Alex Holeh Ahavah

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Alex Holeh Ahavah
Flickr - Government Press Office (GPO) - Director Boaz Davidson.jpg
director Boaz Davidson looks through a camera at the old railway station in Jerusalem during a scene from the film
Directed by Boaz Davidson
Produced byYitzhak Shani
Written byBoaz Davidson
Starring Eitan Anshel  [ he ]
Sharon Hacohen  [ he ]
Uri Kabiri
Avi Kushnir
CinematographyEli Tavor
Edited byBruria Davidson
Release date
  • 1986 (1986)
Running time
88 minutes
Country Israel
Language Hebrew

Alex Holeh Ahavah (Hebrew : אלכס חולה אהבה, Alex Is Lovesick) is a 1986 Israeli cult film directed by Boaz Davidson. It stars Eitan Anshel, Sharon Hacohen, and Uri Kabiri. The film, set in the 1950s, features a boy (Anshel) as the main protagonist and his life as the son of Polish immigrants.



Hacohen in makeup for shooting Alex is Lovesick Flickr - Government Press Office (GPO) - Actress Sharon Hacohen.jpg
Hacohen in makeup for shooting Alex is Lovesick

The film is a romantic comedy that takes place in Israel during the austerity period of the 1950s. The main character is Alex, a 12-year-old boy who is about to turn 13 and attend his bar mitzvah.

Alex comes from a poor, dysfunctional family of Polish Jewish origin whose poverty requires them to share their apartment. Their tenant is Faruk, a Persian man whose humorous battle against baldness is a running bit in the film.

At first, Alex falls in love with Mimi, the new girl in his class. Everything changes, however, when his aunt Lola arrives in Israel from Poland to search for a lost love with whom she once lived but who vanished after the Nazi invasion of Poland. Alex falls for his aunt and she responds by providing the soon-to-be 13-year-old with more than familial love.

The film authentically recreates the atmosphere of the country in the 1950s, known as the Austerity in Israel, including the black market, radio broadcasts concentrating on the search for lost relatives, music and pastimes of the 1950s and the era's clothing and dress styles.


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