Adelina of Holland

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Adelina of Holland
Noble family House of Holland
Spouse(s) Baldwin II, Count of Boulogne
Enguerrand I of Ponthieu
Issue Eustace I of Boulogne
Father Arnulf, Count of Holland
Mother Lutgardis of Luxemburg

Adelina of Holland (c.990 c.1045) was possibly a daughter of Arnulf, Count of Holland, and Lutgardis of Luxemburg. She married firstly Baldwin II, Count of Boulogne (with whom she had Eustace I of Boulogne), and secondly Enguerrand I of Ponthieu.

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Henry I, Duke of Brabant

Henry I, named "The Courageous", was a member of the House of Reginar and first duke of Brabant from 1183/84 until his death.

Eustace I, Count of Boulogne, was a nobleman and founder of the Boulogne branch of the House of Flanders. He held the county of Boulogne from 1024 until his death in 1047.

Arnulf I, Count of Flanders

Arnulf I, called "the Great", was the first Count of Flanders.

Robert I, Count of Flanders Count of Flanders

Robert I, known as Robert the Frisian, was count of Flanders from 1071 to his death in 1093. He was the son of Baldwin V, Count of Flanders and the younger brother of Baldwin VI, Count of Flanders. He usurped the countship after defeating his nephew Arnulf III and his allies, which included King Philip I of France, count Eustace of Boulogne and the counts of Saint-Pol and Ardres at the Battle of Cassel. He subsequently made peace with Philip, who became his stepson-in-law, but remained hostile to his sister Matilda and brother-in-law, King William I of England.

Henry II of Brabant was Duke of Brabant and Lothier after the death of his father Henry I in 1235. His mother was Matilda of Boulogne.

Theodoric II, Duke of Lorraine Duke of Lorraine

Theodoric II, called the Valiant, was the Duke of Lorraine from 1070 to his death. He was the son and successor of Gerhard and Hedwige of Namur. He is sometimes numbered Theodoric I if the Dukes of the House of Ardennes, who ruled in Upper Lorraine from 959 to 1033, are ignored in favour of the dukes of Lower Lorraine as predecessors of the later Dukes of Lorraine.

The County of Boulogne was a county within the Kingdom of France during the 9th to 15th centuries, centred on the city of Boulogne-sur-Mer. It was ruled by the counts of Flanders in the 10th century, but a separate House of Boulogne emerged during the 11th century. It was annexed by Philip II of France in 1212, after which it was treated as part of the county of Artois until it was finally annexed into the royal domain in 1550.

Goda of England or Godgifu; was the daughter of King Ethelred the Unready and his second wife Emma of Normandy, and sister of King Edward the Confessor. She married firstly Drogo of Mantes, count of the Véxin, probably on 7 April 1024, and had sons by him:

Matilda was Countess of Boulogne from 1125 and Queen of England from the accession of her husband Stephen in 1136 until her death. She supported Stephen in his struggle for the English throne against her cousin Empress Matilda. She played an unusually active role for a woman of the period when her husband was captured, and proved herself an effective general who managed to force the Empress to release Stephen. Under the agreement that settled the civil war, the Queen's children did not inherit the English throne; however, her three surviving children ruled Boulogne in turn as Eustace IV, William I, and Marie I.

Ida, Countess of Boulogne

Ida of Boulogne was suo jure Countess of Boulogne from 1173 until her death.

Sibylla of Anjou was a countess consort of Flanders. She was the wife of Thierry, Count of Flanders and the regent of Flanders in 1138-1139 and 1147-1149.

Adele of Vermandois was both a Carolingian as well as a Robertian Frankish noblewoman who was the Countess of Flanders (934–960).

Ida of Lorraine

Ida of Lorraine was a saint and noblewoman.

Baldwin II, Count of Boulogne

Baldwin II of Boulogne was a son of Arnulf III, Count of Boulogne, whom he succeeded as count of Boulogne.

Henry II was the count of Louvain (Leuven) from 1054 through 1071 (?). Henry II was the son of Lambert II, Count of Louvain and Oda of Verdun. His maternal uncles included Pope Stephen IX and Duke Godfrey the Bearded of Lorraine.

Matilda of Boulogne, Duchess of Brabant

Matilda of Boulogne was the younger daughter of Matthew, Count of Boulogne and Marie I, Countess of Boulogne. Matilda became Duchess of Brabant by her marriage to Henry I, Duke of Brabant.

House of Flanders

The House of Flanders—also called the Baldwins —was a medieval ruling family that was founded by Baldwin Iron Arm, son-in-law of Charles the Bald.

Eustace of Boulogne may refer to one of these four Counts of Boulogne:

Count of Boulogne Historical title in the Kingdom of France

Count of Boulogne was a historical title in the Kingdom of France. The city of Boulogne-sur-Mer became the centre of the county of Boulogne during the ninth century. Little is known of the early counts, but the first holder of the title is recorded in the 11th century.

Adelaide of Brabant, born around 1190, died in 1265, was Countess of Boulogne from 1262 to 1265, the third reigning Countess in succession. She was the daughter of Henry I, Duke of Brabant and Matilda of Boulogne.