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Aileen Marson
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Born13 September 1912
Died4 May 1939(1939-05-04) (aged 26)
London, England
Occupation(s) Film actress
Stage actress
Years active1933-1938.

Aileen Marson (13 September 1912 – 4 May 1939) was a British stage and film actress. [1] Born in Egypt where her father was a consular official with the diplomatic service, she travelled extensively due to her father's job (including a stay in Bucharest) and spoke five languages including Arabic. She came to England with her family when she was 13. Winning a scholarship to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, she appeared in regional and West End plays, (including mounting her own productions), and also starred in a number of leading roles in British films. [2] She toured South Africa with Seymour Hicks where she met her husband, Jack Scott, a Johannesburg businessman, who she married in 1937. She died at the age of 26 in a London nursing home less than a day after giving birth to twins - a boy and a girl.



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The Black Mask is a 1935 British crime film directed by Ralph Ince and starring Wylie Watson, Aileen Marson and Ellis Irving. It was made at Teddington Studios as a quota quickie by Warner Bros.' British subsidiary. The film's sets were designed by the studio's resident art director Peter Proud. It is now considered a lost film.


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