosen from the council and the other half appointed by the mayor.[ citation needed ]


Mahala (Turkish : Mahalle ) is the smallest administrative unit within a municipality, administered by the Muhtar and the Neighborhood Seniors Council (Turkish : Mahalle İhtiyar Heyeti) consisting of 4 members.[ citation needed ] Mahala administration is not an incorporation therefore does not hold government status.[ citation needed ] Although elected by the neighborhood residents, Muhtars are not granted any power nor budget, thus merely act as an administrator of the district Governor. Muhtar also voices the neighborhood issues to the municipal governments together with the Seniors Council. The Muhtar and the council members are elected by plurality at the local elections.[ citation needed ] Neighborhood administrators are not affiliated with political parties.


Villages are settlements that have a population less than 2000. In the Adana Province there are total of 469 villages, which are scattered through all the districts except Seyhan.[ citation needed ] Villages are administered by the muhtar and the Village Seniors Council. The council can have four, five or six members depending on the population of the village. Unlike the neighborhood Muhtars, village Muhtars are granted special powers and the village administration is considered to be a governmental body.[ citation needed ]


Turgut Ozal boulevard in Cukuorva Turgut Ozal Bulvari, Adana 03.jpg
Turgut Özal boulevard in Çukuorva

The population of the Adana Province as of December 31, 2015 is 2,183,167. [7] 88% of the population lives in the urban areas making the province one of the most urbanized provinces in Turkey. Annual population growth of the province is 0.76%, below the average growth of the nation. 79% of the province residents corresponding to a population of 1,717,473, [7] live in the city of Adana, which is made up of Seyhan, Yüreğir, Çukurova and Sarıçam districts.

Seyhan 723,2770723,277
Yüreğir 417,6934,836422,529
Çukurova 343,7704,171347,941
Sarıçam 99,31321,012120,325
Karaisalı 7,46515,51622,981
Aladağ 4,13913.03017,169
Ceyhan 105,87952,850158,729
Feke 4,60314,39318,996
İmamoğlu 20,5939.95930,552
Karataş 8.48312,77721,260
Kozan 76,86450,236127,100
Pozantı 9,86410,41520,279
Saimbeyli 3,98413,37117,355
Tufanbeyli 5,37612,69618,072
Yumurtalik 5,12913,53118,660
Province1,836,432 248,793 2,085,225

Museums and Heritage Sites

Adana Province has 160 km. of coastline mostly free from human activities. Karataş and Yumurtalık are the two small settlements at the coast which host cottage dwellers and local tourism. Rest of the coast has conservation areas, farmlands and forests. With the ancient settlements, national parks, waterfalls, highlands and mountains, Adana Province has a mixture of different settings.[ citation needed ]


Historical Sites

Kurtkulagi Kervansarayi Kurtkulagi Kervansarayi.jpg
Kurtkulağı Kervansarayı
Yilankale (Snake Castle) Yilankale 02.jpg
Yilankale (Snake Castle)
Suleyman's Tower Suleyman's Tower.JPG
Süleyman's Tower
St Paul Church (Bebekli Kilise) Adana Saint Paul Catholic Church.jpg
St Paul Church (Bebekli Kilise)

Ancient Settlements

Ancient Settlements in Adana Province
NamePeriodDistance to the city of AdanaDistrict
Şar (Comona)Hitite-Roman-Armenian211 km.Tufanbeyli
AyasGreek-Roman78 km.Yumurtalık
MallosGreek-Roman50 km.Karataş
MisisHitite-Roman-Arabic-Ottoman27 km.Misis, Yakapınar
MagarsosGreek-Roman50 km.Karataş
TumluMiddle Age50 km.Ceyhan
MazırıkEarly Age50 km.Karaisalı
Sirkeli Tumulus

Parks and Conservation Areas

Akyatan Lagoon is a large wildlife refuge which acts as a stopover for migratory birds voyaging from Africa to Europe. Wildlife refuge has a 14700-hectare area made up of forests, lagoon, marsh, sandy and reedy lands. Akyatan lake is a nature wonder with endemic plants and endangered bird species living in it together with other species of plants and animals. 250 species of birds are observed during a study in 1990. The conservation area is located 30 km south of Adana, near Tuzla. [8]

