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OriginLondon, England, United Kingdom
Genres Blackened death metal, progressive metal
Years active1997–2012, 2016–present
LabelsGoat of Mendes, Peaceville, Earache
Associated acts Voices
  • Jason Mendonça
  • David Gray
  • Paul Scanlan
  • Federico Benini
Past members
  • Rob Archibald
  • Peter Theobalds
  • Martin Bonsoir
  • Daniel "The Ritz" Reeves
  • Matt Wilcock
  • Peter Benjamin
  • Dan Knight
  • Nathanael Underwood
  • Michal Huk

Akercocke are an English extreme metal band from London, formed in 1997 by Jason Mendonca and David Gray. The band also features Paul Scanlan [1] and Nathanael Underwood.



Akercocke's first album, Rape of the Bastard Nazarene , was self-released by the band in 1999. Akercocke later signed to Peaceville Records, releasing The Goat of Mendes in 2001, which reached number 4 in Terrorizer's album of the year chart. In 2003 the album Choronzon was released, through Earache Records. This album was voted number 1 metal release of the year by Terrorizer. Paul Scanlan left the band after this album, and was replaced by Matt Wilcock.[ citation needed ]

Words That Go Unspoken, Deeds That Go Undone was released in October 2005. On 18 January 2007, Peter Theobalds left the band, and was replaced by Peter Benjamin.[ citation needed ]

Akercocke released their fifth album, Antichrist , in May 2007. [2] Whilst touring to promote the album, due to the anti-Christian nature of the music, the band generated controversy in Northern Ireland when they scheduled a tour date in Belfast on 18 May 2007, and appeared on BBC1's debate show Nolan Live on 16 May 2007 to defend their right to play there. [3] The band broke up in 2012 following extensive periods of inactivity. Prior to the break up, Akercocke were planning to release a DVD based on their 10-year anniversary as a band, though this was never released.

Akercocke revealed a surprise reunion as a band in 2016, featuring original Guitarist Paul Scanlan returning to the band along with newcomer Nathanael Underwood on bass guitar. The band posted a brand new song on YouTube, titled "Inner Sanctum" on 24 April 2016. The launch of a new official website on 25 April 2016 was followed on 26 April 2016 with the announcement of a series of reunion shows starting with Bloodstock Open Air 2016 and a full UK tour. A new album, Renaissance in Extremis, was released on 25 August 2017, which was their first full-length album in a decade since 2007's Antichrist.


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<i>Rape of the Bastard Nazarene</i> 1999 studio album by Akercocke

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<i>Words That Go Unspoken, Deeds That Go Undone</i> 2005 studio album by Akercocke

Words That Go Unspoken, Deeds That Go Undone is the fourth studio album by English death metal band Akercocke. It was released independently on October 10, 2005, and on February 7, 2006 through Earache Records. This album is the first Akercocke release not to feature the original line-up of the band, with Matt Wilcock instead of Paul Scanlan on guitar; though the majority of the material was co-written with Paul Scanlan before he was fired.

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<i>Antichrist</i> (Akercocke album) 2007 studio album by Akercocke

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