Albert Mangelsdorff

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Albert Mangelsdorff
Mangelsdorff in concert
Background information
Born(1928-09-05)September 5, 1928
Frankfurt, Germany
DiedJuly 25, 2005(2005-07-25) (aged 76)
Genres Jazz
Years active1948–2005
Associated acts United Jazz + Rock Ensemble, Hans Koller

Albert Mangelsdorff (September 5, 1928 – July 25, 2005) was a German jazz trombonist. Working mainly in free jazz, he was an innovator in multiphonics.


Early life

Mangelsdorff was born in Frankfurt on September 5, 1928. [1] He was given violin lessons as a child and was self-taught on guitar in addition to knowing trombone. [1] His brother, Emil Mangelsdorff, had a jazz record collection, but during the Nazi period Albert's enthusiasm for the music had to be restrained. [1]

Later life and career

Mangelsdorff performing in 1987 AlbertMangelssdorff.jpg
Mangelsdorff performing in 1987
Albert Mangelsdorff performing in 1992 19920710 albert mangelsdorff magdeburg2.jpg
Albert Mangelsdorff performing in 1992

Mangelsdorff made his recording debut in 1952, playing with Hans Koller. [1] In the same decade, he also worked with small groups and the Dance Hesse Radio Orchestra throughout the decade. [1] As the German representative for the Newport Jazz Festival International Band in 1958, he collaborated with the American musicians Gerry Mulligan and Louis Armstrong. [1]

Mangelsdorff recorded prolifically in the 1960s, including sessions with his own quintet, his brother, and with pianist John Lewis. [1] By the time of his solo performance at the Munich Olympic Games in 1972, he was playing more free jazz. [1] "He made solo trombone – a heretofore unknown concept in jazz – a reality via multiphonics, the physically and technically demanding simultaneous blowing and singing of notes into his horn; the method opened vast new dimensions like harmonies and chords". [1]

He later worked with the NDR Big Band, Old Friends (led by Manfred Schoof), and the United Jazz + Rock Ensemble. [1] He died in Frankfurt on July 25, 2005. [1]


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