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Akita University
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Type National
President Fumio Yamamoto

39°43′41″N140°08′02″E / 39.728056°N 140.133889°E / 39.728056; 140.133889
Website http://www.akita-u.ac.jp/english/
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Japan Akita Prefecture

Akita University (秋田大学, Akita Daigaku) is a Japanese national university in Akita City, Japan. Established in 1949, it comprises four graduate schools and four undergraduate faculties.



Akita University was established in 1949 by the merger of Akita Normal School (established in 1878), Akita Mining College (established in 1910) and the Akita Youth Normal School (established in 1944). [1] The university initially offered degrees in Liberal Arts and Sciences and in Mining Engineering. In 1965, a graduate studies program in mining engineering was established. [2] In 1967, Akita University established a Department of Education, followed in 1970 by a Medical School and University Hospital in 1971. A graduate program in medicine was established in 1976, and a graduate program in Education in 1989. [3] A College of Medical Sciences was also established in 1989.





Akita University Medical FC

Akita University Medical FC
Akita University Hospital.jpg
Akita University Hospital
Ground Akita University Athletic Field
Coordinates 39°43′40.7″N140°07′54.8″E / 39.727972°N 140.131889°E / 39.727972; 140.131889
League Akita Prefecture League
Website Club website

Akita University Medical FC (秋田大学医学部サッカー部, Akita Daigaku Igakubu Sakka-bu) is a Japanese football club based in Akita, the capital city of Akita Prefecture. They play in the Akita Prefecture League. Their team colour is blue. [4] [5]

League record

ChampionsRunners-upThird place Promoted Relegated
SeasonLeagueLeague PositionGPWDLFAGDPts Emperor's Cup Shakaijin Cup
2012 Akita Prefecture League 1st--
2013 Tohoku D2N 8th1852112133-1217--
2014 4th186662433-924--
2015 5th1884639251428--
2016 3rd1810264235732--
2017 4th18121558372137--
2018 3rd18121553193437--
2019 7th1881950391125--


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