Yumurtalık Nature Reserve covers an area of 16,430 hectares within the Seyhan-Ceyhan delta, with its lakes, lagoons and wide collection of plant and animal species. The area is an important location for many species of migrating birds, the number gets higher during the winters when the lakes become a shelter when other lakes further north freeze. [9]

Aladağlar National Park, located north of Adana, is a huge park of around 55,000 hectares, the summit of Demirkazik at 3756m is the highest point in the middle Taurus mountain range. There is a huge range of flora and fauna, and visitors may fish in the streams full of trout. Wildlife includes wild goats, bears, lynx and sable. The most common species of plant life is black pine and cluster pine trees, with some cedar dotted between, and fir trees in the northern areas with higher humidity. The Alpine region, from the upper borders of the forest, has pastures with rocky areas and little variety of plant life because of the high altitude and slope. [10]

Mountains and Plateaus

Speedwell Veronica persica.jpg

The Taurus Mountains contain many plateaus:


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İncirlik is a quarter in the Yüreğir district of the city of Adana, 8 km (5 mi) east of the downtown. Until the World War I, İncirlik was an Armenian village with a population of 250.

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Tufanbeyli is small city and a district in Adana Province of Turkey, 196 km north-east of the city of Adana, on an uneven, sloping plateau high in the Tahtalı range of the Toros mountains. It has been bounded economically to Kayseri, 178 km far. Its neighbors are Sarız from North, Göksun from east, Saimbeyli from south, Develi from south-west and Tomarza from west.

Çukurova, Cilicia Pedias in antiquity, is a large fertile plain in the Cilicia region at southern Turkey. The plain forms the easternmost Mersin Province, southern and central Adana Province, western Osmaniye Province and northwestern Hatay Province. Çukurova in Turkish means roughly "Low Plain", çukur for "hollow, depression", ova for "plains".

Yüreğir District in Mediterranean, Turkey

Yüreğir is a district-municipality in the Adana Province of Turkey. It is the second most populated district of the province with a population of 415,000, mostly concentrated on the east side of the Seyhan river, within the city of Adana.

Karayusuflu is a Turkic word that may refer to:

Aytaç Durak is a Turkish politician, and has been the mayor of Adana since 1984, excluding one term (1989–1994). He is the longest serving locally elected city mayor in Turkey, currently at his 5th term. Adding his 17 years as a municipal councillor, he will have served the municipality of Adana for 42 years by the end of this term. He was the president of the Municipalities Union of Turkey for 17 years and the Çukurova Municipalities Union for 12 years.

Çukurova, Adana Second level municipality in Adana, Turkey

Çukurova is a district-municipality in the Adana Province of Turkey. District population of 376 thousand, is concentrated within the city of Adana, occupying north-west of the city. It is a modern residential district which came into being in the last 30 years as the city expanded north. Çukurova is located north of the Seyhan district, west of the Seyhan River and south of the Seyhan Reservoir.

Sarıçam District in Mediterranean, Turkey

Sarıçam is a district-municipality in the Adana Province of Turkey. Southern section of the district is part of the city of Adana, incorporated as a lower-tier municipality. The district is located north of the Yüreğir district, east of the Seyhan River and the Seyhan Reservoir. It consists of former townships that are amalgamated to the city of Adana in 2008.

Kurttepe Neighborhood in Adana, Çukurova, Turkey

Kurttepe is a mahalle in the Çukurova district of the city of Adana. The neighborhood is located at north end of the city, at the shores of Seyhan Lake.

Casemates of İbrahim Pasha

The Casemates of Ibrahim Pasha, are a number of casemates built by Ibrahim Pasha of Egypt in 1833 to the north of Gülek Pass in southern Turkey.

Kapıkaya Canyon

Kapıkaya Canyon is a canyon located in Adana Province, southern Turkey.

Reşatbey is a mahalle in the Seyhan district of the city of Adana. The neighborhood is part of the downtown, situated north of the D400 state road and west of the Seyhan River.

Yeşiloba is a mahalle in the Seyhan district of the city of Adana. The neighborhood is situated on both sides of D400 state road, 8 km west of the historical downtown.

Karşıyaka, formerly Verâ-yı Cisr, is a quarter in the Yüreğir district of the city of Adana. The quarter is on the banks of Seyhan river, just across the old town.


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