Alexandre Rignault

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Alexandre Rignault
Born14 February 1901
Died2 April 1985(1985-04-02) (aged 84)
Saint-Mandé, France
Years active1931–1985

Alexandre Rignault (14 February 1901 – 2 April 1985) was a French actor. He appeared in more than a hundred films between 1931 and 1985.

Selected filmography

1931 La Chienne
1933 A Man's Neck Joseph Heurtin
The Orderly
1934 The Adventurer
1935 Justin de Marseille
The Crew
1937 Courrier sud
Francis the First
The Forsaken
1938 Rasputin
The Woman from the End of the World
The Girls of the Rhône
1939 Fort Dolorès
1940 Serenade
1941 Volpone
1943 The Count of Monte Cristo
L'Éternel retour
Strange Inheritance
1945 The Last Metro Bourgeot
1946 Fantômas
1948 Ruy Blas
1949 Emile the African
1950 Les joueurs
Bibi Fricotin
1951 The Lady from Boston
The Prettiest Sin in the World
1952 Dans la vie tout s'arrange
Full House
Piédalu Works Miracles
1953 The Return of Don Camillo
1954 Leguignon the Healer
1956 The Adventures of Gil Blas
1959 Marie of the Isles
1960 Eyes Without a Face
1962 The Gentleman from Epsom
1964 Angélique, Marquise des Anges
1971 Le Prussien
1972 Figaro-ci, Figaro-là
1975 Number Two

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Le Prussien is a 1971 French made-for-television film directed by Jean L'Hôte and starring Edmond Beauchamp. It is Isabelle Huppert's film debut.

<i>The Count of Monte Cristo</i> (1943 film) 1943 film by Robert Vernay

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<i>The Adventurer</i> (1934 film) 1934 film

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<i>Serenade</i> (1940 film) 1940 film

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<i>The Last Metro</i> (1945 film) 1945 French crime film

The Last Metro is a 1945 French crime film directed by Maurice de Canonge and starring Gaby Morlay, Alexandre Rignault and Mony Dalmès. It was based on the 1912 novel Mathilde et ses mitaines by Tristan Bernard.

Night in May is a 1934 French-German comedy film directed by Henri Chomette, Gustav Ucicky and Raoul Ploquin. It starred Käthe von Nagy, Fernand Gravey and Annie Ducaux. It is the French-language version of UFA's The Young Baron Neuhaus. Such multi-language versions were common during the early years of sound film before dubbing had become more widespread.

<i>Wells in Flames</i> 1937 film

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The Robber Symphony is a 1936 British musical film directed by Friedrich Feher.

<i>The Mysteries of Paris</i> (1943 film) 1943 film

The Mysteries of Paris is a 1943 French drama film directed by Jacques de Baroncelli and starring Marcel Herrand, Yolande Laffon and Alexandre Rignault. It is based on the novel The Mysteries of Paris by Eugène Sue.

<i>Emile the African</i> 1949 film

Emile the African is a 1949 French comedy film directed by Robert Vernay and starring Fernandel, Alexandre Rignault and Noëlle Norman.

<i>The Secret of Madame Clapain</i> 1943 film

The Secret of Madame Clapain is a 1943 French crime film directed by André Berthomieu and starring Raymond Rouleau, Line Noro and Michèle Alfa.

<i>A Mans Neck</i> (film) 1933 film

A Man's Neck is a 1933 French crime film directed by Julien Duvivier and starring Harry Baur, Valéry Inkijinoff, Gaston Jacquet and Gina Manès.It is an adaptation of the 1931 novel A Battle of Nerves by Georges Simenon, featuring the fictional detective Jules Maigret. It was the third film in cinema history to feature the Maigret character. It was remade in 1950 as The Man on the Eiffel Tower.

<i>Fantomas Against Fantomas</i> 1949 film

Fantomas Against Fantomas is a 1949 French mystery thriller film directed by Robert Vernay and starring Marcelle Chantal, Aimé Clariond and Alexandre Rignault. It portrays the fictional master criminal Fantomas, who has had numerous films depicting his adventures.

<i>The Girls of the Rhône</i> 1938 film

The Girls of the Rhône is a 1938 French drama film directed by Jean-Paul Paulin and starring Annie Ducaux, Daniel Lecourtois and Alexandre Rignault. It was nominated for the Grand prix du cinéma français but lost out to Alert in the Mediterranean. The film's sets were designed by the art director Aimé Bazin.