Alexandru Giugaru

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Alexandru Giugaru
Born(1897-06-23)23 June 1897
Huși, Romania
Died 15 March 1986(1986-03-15) (aged 88)
Bucharest, Romania
Occupation Actor
Years active 1916–1968

Alexandru Giugaru (Romanian pronunciation:  [alekˈsandru d͡ʒjuˈɡaru] ; 23 June 1897 - 15 March 1986) [1] was a Romanian stage and film actor.


Early life

Born in Huși, Fălciu (present day Vaslui County), Romania, Giugaru began his stage career in 1916 after graduating from school in Cuza Vodă and studying at the Conservatory of Dramatic Arts in Bucharest, Romania.

Huși Municipality in Vaslui County, Romania

Huși is a city in Vaslui County, Romania, former capital of the disbanded Fălciu County in the historical region of Western Moldavia, Romanian Orthodox episcopal see, and home of some of the best vineyards of Romania. The city is located on a branch of the Iași-Galați railway, nine miles west of the Prut River and the frontier with the Republic of Moldova. In 2000, the city's population was 33,320, more than double the 1900 population of 15,404.

Fălciu Commune in Vaslui, Romania

Fălciu is a commune in Vaslui County, Romania. It is composed of six villages: Bogdănești, Bozia, Copăceana, Fălciu, Odaia Bogdana and Rânzești.

Vaslui County County in Nord-Est, Romania

Vaslui County is a county (județ) of Romania, in the historical region Moldavia, with the seat at Vaslui.


After performing on various stages in Romania - including the National Theatre in Bucharest - he made the transition to film in 1925's Nabadaile Cleopatrei. Between 1925 and his retirement from the film industry in 1968, he appeared in over twenty films. His last film role before retirement was in 1968's Rapirea fecioarelor, directed by Dinu Cocea and starring Toma Caragiu and Marga Barbu. [1]

Toma Caragiu (Romanian pronunciation: [ˈtoma karaˈd͡ʒi.u]; b. 21st August 1925 in the village of Argos Orestiko, in the region of Macedonia in Greece – d. 4th March 1977 in Bucharest, was a prolific Romanian theatre, television and film actor.

Marga Barbu actress

Margareta-Yvonne Barbu also known as Marga Barbu née Margareta-Yvonne Butuc was a Romanian actress.

For his work on stage and film he obtained the title of Emeritus Artist and State Prize in 1964. Today, the House of Culture in the city of Huși bears his name [2] and there is a street named after him in Bucharest (Strada Alexandru Giugaru). [3]

Personal life

Alexandru Giugaru had two children; a son and a daughter. He died in the Romanian capital of Bucharest in 1986. In 2004, his daughter Alexandrina brought accusations against Societatea Română de Televiziune for "piracy" for using images of her father and his voice to promote the television station. [4]

Romanian Television broadcaster

Televiziunea Română, more commonly referred to as TVR[teveˈre], is the short name for Societatea Românǎ de Televiziune, or SRTV—Romanian public television. It operates five channels: TVR1, TVR2, TVR3, TVRi and TVR HD, along with six regional studios in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Iași, Timișoara, Craiova and Târgu Mureș. Of the regional studios of TVR only TVR Cluj broadcasts independently all over Transylvania. The other broadcast usually at the same time on TVR2 and sometimes on TVR1.

Selected filmography

Storm of Love is a 1929 German silent film directed by Martin Berger and starring Marcella Albani, Nikolai Malikoff and Boris Michailow.

A Lost Letter is a 1953 Romanian historical comedy film directed by Sica Alexandrescu and Victor Iliu. It is based on the 1884 play A Lost Letter by Ion Luca Caragiale. A compromising love letter that goes astray threatens to cause a scandal in a small provincial town in the late nineteenth century.

Telegrame is a 1959 Romanian comedy film directed by Aurel Miheles and Gheorghe Naghi. It was entered into the 1960 Cannes Film Festival.

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