Ahmad Aba District

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Ahmad Aba is a district in Paktia province Paktia districts.png
Ahmad Aba is a district in Paktia province

Ahmad Aba District (Pashto : احمد ابا ولسوالۍ, Persian : ولسوالی احمد آبا), also known as Ahmadabad District, is a district in Paktia Province, Afghanistan. It is located to the east of Gardez, the provincial capital of Paktia. Ahmad Aba District was created in 2005 within Said Karam District.



On 16 May 2020, in an overnight attack on a security checkpoint in Ahmad Aba District, the Taliban killed eight Afghan soldiers and wounded nine others. The soldiers had been providing security for a multi-purpose dam. [1] [2]

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Major General عبدالقیوم طوطاخیل was born in Sayed-Karam district of Paktia province Afghanistan. He was Assistant Minister of Defense for Health Affairs in Afghanistan. Prior to this General Tutakhail served as Surgeon General of the Afghan National Army and as a faculty lecturer of AFAMS teaching Combat Surgery, Tactics, Organization and Medical Ethics. Since the 1970s General Tutakhail has served in the Afghan Military in different capacities having a distinguished career. He is an ethnic Pashtun from the southern Paktia province.

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The Ghazni offensive began on 10 August 2018, when Taliban fighters launched an assault on the city of Ghazni, Afghanistan's sixth largest city and one which has been culturally and strategically important for much of the country's history. The attack resulted in the deaths of hundreds of insurgents, soldiers, police, and civilians. The city also sustained large-scale property damage. The battle, occurring only weeks before Afghanistan's 2018 parliamentary election, was the largest since a three-day truce in June had raised hopes of peace talks.

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In May 2020, a series of insurgent attacks took place in Afghanistan, starting when the Taliban killed 20 Afghan soldiers and wounded 29 others in Zari, Balkh and Grishk, Helmand on 1 and 3 May, respectively. On 12 May, a hospital's maternity ward in Kabul and a funeral in Kuz Kunar (Khewa), Nangarhar were attacked, resulting in the deaths of 56 people and injuries of 148 others, including newborn babies, mothers, nurses, and mourners. ISIL–KP claimed responsibility for the funeral bombing, but no insurgent group claimed responsibility for the hospital shooting.

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In June 2020, insurgents and the Taliban carried out attacks throughout Afghanistan in a continuation of attacks carried out in May.

July 2020 Afghanistan attacks

In a continuation of previous attacks by the Taliban in May and June, multiple clashes between Afghan security forces and the Taliban were reported. They carried out several attacks throughout Afghanistan, resulting in multiple fatalities on both sides. Both the Taliban and government forces have accused each other responsibility over the recent surge in violence across Afghanistan. The attacks come despite the signing of a peace deal with the U.S. in February that was intended to put an end to the war.

The September 2020 Afghanistan attacks were multiple attacks that occurred in September 2020. The attacks left at least 105 people dead and another 112 injured. 97 insurgents were also killed and another 58 were injured in these attacks.


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