Albert Einstein Israelite Hospital

Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein
Sociedade Beneficente Israelita Brasileira Albert Einstein (SBIBAE)
Location Morumbi, São Paulo, SP, Brazil
Coordinates 23°36′00″S46°42′55″W / 23.60000°S 46.71528°W / -23.60000; -46.71528 Coordinates: 23°36′00″S46°42′55″W / 23.60000°S 46.71528°W / -23.60000; -46.71528

The Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein (English: Albert Einstein Israelite Hospital) is a Brazilian hospital, located in the Morumbi district, on the south side of São Paulo. It's considered one of the best hospitals in Latin America. [1]


A group of Jewish community members in São Paulo founded the Sociedade Beneficente Israelita Brasileira Albert Einstein (SBIBAE) in 1955. [2] The SBIBAE began construction of the Albert Einstein Hospital three years later on 14 September 1958 on land donated by Ema Gordon Klabin. [3] The hospital was inaugurated on 28 July 1971. [2]

In 1999, it was the first health institution outside the United States to be certified by the Joint Commission International.[ citation needed ]

Ophthalmologist Dr. Cláudio Lottenberg began as president of Albert Einstein in December 2001. [4]

Care and Programs

It is one of the most well-known health units in Brazil due to the quality of care, medical equipment and expertise at its disposal to address the main types of pathologies. It has a social assistance program in the Paraisópolis favela, near the hospital.

The Hospital also hosts a nursing school and will in the future have also a medical school.

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